Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ever Smiling

Ever Smiling

Her beauty, while intoxicating, never overpowers as does that of her summertime sisters. She has never been as reserved, nor as wise, as her brothers of autumn. Ever smiling, she drifts in the doorway as a fragrance, trailing lilacs all over the floor, and a bit of her lingers, in the secret corners of the soul, long after her departure.
She flirts, she entices, she weaves flowers in my hair and puts ideas in my head. She turns my chair towards the window and makes me think of picnics. She lays out my linen blazer and finds a gardenia for my lapel. She wants me to wear white shoes.
She recites poetry at the oddest times, stanzas awash with chimerical gardens and follies of stone. Pale rooms with tall windows and blue nights full of stars.
She erases years and fills my plate with strawberries. She dances a waltz in an arbor at midnight and begs me to follow her down to the sea.
I am helpless in her presence.
She is May.
Open the windows.
She is here.

"The month of May was come,
when every lusty heart beginneth to blossom,
and to bring forth fruit;
for like as herbs and trees bring forth fruit and flourish in May,
in likewise every lusty heart that is in any manner a lover,
springeth and flourisheth in lusty deeds.
For it giveth unto all lovers courage, that lusty month of May."

Sir Thomas Malory, Le Morte d'Arthur
For those long-time readers, yes, you have seen this post before.
But I am unpacking today, and a bit tired out from my wonderful California days, so I don't have time to do May the justice she deserves.
I hope she, and you, will forgive me this older post and I wish everyone a grand second day of this most beautiful month.
Stay tuned for some words about my Golden State adventures!


  1. Saw your pic over on Velvet & Linen - looking forward to hearing about your visit. Love both of y'all's blogs. Thanks for the Le Morte d'Arthur quote. Yesterday I couldn't stop singing 'Tra la, it's May, the lusty month of May' from the musical Camelot, and I had no idea that was the source for the song. I know all the words to the song - part of being of a certain generation raised on Broadway musicals, with Camelot my favorite (My Fair Lady was a close second), as fitting for an Anglophile. My husband knows all the words, too - kinda funny. Hope your May is 'brimming with fun - wholesome or un-'!

  2. Love re-runs...any of yours work for me Pamela!!
    Look forward to hearing about your adventures...just did a little Californian Dreamin myself in today's post :)

    Best wishes for a glorious week Pamela!!

    Jeanne xxx

  3. Hope you had a wonderful trip. Beautiful photo of you over at Velvet and Linen. Cannot wait to hear all of your adventures.

  4. You are forgiven. Most, of course, would not be, but for you, YES!

  5. Well, I'm new and haven't seen it before and i thought it was such a beautiful post. Thankyou!

  6. Like Jen I'm fairly new but love the quotes no matter how many times I read them. Living in the Southern Hemisphere it doesn't have quite the same meaning but enjoy your spring. We're experiencing our Autumn and it's not so nice this year.
    Love all your posts.

  7. Don't mind at all...repeats. And such a lovely one.

  8. Like the return of May, it is wonderful to see the return of this post, Pamela, and hear of your return as well. Welcome back.

  9. So glad you re-posted it Pamela. I'm new from Brooke's post. Lovely!
    I'm just back from CA too visiting with my daughter in Marina del Rey and I didn't want to leave. Looking forward.

  10. Oh my windows are finally open!! There is much to celebrate in May:)

  11. Like a good friend, your posts come back to visit at just the right time..and I welcome them into my home. Thank you!

  12. So, so wonderful. Post it every May!

  13. I haven't seen it before, Pamela. And if I had I think it is worth repeating every year as it is so beautiful. Glad you had a good stay in California.

  14. If I saw it, I would want to see it again. You did a beautiful job on this post. I will have rain for the next 5 days they tell me. The yard work is getting out of hand.
    Rest up from your trip. Tell us your adventures.. yvonne and Thor xxx

  15. Your posts Pamela, are always worth reading more than once. I do hope that California presented you with warm sun and great times?

    Cheers ~ Deb

  16. Ah, this reminds me of Richard Harris on the road in Camelot. He sang such a song and it was wonderful...even if he was in his cups he had even more fun than did the audience!

  17. Oh, so nice, the wonderful month of May!
    Love your poetic reflexions!
    Tomorrow I will reveal the changes on our front yard!
    Please come and visit!

  18. Yes, she is! And is she ever lovely.

  19. She is welcome to stay with me the whole year if she likes. I love May. The spring and autumn are my favourites. I am thinking of blossoms and lilacs and lingering fragrances now after reading your beautifully put together words and phrases Pamela.

  20. Welcome back home! Looking forward to your golden adventures, and yes it's nice to be in May.

  21. Reading your words is like music to the soul. They dance about and bring such delight!!!

    ~ Violet


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