Thursday, March 17, 2011

Celebrating The Irish

Celebrating The Irish

Oh, the music in the air!
An' the joy that's ivrywhere -
Shure, the whole blue vault of heaven is wan grand triumphal arch,
An' the earth below is gay
Wid its tender green th'-day,
Fur the whole world is Irish on the Seventeenth o' March!
Thomas Augustin Daly

As the Irish Wolfhound above indicates, we are celebrating all things Irish here at The House of Edward today. Our Mayor will soon be out performing his annual duty of dyeing all the fountains green and I am wearing my best green tartan jacket. An emerald bow is around Edward’s neck, music of The Chieftains is flowing through the house and we are drawing the name of the lucky giveaway winner at midnight tonight.
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day
Congratulations to The Weaver of Grass!
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  1. Marvelous picture and such a sweet tribute to the Irish, - what is it that draws the whole world into their magic circle? Wish I could see the green fountains!

  2. Hello Pamela

    Happy St Patrick's Day to you!

    Tracy :)

  3. Oh happy St Patrick's Day to you as well- today is the day for my one guiness of the year and for wearing my long almost black curly hair down- because I inherited it from my Irish Grandmother who I never knew

  4. Happy St Patrick's Day from the Hartwick family in Drogheda, Co. Louth.

  5. Sadly, I can claim no Irish ancestry. I have lots of Irish friends though and I just love celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Have a good one!

  6. ......and the Sullivans (grandfather apparently dropped the O' after arriving on these shores) send good St. Patrick's Day wishes from North Carolina.

    Off to the closet to find something green - don't wear 'Kelly green" but I'm sure olive will suffice.......all that safari wear is still hanging around to be worn next year on another safari, yeah!!

    Have a fun day Pamela - know you and Edward will make a handsome pair strolling through town today.

    Éirann go brách!

  7. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and Edward!
    May the luck of the Irish be with you!

    I wanted to thank you for suggesting the book, "The Distant Hours". I borrowed it from my local library and am enjoying it thoroughly! Two-thirds of the way through, I just can't wait to uncover all the secrets, but it's so good that I don't want to reach the last page!

  8. Happy St. Patrick's Day sounds like you will be celebrating in true Irish form. Well done!

    On a side note...just loving Monarch of the Glen...having a major crush on Hector :)

    Best wishes!!

    Jeanne xx

  9. Where do you find such amazing images?
    Thanks for your kind wishes and happy st.patty's day to you.

  10. i completely forgot it was st. patty's day until i started reading blogs........hmmmm, the english are not celebrating; no green, no shamrocks, music, parades, no mention, nothing.

    oh to have an irish wolfhound or scottish deerhound, would be magical

    enjoy your celebrations!


  11. Happy St. Patrick's Day Pamela! What a fun way to celebrate...I'm sure Edward looks 'dathuil' in his festive bow!
    I'm wearing green eyeshadow today and the kids and I are drawing a leprechaun beagle who is very seriously gaurding his pot of gold, next time we'll make it an Irish Wolfhound (why didn't I think of that?!).
    xo J~

  12. . . . and here as well with soda bread baking and corned beef bubbling and the wearin' of the green.

    Such wonderful words and oh, what a picture, and dear Edward, with his emerald bow. (he might be interested to know that the chipmunks have ventured out of their holes and already up to no good!)

  13. Irish Wolfhounds are ENORMOUS! A picture is one thing; seeing one in real life is something else! HUGE, HUGE, HUGE!!!

    Happy St. Paddy's Day!

  14. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too!

  15. What a great image of a boy and his dog for St Patricks!Aoll the best Pamela,

    Come and enter to win my Spring “Green" Gift.

    Art by Karena

  16. Celebrations were in full swing as we drove through Edinburgh city centre late last night. Green clothes, shamrock hats, green faces...

  17. Oh, my first dog was an Irish Wolfhound. Conan: he was indeed 'a great dog of Ireland'.

  18. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh loved this blog! You and I could become blogging pals - I need your help so much! AND.......weaver is a friend of mine. Dxx


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