Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Books at Christmas, Part Two

Books At Christmas, Part Two

Your shopping bag is getting full, two people done.
Now... further down the list.....

Your Friend, Marianna, Who Loves to Bake at Christmas
She still sends out formal invitations.  Often handmade with her own whimsical drawings inside, these invitations are both coveted and collectible.  Dinner at Marianna’s is an event not to be missed.  Warm and informal, with emphasis on friends, family and really good food. Marianna is a happy cook, whose good humour and light seem to infuse her food.  She taught you what to do with saffron and why it’s important to always have your ingredients at room temperature before you bake a cake. We all pray to make her Christmas list, for this means we’ll receive a box of holiday treats unsurpassed by any professional cook. Homemade peppermint bark and fudge - chocolate truffles, gingersnaps. All treats from Marianna’s kitchen.  You are fortunate in her friendship.  
She’ll love these new books!

The Beekman 1801 Heirloom Dessert Cookbook
by Brent Ridge, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Sandy Gluck

by Tammy Donroe Inman

by Valerie Gordon

Southern Biscuits
by Nathalie Dupree and Cynthia Graubart

Your Friend Sally, Who Loves/Lives to Knit
You taught your friend Sally to knit at your kitchen table one rainy afternoon three years ago.  Since that day you’ve had occasion to think perhaps you created a monster.  She found her passion that rainy afternoon and the most gorgeous pieces have flown off her wooden needles in the months and years since.  She quickly advanced from mittens to gloves, from sweaters to coats, and has recently begun knitting cashmere throws that are simply swoon-worthy.  The two of you can sit for hours, needles clacking away, in the most salubrious silence.  Though recently she's begun to talk about getting some sheep of her own.  Maybe you DID create a monster.  Ah well, it’s a treat to have a knitting friend.
She’ll be crazy over these lovely new books.

Tudor Roses
by Alice Starmore

Woodland Knits
by Stephanie Dosen

Adventures in Yarn Farming
by Barbara Parry

Knitting Yarns  - Writers on Knitting
Edited by Ann Hood

Part Three Coming Wednesday!


  1. First my dear - your friends are beautiful women, their talents have definitely brought a glow to their faces. Busy hands are always a woman's gift, to her family, her friends, sometimes even to strangers who then become friends.

    I love how Sally would love sheep, nothing better than raising your wool if you have land of course!

    The chosen books to share with us all are spectacular, covers alone are art so know they must also have beautiful photos/illustrations inside. Personally I would love them all even though my knitting days have become full of nothing more elaborate than simple scarves (they were easy on expedition ships when I also was required to chat, listen to lectures, watch videos etc.).

    Baking/making pretty desserts is something I love to do. Today I made the awesome Apple, Prune and Brandy cake - I hope my supper guest from Atlanta will enjoy. She came to town for a metalsmith class over the weekend - you know I want to impress a talented jeweler!

    Looking forward to the next list - each one is a treat.

    Hugs - Mary

  2. Sally...Marianna...Great Aunt Octavia and Great Uncle James..I think I will need to add a few more chairs to my table. I love them all! Pamela..a knitting photo does not go by without thinking of you. If I could, I would pin them all to you. I cherish the lovely neck cuff you made for me, it awaits at Tahilla Farm. I am going to be a sight one day when I dress in my full English, Irish, Scottish...and Pamela attire. Bring on winter is all I can say! Looking forward to Part Three!

  3. Thank you. I shall get straight onto Amazon to order the Heirloom Dessert Cookbook for 'the font' .

  4. That top photo is MIMI……..she is working on a cookbook!Hopefully, we will all have that in our hands by next CHRISTMAS!Do you follow her blog…….it is BEAUTIFUL…..called MANGER.

  5. how i love the people i meet at the house of Edward! most especially around holiday time.
    i have to get the books that aunt octavia will love! for moi!
    but . . . snowed in that i am right now . . . i am going to settle in and turn to page 271 in my book of days from the house of edward! I MADE MYSELF wait until wintertime to read all those wonders about wintertime! LOL.
    love to you dear Pamela! xoxo

  6. I was wondering what to get my knitter friend + now I know + I collect recipe books-must get one of these. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  7. Tudor Roses is a stunning book!! You describe my knitting friend to a T. Wonderful suggestions.

  8. Pamela, I don;t know how you find such exquisite books - I want them all in my stocking.

  9. Sweet things and knitting!
    YES YES!
    Both very good for the soul and excellent choices of books for the season!
    Wishing you all good things and beautiful wools.
    A friend just visited Sissinghurst where they had some sort of crafts fair and bought me a skein (well quite a big one) of the most exquisite wool.
    Probably to keep me quiet!

  10. You always open windows and your book list never fails to please - where else would I meet "Darling Monster"? (going on line to order one now)
    Merry Merry,

  11. Love all these suggestions. Books are always my favorite gift to give and to receive at Christmas. Can't wait to see part three.

  12. You always have such wonderful book recommendations Pamela ….. I really do buy some of them. I cannot tell you how helpful it is and you always have some titles that I don't know about…. thanks so much.
    We shall be in London again on Saturday and I shall think of you ….. I know how much you love it. XXXX

  13. Wow, a 3 part X-mas gift book post: brava! I like how you match the book to the reader. I've posted my own gift book list today, focusing on the best realistic fiction of 2013.

    I suppose you've been reading and knitting a lot during your recovery. I hope you are feeling better. Be sure not to overdo it for the holidays. Friends will understand.


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