Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Through a door buried deep in the woodland, one carved by the ancients on a day long ago, the Old Man enters. Gone are the casual visitors now - the springtime picnics, the cotton lawn dresses that danced through the clearing on mid-summer’s eve.
The forest belongs to the Old Man once more.
He steps cross the threshold and smiles as he drinks in his lifeblood of sharp December air. Slowly he strolls down a pine-needled pathway, where the mummified leaves of his brother-season, only just now departed, still occasionally crackle neath his suede covered feet, while all around him ancestral trees stretch their ebony arms up, up to the leaden grey sky far above.
His silver blue robes trail behind the Old Man like peacock feathers, leaving snowflakes and ice crystals along in their wake. He claps his delicate hands, only once, and the light from the sun, so recently golden, suddenly changes to alabaster - becoming one with the snow covered scene, it sets all beneath it aglow with the fire of ice.
The tiny ones, nearly invisible and brief as a wish, return once again, to dance with the Old Man at twilight, as the snowy owl glides through the wind, as silent as a reflection.
Tangled up as they are in strings of fairy lights and clefs of carols, the humans are unaware of the magic reception just now unfolding within the dark woods. Yes, Old Man Winter has arrived, having completed his wanderings on the other side of the orb, and the landscape belongs to him now.
So put down the pudding spoon!
Come and celebrate!
Run through the white meadows, skate paisleys over the frozen ponds.
Celebrate, with bells on the horse's halter, ribbons round the white dog’s neck... with bright eyes and pink cheeks, with mittens and scarves, firesides and hot chocolates.
For after all, as the wise Old Man teaches,
if we never know cold, how can we hope to recognize warmth?
Welcome, welcome!


  1. 'Tangled up as they are in strings of fairy lights and clefs of carols...'

    Beautiful, Pamela. We are having a cold snap here, most unusual for this time of year. There is even a dusting of snow on the mountains! The children are so excited!

  2. Oh Pamela, how I admire your artistry with words. So many delightful pictures spring from your text.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful imagery.

  3. Yes..he arived...isn't it marvelous..I get the picture..you painted it so magical with your words..have a wonderful week:)

  4. Wonderful Pamela! Here in Belgium it is snowing for a few days and the view outside is gorgeous! Real wintertime!
    Your text is again wonderful!

  5. Another of your truly beautiful posts! Merry Christmas Pamela and Edward - I hope Santa is kind to you both. Leigh

  6. Dear Pamela, your sentiments about winter are perfect as always....Have a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year, xv.

  7. If we have never known cold how can we appreciate warmth. How true. It is very cold here, your words on Winter today, the Solstice, are beautiful.

  8. Pure magic!!!! What a lovely picture you paint with words.

    Happy Solstice.

  9. Hello P&E,

    'nearly invisible and brief as a wish'....
    'the snowy owl glides through the wind, as silent as a reflection' ...
    'skate paisleys over the frozen ponds' ...

    Beautiful imagery Pamela, as always.

  10. Winter has arrived here as well, snow on it's way to Kansas City! You are a true artist Pamela! My holiday posting is up!

  11. Yes Pamela - if winter comes can Spring be far behind. Beautifully written, as ever.

  12. Pamela, if I were blind and I thank God I have my sight, but if I were, your words could make me see. Sight would no longer be important but just the sence of feeling and smelling and hearing would be all you need as long as you had your words to describe it all.
    You are just amazing. What more can I say other then thank you.
    Have you published a book?

  13. Oh, this was just lovely, and actually transported me. Thank you.

  14. Pamela, your words are absolutely lovely and magical, and I have again entered your story and walked alongside the Old Man.

  15. What wonderful words, Pamela, summing up the cold and frosty season that is winter.
    I went out this morning and the snow was just begining to disappear and the snow had turned to sleet....but I had a phone call from a friend after I had been in for a couple of hours and I said how it all seemed to be disappearing and she said 'haven't you looked out of the window' ? and when I looked out it was snowing really heavily and everywhere was whiter than it had been before.
    I will take more photographs tomorrow to show everyone. XXXX

  16. Do you think he may dance with me on the swirling mists of Solstice eve and fill my hair with ice crystals, and flowers of frost ? .... if I leave my fairy lights and carols......ahh but would I ever want to come back........
    I think you are fabulous
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  17. Wow. I came here on a whim, visiting from OhMyGoddess, where you'd left a hilarious comment. Expecting to find a humorous post, I am pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed at the beauty I find here. Signing up to follow.

  18. This is so evocative. I always know I'll get a little taste of whatever season we're in when I vist you!

  19. I love the image of skating paisleys on the pond! Pure magic, Pamela! Wishing you a happy solstice! I like knowing that you, too, love A Child's Christmas in Wales, by the way. What a gift he had for weaving words.

    I hope your holidays are warm and bright. xo Gigi

  20. Pamela, such a gift you have! The image is gorgeous, and the words divine!

  21. This is so beautiful Pamela. I always adore how you embrace the change of seasons; always welcoming the change and speaking of all it's attributes and beauty. I am sorry that I have not been visiting as often as I would like to. Just know that I am thinking of you and wish you a very happy holiday. I know you will celebrate and enjoy this joyous season to it's maximum. xx deb

  22. Beautiful Pamela~ just beautiful.
    Happy Christmas to you and the Songwriter- and the pups.

  23. Indeed, the old man has returned, and gifted us with stark beauty and time to look deep within and just be with whatever arises, with few distractions as might be found in sibling seasons.

    bright blessings,

  24. well that is just beautiful. I was trying to remember my love for all the seasons when knee deep in ice last night walking/ skating home! Everything seemed okay when I got home to a warm cup of tea and bath

  25. Once again Winter has spread her magic to linger across the fields, dance along the rooftops and spread throughout the valley.
    May you and your musician, beloved dogs and those you hold dearest in your heart enjoy a wonderful Christmas.
    x Susan

  26. Hi Pamela
    Your wonderful words have transported me to the white christmas I wish for...

    It's been a pleasure to read your imaginative posts this year.. I hope you and your loved ones have a fabulous Christmas. Julie

  27. Your descriptions always create beautifully vivid images in my mind.
    I just came home from Ohio. Yes, the 37 degree temperatures definitely made me appreciate our weather here in Los Angeles.

    A Happy and Healthy Holiday Season Pamela!

  28. Wonderfully said, again! This is exactly what has attracted me to your lovely blog, your words and those beautiful romantic pictures you find!
    Seeing this I wanted to encourage you to read Steve Augarde's 'Various'trilogy. It will transport you in this world!
    You will love it! I posted as well.
    I have been talking about it for a while now, because it's such a great story...


  29. Wonderful visual images and enchanted words Pamela. I wish you and Edward and all in your home a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

    We are knee deep in snow over here and everything is magical in the woods.

  30. Lovely post Pamela and so true, if we don't experience winter then we won't appreciate all that the warmth of Spring and Summer have to offer. I have always welcomed Old Man Winter, he brings his own icy beauty to the world.

  31. Great story, the Old Man has arrived here in London too. And the city has stopped in awe... I love all the snow and Christmas stories in the blogland, hope you have a wonderful Holiday

  32. Hope you see Avatar in 3D, the nature scenery is fabulous.

    Your words slow me down, slowing for the joy of reading them. Not wanting them to end.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  33. Old man Winter is here too Pamela we have snow!
    I so love your words!
    Happy Christmas to you! x

  34. Yes, father winter has entered the scene
    very chillily and icily
    what a wonderful picture and story


  35. "the mummified leaves of his brother-season"

    Lovely, lovely, lovely! This is how I feel about winter. Surely the Old Man exists. What is a dark season without magic?

  36. This delightful. And, yes; much wisdom comes from experiencing (and appreciating) the contrasts in life.

    But meanwhile; I'm not sure how I am going to get to town to collect my turkey! We are all snowed in today, and there is a dense frozen fog that you would find quite atmospheric.

  37. Beautiful, as always. I really love your blog and your writing. Thank you so much. It's enriched my year in the blogosphere. I'm sending best wishes to you, Edward, and all your loved ones for Christmas.

  38. So true that the bitter cold makes us appreciate the hot and humid summertime!
    Wishing you a warm and cozy Christmas.

  39. Absolutely lovely. And I see that you live in Scotland -- one of my favorite places in the world!

  40. A Highland 'Nollaig Chridheil' tae ye, lass. Lizzy :)

  41. Beautiful...
    I found you via your hubby. I grew up listening to the Pat Terry Group! So excited to see him on Face Book and then I came across your blog and well, that's even more exciting!
    Love your style and your imagery...
    All Things Heart and Home

  42. Pamela, your mind is a treasure trove with unplumbable depths. Which corner of your enchanting soul creates your wonderful similies? I am as ever enraptured by your prose.


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