Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thea Visits

Thea Visits

Several years ago, I gave almost everyone on my Christmas list an angel. Not just any angel either, a lovely handmade paper angel, with glittered wings and a tiny little ribbon sash on which was written “Sweet Dreams”. They were so beautiful and an absolute treat to give as presents. Fast forward to a night some months ago when I was wandering down unfamiliar blog streets and came across Thea Beasley. Don’t I know her, I thought? I thought some more. And then it came to me. The artist who had designed my lovely Christmas angels was named Thea Beasley. Could it possibly be the same person? Well, it was and Thea and I soon discovered that we lived quite close to one another, so close in fact, that Edward and I paid a Christmas visit to her amazing loft this past December. And just last week, she joined us for lunch here at The House of Edward. Both Edward and Apple were thrilled to discover that Thea is not only a fabulous artist and remarkably talented stylist, but she’s an expert ear scratcher and tummy rubber as well. Thea was so kind to write about her visit on her blog a few days ago.
You can read her sweet words HERE.
Do stop by and say hello!
And her gorgeous home was recently the cover feature of Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles magazine.
Take a look HERE.
Once again, blogger brings us together!


  1. Oh Pamela this is so exciting, just as when discovering that Mrs Blandings lives near me.

    Art by Karena!!

  2. Hello Pamela

    I believe you can have blogging friends and how lucky you are to have met a few of yours. I have learned so much through blogging.

    Have a lovely day!

    Tracy :)

  3. What a lovely story of happy coincidences! I do think something magical happens amongst the bloggers and maybe it is the ability to meet kindred spirits that we normally would never run into in our daily lives without our blogs. It has happened to me also and it is such an unexpected fringe benefit of blogging!
    I loved the piece she wrote about visiting you and also seeing her gorgeous place in Atlanta.

  4. Love what Thea wrote about your visit and yours as well Pamela...so nice to get the 'inside scoop'. Just as I imagined!! You are so so lucky to have a blogger so close to you :) Wish you were that close for me...the things we could do and see!!

    Jeanne xxx

  5. It really is a great big wonderful world! Thank you for sharing such a lovely story.

  6. So talented. And I just love her house.

  7. I saw Thea's home in Atlanta Homes Magazine and immediately ripped it out and scanned it to save in my inspiration file. I'm off for a visit! xo Brooke

  8. Thea's talent is amazing - so glad the two of you have met in person.

    I've posted today on my most recent meeting with two more amazingly talented artists/bloggers while I was in the Lake District............hope you will visit them, know you will love their work Pamela.

  9. Thea Beasly is also very nice lady, I did a post about her beautiful loft and she responded so lovely, it made my day!!!! btw...really like your blog too!! enjoy reading it..

    have a nice weekend!


  10. I love the way blogging connects us with some of the most interesting people and sometimes they are right in your own back yard!!!


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