Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Last of Books at Christmas.... Finishing the List

The Last of Books at Christmas.... Finishing the List
The weak winter sun has managed to break through the morning’s grey sky.  A single beam of its light pierces the bookshop window; a swath of pink gold illuminating the way to the children’s book section.  You check your list once more.  Only two more people to buy for, and they are two of your favourites.  Then you’ll gather up your purchases and head to the little cafe on the corner for a restorative lunch before heading off for another one of your best-loved Christmas chores... Gift Wrapping!  
But first.... those last two people on the list.....

Henry, Who’s Just Begun Reading on His Own, 
but Still Likes to be Read to Every Now and Then
He’s been read to since his first day on Earth.  Goodnight Moon.  Where the Wild Things Are.  It was just several months ago that his mother caught him reading by himself one afternoon in his little rocking chair by the window.  She tiptoed away to call you.  Ah, another reader in the world.  Cause for hope and celebration.  Henry was fun to choose for this year.  You think he’ll adore this selection and you hope he’ll let you read at least one to him.

Tell Me the Day Backwards
by Albert Lamb

Mr. Wuffles!
by David Wiesner

The Dark
by Lemony Snicket

Fog Island
by Tomi Ungerer

 Your Friend, Caroline, Who Was Serious When She Told You
 She Was Leaving Town for Christmas
It was over a late lunch on a particularly hectic, particularly rainy day in October when she told you she had booked ten days in Belize and would fly out the evening of December twentieth. 
 “But what about the tree?  Your Christmas cards?  
The parties?  The presents?”, you’d sputtered. 
 “I’m taking the year off”, she'd said flatly. 
 She’d smiled so serenely, you knew there was nothing you could say to change her mind.  And really, who are you to try?  Caroline has had a pretty raucous year, and maybe this is precisely how she should spend her holiday, even if it does sound ill-advised and slightly treasonous to you.  Well, you searched to find the books perfect for this type of escape and you think you’ve done pretty well.  You’ll ship these to her hotel in Belize to be waiting for her to flip through by the pool. 
 What was that.....a touch of envy?
No.  Couldn't be.

by Diana Oswald

All the Time in the World:  A Book of Hours
by Jessica Kerwin Jenkins

The Goldfinch
by Donna Tartt

Beauty at Home
by Aerin Lauder


  1. a little tour de force as always!
    i love your world.
    and everybody and thing that's in it! xo!

  2. Book of hours and the Debutante one look ravishing!

  3. as usual Pamela, I would just like to go out and buy them all.

  4. I love the look of Tell Me The Day Backwards.

  5. Hi Pamela!!!

    What a great selection of books!!! I remember reading to my 2 sons and the laughter and giggling that went on. Moments to cherish!!

    You've poked my interest with the "Debutantes" as we await the Christmas Special of Downton Abbey and Rose's coming out. Should prove interesting!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!


  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wondrous series of books at Christmas, several of which were purchased for gifts this year, and a few that snuck onto my wish list.

    Here's hoping for a very merry one, Pamela, and that both you and your Songwriter are healing magnificently.

  7. all of them look divine + especially
    backwards &

  8. I'm on page 236 of The Goldfinch and really enjoying it. Many more pages to go! I'm pleased to find so many good book recommendations on your blog for the holidays. Happy reading!

  9. I've saved this list as a guide for many of my own books to read and certainly for our granddaughter.
    Enjoy your holiday.

  10. Caroline might enjoy 'A Year by the Sea' by Joan Anderson who writes about her year of self discovery

  11. What lovely books Pamela ….. and, Henry, our grandson, will enjoy some of those.
    I, too, am looking forward to the Downton Abbey Christmas special … all of our family will be sitting down on Christmas Day to watch it. XXXX

  12. Those children's books look like a delight to read and to hold, real print books, mind you.
    The book of hours and The Debutants look appealing too.

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  14. I'm in the midst of The Goldfinch currently - it's fabulous, one of the best novels I've read in a very long time. Love to Apple & Edward from Winnie & Sam & love to you and the Songwriter too xoxo Susan

  15. Have a happy, happy Christmas, Pamela... I wish you much joy in the new Year... xv

    PS Off to order "Goldfinch"...

  16. I order a little list of your book choices for my upcoming vacation but didn't last a day without diving into Darling Monster when it arrived. A riot of fun!


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