Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bits And Bobs Of Fun

Bits and Bobs of Fun

Some books are too big.
Some books are too small.
But, some books are just right!
Photo above: Edward caught napping on the definitive biography of The Brontes.


You can now follow Edward and me on Twitter.
Who knows what we’ll get up to?!
Follow us HERE.

This book is just wonderful!
Like a fairy tale.

Daniel Radcliffe, singing and dancing... who knew?!
Watch it till the end, you’ll be cheering, and wishing you’d decided to be a Broadway performer.
I wonder if it’s too late for me to audition for the part of that woman in the red suit?
See it HERE.

I’m looking forward to this movie!
If I can’t make it to Paris this summer, this might just be the next best thing!
See the trailer HERE

I can’t help myself.
But no, I won’t be wearing it.

Also, I’ve had several letters about the little stone cottage that I put in my garden and wrote about HERE.
You can find it HERE.
No email ordering, just call the phone number on the website.

"Hey, who woke me up?"


  1. I had to do a double take again ! Strange how PON's always like to have a pillow to rest on whether it's a book , a cushion or , best of all , your foot .

  2. Edward certainly has good taste in books!

  3. I read lovely things about you in Jeanne's blog . . . fun.


  4. Ok...this was fun..Here, Here and Here! You have the most remarkable dog!! Such good taste too....the Bronte sisters :)

    When you said swimsuit I was thinking a 1950's polka dot ensemble with a woman looking very swish, sunglasses on, looking out to sea...very elegant...and then I clicked on the photo...You crazy woman! Love it.

    Have a great day Pamela!!

    Jeanne xxx

  5. Hello Pamela

    Love the picture of Edward and his book! Great way to start my Monday morning--reading your blog!

    Have a great week


  6. That's quite the swimsuit. Don't think I would dare. Love that Edward and his sleeping places. He's like a cat...no matter how many places you provide, they find their own. I am having so much fun bopping around your blog. I love it. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  7. Liked the trailer but was convinced to see the movie when the website had a version of Van Gogh's Starry Night. Thanks for the review! Wonderfully gorgeous photography of Paris in the trailer.
    Nothing on garden website about cottages - really do need to call.

  8. Oh Edward...so very handsome. You take my breath away.

  9. Edward has impeccable taste. hee.
    xo Isa

  10. He has a great taste in books! I just came home from Yorkshire or as I like to call it: Bronte land.

  11. Ohhh yes, Doesn't "Midnight In Paris" look good. Don't you love the promo pic of Owen Wilson with the scene behind him swirling into Van Gogh!

  12. The Bronte's as a headrest. Edward is beyond gorgeous!

    Hope you're good Pamela xx

  13. Have had a wonderful entertaining half hour following your links, Pamela, - now I am going to see if Alexi Zentner has reached our local library, yet. The pages I read lead me on, and on.... Movie is very enticing, too!

  14. What a delightful, and intriguing, post. Paris in the evening, ah, reminding me of the Evening in Paris (the bygone scent) will be a must-see movie and what wonderful taste Edward has in books. I must find this Bronte biography. I just finished browsing through The Brontes at Haworth, a happenstance find at the library. You might want to find it as it is a wonderful book filled with all sorts of pictures and tidbits, much of which you are probably reading in greater detail in your book, with some of the artwork of the Brontes, their diaries, and such.

  15. Has Edward got browner or is it my imagination? Whatever his colour he is the wisest dog bagging that book for himself.

  16. It looks like a fabulous book, though it might be a tad heavy for those delicate paws to prop up! Have a beautiful day - so nice to see your lovely blog!

  17. I bet Edward graduated magna dog laude!

  18. Sadly my labrador still prefers to chew books better than sleeping on them...

  19. Oh, Edward I wonder what dreams the book inspired! The film looks good - I'd like to see it when it finally gets around to our local film theatre:)

  20. What a lovely look on Edward's face as he wakes up!
    a book that big might well tire one out!

  21. Oh, that Edward! What a genius!

  22. Awwwe, it looks like Edward is as enamoured with the Bronte's as I am...it's like he's trying to comfort them with a snuggle.
    I've read Elizabeth Gaskell's and Rebecca Fraser's Bronte biographies (love Fraser's and Gaskell's is so wonderful because she knew Charlotte) but not Miss. Barker's, it's at the top of my list though.
    Mr. Radcliffe...wow!!! He was wonderful, very impressed! I think that swimsuit would scare Apple and Edward...it did me!
    xo J~

  23. Once again, Pamela, I find myself ensnared by another of your lists! I keep them all, you know...for fear I might miss something NOT to be missed if I only trust my memory. Edward always tugs at my heartstrings no matter what he is doing and I love this picture of him, resting his tender head on this incredible book.
    I am intrigued by everything you take note of here. Simply marvelous.
    While the movie trailer definitely got my attention, I cannot say that I will ever see the actual film. His cinematic genius not withstanding, I am so completely disgusted by Woody Allen as a person that I cannot support him in any fashion. I find him to be completely immoral and perverse. Yuck! I probably just typed myself out of my comment being posted. Anyway, thank you for all you have shared today. As always, I love every offering! There is no other like you..or Edward either!


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