Saturday, December 14, 2013

Books At Christmas.... Part Three

Your Friend, Katharine, Who Always Gets You Into Trouble
Nobody ever believed you when you were little, but any bad thing you got caught doing was always her idea.  Teachers separated you in class; both of your mothers were called into the principal’s office more than once.  Even today, you would hesitate to sit next to Katharine at a wedding or a funeral, for without a doubt inappropriate laughter would ensue.  You thought perhaps she’d mellow when Harry came along.  But no such luck.  Her hilarious take on life had only doubled.  She’d married someone just like her.  Truth be told, though, you’re lucky to have them both.  Two friends guaranteed to make you grin every time you’re with them are a treasure indeed.  They’ll love these books, and probably read them aloud at your next dinner party!

The Most of Nora Ephron
by Nora Ephron

The Asylum
by Simon Doonan

The Moth
Edited by Catherine Burns

Holidays On Ice
by David Sedaris

Your Niece, Tessa, Who Shares Your Love of Britain
She’s the niece you can count on to get up with you at two am to watch the Royal Wedding.  Like you, she always found Elizabeth I much more intriguing than George Washington and when she hit her teenage years, it was a poster of Jane Austen she hung in her room.  Framed, too, not stuck up with push pins.  Tessa was serious about her passion.  She has vowed to name her first child, Bronte, be it boy or girl and she has a definite opinion on who made the better Darcy, Colin Firth or the chap in the movie. The two of you try to make it to London to Christmas shop once a year; you’ve lost her in Hatchard’s more than once.  You had to choose carefully here, but you think you’ve nailed it.  You know these books are for her.

by Jo Baker

The Angel of Charleston
by Steward MacKay

The Time Traveler's Guide to Elizabethan England
by Ian Mortimer

by Rosamunde Pilcher

Last Installment Coming Next...
Children's Books and Pure Escapism!


  1. Your blog book posts are dangerous for me since I always make note of a couple titles I want to read, and my TBR stacks are towering. I recently read Pride and Prejudice and recommend that book to everyone.

  2. I've read September, Rosamunde Pilcher is one of my favorite authors...I'll have to try the rest of your recommendations for your niece. As a dedicated anglophile, I'm sure I'd enjoy these.

  3. Lovely list as usual Pamela. I love Rosamund Pilcher's books by the way.

  4. oh how i love your christmas book list always . . .
    and the wonderful 'characters' you have to buy them for!
    september is a favorite pilcher book of mine too.
    and another especially wonderful pilcher one that tessa would love is . . .
    'winter solstice.' it's beautiful!
    have a fabulous weekend! xo

  5. This list is wonderful. I have copied down the name and author of many of your choices. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Dear Pamela, I must apologise. I have been out of the radar and completely missed the fact that you had had a hip op. I am sorry to hear you were suffering but I am pleased it has been treated and trust you are feeling better? My sister in law has had a hip replacement recently. I have been catching up here this morning and have been in my element with your books. Three appeal to me, David Sedaris who I love, The Angel of Charleston looks intriguing and The Most of Norah Ephron. I can't wait for the next instalment.

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  8. I such a fan of Rosamund Pilcher's books and can't wait to add these to my ever growing book collection.

  9. At the last minute I searched for my copy of "Winter Solstice" by Rosamunde Pilcher yesterday to read again...I'm looking forward to new lists, new stories of Edward and You and The Songwriter...also, you always inspire continue to improve my writing and painting and to re-learn to knit...some things for the New Year. Merry Christmas, Pamela!


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