Wednesday, March 30, 2011


There are creatures on the roadside dressed in lavender.
Once rough collections of billboards and phone lines, once common thickets of pine. Now finely dressed in new gowns of wisteria, they line the lanes and the highways like the sweethearts of giants, waving hankies of violet in the afternoon air.
I drive along their parade route in awe of their beauty, their perfume rides the breeze through my wide open window.
I saw the first rosebud just yesterday.
Though still tightly fastened in a locket of pink, it was clear what she planned to become.
It is now only mere weeks till she and her sisters will spill up and over my window, an extravagant display that will gleam in the moonlight as a thousand blushing fairies en route to a dance.
They will scatter petals of pink on the floor of the garden, like the forgotten kisses of youth.
Disrobed for so long, the tall trees in the garden are now clad in vestments of chartreuse and lime.
They stand round the cottage like an army in Oz, guardians of all that is good.
And though I am the one in love with the cold - the fireside, the woolens, the winds and the mist - I have opened my door to this glorious season and welcomed her into my rooms.
She has filled all my vases with bouquets of yellow, she has taught the purple finches a cantata of joy.
She has sent the rains and now the streams remember laughter.
She is the season of hope and renewal.
The season of colour and light.
She Is Spring.
How lucky am I to welcome her, in each and every year of my life.

Painting above by NC Wyeth


  1. As a child I knew a huge patch of violets and in Spring we used to pick small bunches, tie them with thread and take them to old ladies in the village.

    My gift from your generous giveaway arrived this afternoon - a lovely bag from Thailand - beautifully packed and very promptly delivered. I shall feature it on my blog tomorrow, so do be sure to look. Thank you so much.

  2. Lovely posting, Pamela. Thank you for posting the beautiful painting. Lady spring is slow in her appearance here but anxious awaited.

  3. "clad in vestments of chartreuse and lime..."

    Beautiful post. My beloved has just opened the window to let in the spring evening air. Already he's said "I love that smell" three times. :)

  4. Absolutely beautiful, your photographs are incredible.

    Have a wonderful day.


  5. What a beautiful post.
    ¡Welcome Spring!
    ¡Welcome Autumn!

  6. Ahhh...that means we're not to far behind. I love the idea of a parade of wysteria and being adorned with springs finest.
    Happy Spring!
    xo J~

  7. Images incredible, words indelible...Beautiful post, Pamela. The finches have nested in the lantern outside, that must mean spring will soon be here, by my clock!

  8. How fortunate you are to be enveloped in such beauty for much of ours still lies protected beneath a blanket of snow.
    And how lovely to share your delectable descriptions, painting a vivid picture in my mind...
    Susan x

  9. How beautiful!
    The picture above just reminded me of a story by Hans Christian Andersen: Thumbelina!
    I read it to my son, who loves his stories!
    Well, the fairy spring is on her way!

  10. So lovely Pamela a darling image!

    I have a new giveaway from The Zhush I think you will love...

    Art by Karena

  11. Lovely! You've reminded me I must do my garden this week, it's long overdue.

    Your bronze sequin suit sounds amazing! xx

  12. Woooooooow I found you again, your blog & your blues...... I just love all of it!!!

    Agneta, the swedish one

  13. Lovely, Pamela. I can see Spring's arrival time has been scheduled earlier in your part of the country than in the Similkameen. I like to image a tinge of green surrounding the poplars, but in truth the buds are swollen and excited, but no tender green leaves are showing yet. Thank you for such a splendid preview and please don't detain Lady Spring from moving on North.

  14. Pamela - I would like to send you a tiny little thank you I have made for you - could you please send me your address?

  15. A big welcome to a much loved season....xv

  16. A stunning picture of the arrival of spring...thanks for this lovely word gift!!

  17. I think the best part of this post Pamela is that I remember you welcoming Spring last year and it was just as lovely then. I love your enthusiasm for life...your my kinda gal :)

    Jeanne xx

    PS.. I have had tulips on my kitchen table, a new bunch each week, red, orange and yellow....zing!

  18. Oh, the visuals you paint with your words, Pamela. The stir my senses and make me all-the-more-eager for spring to enter our realm. Soon. Very soon.

  19. Theis was written so beautifully.

    Exactly where do you live? Sounds like a place I would love.


  20. This is a beautiful post, Pamela. It made me yearn for the fragrance of roses.

  21. *sigh*
    I am yearning for spring - for the feeling so well-captured on the face in the painting....that 'aha!' of recognition of sunshine and blossom. I know it will come, but I am getting tired of the wait.

  22. wow wish I could write like you.

  23. i too am a winter girl but one cannot resist miss spring.
    your prose is so lovely pamela. have you or will you ever write a book? will be at the front of the line/

  24. So wonderfully worded, Pamela.
    Spring is my very favorite season, and it seems like I long for (and glory in) its flowering more with each passing year.

    I'm off for Texas tomorrow -- a much-needed and anticipated trip. I think my only regret is the thought of my beloved tulips -- which are about to burst into flower!


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