Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Wonder of December

Magic dwells within every month, from the ruby red of a February heart to the chromium yellow of a sunrise in August. It drifts like wandlight over the gardens of June and flies along with October leaves. But every month holds something back, keeps a petal of unique enchantment in quiet reserve, for each one desires to contribute just a bit of themselves to the most magical month in the circle, and now that time has come. They have gathered together in celestial towers to bestow their gifts upon December. The cool mystery of an April dawn, the bronze glow of an afternoon in November, the stretched-long hours of a carefree July, the playful winds of March that dance amongst the trees - all can be found here. For we have arrived at the zenith of the visionary year, the very place where all the delights of each and every month now gather as one.
Yes, this is the month of true wizardry, when the hillsides dress in silver and fairies wear feathers and sleep in bare trees. Chimerical worlds are sheathed inside a single drop of ice, and an auroral star glitters high in the eastern sky.
The animals speak at midnight.
Goodwill cracks the hardest soul.
All of the wonder of the long wondrous year can be found in the month of December. It fills us up, floods through our spirits until every room is full and we must share our felicity with others. We give gifts, we share smiles, we ring bells. We are beguiled by the blessed beauty of life.
It is all astonishing goodness in thirty one days.
It is now December.


  1. This is so beautifully lyrical, as always dear Pamela.

    I've always loved the thought of animals speaking on Christmas, especially. Those of us who share our lives with them know that they do speak, daily, but it's so much more magical to think of this at Christmas Time..

    No other month is as enchanting to me...

  2. Well, that has cheered me up no end, Pamela - and here was me thinking what a grey old month it was going to be. I shall now be looking for those fairies sleeping in the trees - all we want is a hoar frost like the one on my header and we shall get the magic. As usual, a lovely post.

  3. I have to on earth do you do it? Day after day, brilliance pours forth from your cyber pen. It's simply amazing! Color me jealous.
    Admiringly so, of course. ;-)

  4. What beautiful words, Pamela, to sum up December. It is a very special month, from the 1st to the 31st. It is all Christmas cards, wrapping paper and mince pies from now until the big day.
    I wish you a wonderful December. XXXX

  5. Ahhh yes sweet December, month of my birth and favourite in my heart...
    She can be wild and wintry one moment, magical and gentle the next.
    May you and yours enjoy every moment of it!

  6. A wonderful painting you chose for this post!

  7. Oh, I do hope that everyone gets a bit of that good will and magic you write about. Lovely ode to December!

  8. Soo beautiful. Lyrically divine and the picture is magnificent.

  9. Love your wonderous words and the spirit... the fairies wear feathers and sleep in bare trees!Such lovely thoughts!
    Enjoy that magical month!
    I am here doing the same thing! Stargazing and dreaming!


  10. I think so too! Agree with everyone of your delightful words, even if I could never articulate it as bewitchingly as you do.

  11. Huzzah!!! December!
    Goodwill to all!

  12. Your words are magic and full of enchantment.
    My son was born in December.
    and Christ and all glorious people and divine ones.
    Love to you

  13. have so percectly and beautifully encapsulated my most favorite month.

    I love your silvered words....stunning!

  14. The goodness of true Pamela, xv.

  15. Gorgeous words Pamela. They are magical in themselves. I agree about December; there is definitely a spark of magic in the air. I love the autumn and winter, the bare trees and the frosts. It is pouring with rain here as I write but no matter...

  16. Good to read your great writing on December as i usually find it a really hard month with the dark nights and grey skies and so many running around frantic.

  17. I wish you would send a bit of winter magic over here, all is grey and wet and gloomy. Reading your very lyrical blog does brighten things up however.

    I love the photo of the dogs below.

  18. Hello...I just found your blog...It's truly fabulous xx

  19. So beautiful and the image is divine! You have the touch with words.Pamela let me know what you think of my site!

  20. Hi,
    you made my day brighter when I saw that I've got a comment from you.
    Your blog is wonderful and makes me happy :)


  21. Hello, such beautiful words. In Australia it is hot with long nights and crickets on the evening breeze. Our summer nights are scented with the Indian ocean breeze and the smell of bushfires in the hills.

    Can you tell me please what that lovely painting you used for the post is?

  22. Hello P&E,

    I hadn't thought of each month saving something special for Winter but I suppose it's true!

  23. Eloquent words for a beautiful December princess. They go hand and hand as the fairy dust on her wing tips. xo

  24. And to think I was not ready for the month to change. Your beautiful poetic prose convinices me to plunge in! I like the idea of all the wonder of the 11 previous months bundled up as gift in the last one - so it can all start again. Lovely thoughts!

  25. "Goodwill cracks the hardest soul." I love that. Welcome magical December!

  26. I awoke in the middle of the night-last night. I quietly made my way downstairs and settled into a big, comfy chair, looking outside. The quiet was deafening. I lit the window candles and a small tree in one of the rooms- it was one of the best hours of this glorious month.

  27. Yes, the animals do speak at midnight in December! Such a magical month. Thank you, sweet Pamela, for staring it off beautifully. xoxo Gigi

  28. I just picture you sitting at a beautiful little writing desk with a quill in hand.Perhaps a candle burning on the corner of the desk, and a fire glowing as snow falls outside the frosty window......

    OK, you are probably in your bed on your computer, but your words still conjure up that feeling! Thankyou yet again.;)

  29. Wishing you a wonderful December Pamela.

    Your writing is always so beautiful and I love to come and visit.
    Thank you.

    We really do live in the opposite side of the world, loved the thought of you wearing wellies and scarf and we are gearing up for Summer.


  30. Always something to delight the imagination and soothe the weary soul here.

    I've had no time to blog or visit lately so your post is perfect to crack this hard soul and get me in the mood for Christmas.

    I love your christmas delights in your shoppe. Happy December .... Huzzah!! xx Julie

  31. If I hadn't already felt that way before reading this and seeing that alarmingly gorgeous illustration, I would have been convinced reading your prose.

    Please tell, whose illustration is this? It just melts me.

  32. Your writing was so magical. I love how you write about Decembers wizardry. I have always thought of it as magical. It's like something just hangs in the air & seeps into your being. What is really incredibly is that here in hot Houston we are suppose to get snow today. It's a miracle when I feel like there are few. Both my grandmothers were born in Dec. as was I. I always felt like I was lucky. Thanks for this soul stirring post. Your the best Pamela. Huzzah is right xx

  33. Ditto on all accounts. Everyone has said just what I was thinking and why repeat it. You are such a wonderful and talented writer. When are you going to publish a book with all your wonderous thoughts and feeling and emotions that you stir up in us all.
    Big hugs to you and yours. Thank you for being you. You are special and I know that you are loved by many.
    I also wanted to add that ever since I saw that incredible rabbit on your blog I have been longing to have a Flemish Giant. I have been all over the web looking at different sites but I am afraid that it would be more then I could handle so I think I will just sew me one that I can cuddle with. He is magnificent.

  34. you have captured a lot about why this is one of my favorite times of the year! congrats on the OMG award!

  35. Beautifully written!
    Congrats on the OMG award.

  36. Pamela, thank you and Edward for visiting my blog, I appreciate it. Your prose is delightful. Happy Holidays....

  37. Merry December, Pamela and Edward!!!!


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