Wednesday, December 30, 2009

She Rests

One blonde.

Two weeks.

Three tall trees decorated.

Four large batches of homemade fudge.

Five green garlands draped.

Six dozen homemade cookies.

Seven Etsy sales, wrapped and shipped.

Eight arrangements of red and orange roses.

Nine fir wreaths hung in the windows.

Twelve handmade Christmas boxes.

Fourteen knitted garments for gifts.

Thirty-six gaily wrapped packages.

One hundred seventy-five handmade Christmas cards.

And now,

she rests.

In monogramed pajamas with her hair piled up high. With a seductive stack of new books at her elbow and hot cider simmering on the stove. A brand new Mac is being hooked up....from a most generous Santa Claus who knows she’s been good. Somewhere down the hallway, a Songwriter is playing a new ukelele, happy music drifting through the cottage rooms, the sound punctuated with occasional squeaks from a dog toy or two... for Santa was good to them all.

But still,

she rests.

Read and doze, nibble and nap, curl up, stretch out.

Watch The Man Who Came to Dinner and The Bishop’s Wife one more time.

Daydream and sleep. Relish the novelty of a vacant mind.

A movie? Dinner out?

Maybe later.

Painting by Victor Gabriel Gilbert

*****Hey, a question for my kind readers. With the arrival of my new Mac, the size of the type here on my blog looks bigger.

Is that a good thing for you all, or not? Weigh in with your opinion, do!*****


  1. Lovely. I am so pleased you are treating yourself well.

  2. Congratulations on your Mac. I sure like mine, mostly because I don't have all the security hassles.

    Your blonde looks awfully pretty, but you might nudge her and tell her to turn over because she's going to have one hell of crick in her neck if she stays in that position for long.

  3. Ahh, the lovely post Christmas rest:) Hope you have a wonderful year ahead:)
    Cheers, Shelagh

  4. Lovely post, lass. Wishing you a wonderful Hogmanay, and as they say here, Lang may yer lum reek! (Long may your chimney smoke!). The best of everything to you in the new year. Lizzy :)

  5. Sounds like a perfect day after a full and wonderful Christmas for you and your family!! Enjoy!! Hugs, Silke

  6. certainly deserve the rest!

  7. Your rest sounds much-deserved.

    May you have a Happy New Year!

  8. A well deserved rest! And a stack of books and a new Mac sound like the perfect companions (plus Edward, of course.) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a very Happy New Year!

  9. I love your art. It's magical, the way you paint..

  10. what complete bliss...i am in envy heaven!!!!

  11. Perfect plans for curing Christmas rush fatigue. You were wonderfully productive. Relax and enjoy these next few days.

  12. Type looks the same to me - love the post and the painting!!!

    I am in desperate need of a new computer! Do you think I can handle a Mac?

  13. I LOVE this post. Rest well-you deserve it-you've been very busy. Wish you would show us your Christmas card.....

  14. Yes! Thank God to that Santa who knew all of our needs. How many cards did you send?

  15. Love your blog and the font size is perfect. I'll be back!
    Ladybug Creek

  16. Well, have a great and much deserved nap and enjoy your new books. As for the font goes, its perfect for my ole eyes. I am constantly adjusting font and style so that everyone is content. I am content with yours. Just my Opinion.
    A new Mac, wow, what a sweet Santa you must have and squeeky toys for good little girls and boys. I think maybe there was a good Ms Claus too with a new Ukelele in her satchel.
    How nice for the song writer.
    Have a wonderful relaxing New year

  17. Enchanting Christmas wrap-up.
    Love the larger type...more graphic and dramatic against the black background.

  18. You definitely deserve a rest after all that. Lovely post.

  19. For those of us in the over 40 crowd (ok, over 45...) the larger font is nicely readable and not too big. Thank you!! Lovely post enjoy your rest!

  20. What a lovely dreamy picture. Someone certainly deserves put her feet up and be lazy!
    Happy, dreamy, New Year!

  21. Indulge away. You've worked so hard and are deserving. It sounds heavenly, this plan you have.

  22. "The most radical thing a woman can do is rest."
    --bumper sticker

    Holy smokes, Pamela! How on earth did you do all that? I wish I had your energy!

    And I think your type size looks just fine.

    Thank you for being such a lovely role model!

  23. Queen of all the Faeries, rest and enjoy the luxury of it.
    Yor marginally larger print is so much easier on my aging, sore eyes. I bless your new Mac and the thought of ukalele strains wafting like incense through your impeccably decorated house.

  24. And your dog toys are still squeaking this long after Christmas?

  25. Good...perfect..have a marvelous wonderful rest...see you next year..Sending you a New Years eve Hug..

  26. Bigger size font is good! Your description of after Christmas sounds
    soooo cozy! But, all your pre-Christmas crafting, cooking,etc...amazing!

  27. Another beautiful post Pamela

    Enjoy your well deserved rest and also your new MAC and have a wonderful New Year.. x Julie

    I have just unpacked my own MAC last week and still getting used to it.

  28. Wonderful Pamela! Enjoy it!

    And the print looks fine. All hail the Mac!

  29. Ahh, rest. Me too. Second week of it.

    I think the font looks great.

    My goodness, you find some gorgeous illustrations. And great job, she looks like you.

  30. And on top of everything, did you make your friends Gateau Basque?

  31. Oooh, I am jealous of a gal who knows how to rteat herself as well as she deserves!! Good for you! Happy New Year!
    PS--on my PC, your type is the same...could it just be the Mac??

  32. Beautiful my friend. As for the font it is great. As my eyes need bigger font sizes lately. Enjoy! xo

  33. Wow, you did a lot! I only came to one batch of fudge, I am still munching on:)
    Nice present, the Mac -I always like a bigger print-but it's your blog, so it's up to you!

  34. It sounds as though She has earned her rest after all that effort. Enjoy it and have a very Happy New Year!

  35. Being my age, it's a good thing, Pamela !!
    I love this post. You are doing what millions of other people are doing, including me. Reading, a bit of blogging, nibbling at leftovers and drinking something nice. What a lovely way to see out the old years last couple of days.
    Have a wonderful New Year's Eve and I wish you and your family everyhing that you wish yourselves in 2010. With love. XXXX

  36. Well deserved rest, I'd say.
    As one of your newer readers, I can't say I've even noticed the larger print, but this seems might near perfect to me.

  37. I love this post!

    And, the font looks great to me.

  38. I love how your poem forms a tree. Christmas is exhausting if delightful, as your post shows. We are collapsing in a heap this week too.

    I’m nearsighted not farsighted so font size doesn’t matter either way to me. This looks fine.

  39. Sounds like the perfect ingredients for a wonderful rest!
    Enjoy the rest of 2009, looking forward to a New Year in 2010!

  40. Happy New year to you and the Songwriter!
    Never mind the size of the type just so long as you continue to write your lovely posts.
    I see an editor, a publisher and a beautiful book in your future ;-)

  41. Very beautifully put and illustrated, and with all the magical words you weave, I am with your old friend, you should write a book!

    I also try to visit with at least a couple of old friends before Christmas - It's a break from the hustle and bustle, and it makes a delightful ritual - I think you are very right, Pamela. Wishing you all that you could possibly wish for yourself this new year. Love and light, Fhi x

  42. Take a rest, you've earned it! For the over 59 group, the type looks fine. One of the best things about a Mac is that you can name it. My first was Eve. Now at a jaded 60, my new Mac is Lilith! The best of the new year to the house of Edward.

  43. What a wonderful poem! I can smell the cider. Happy 2010! Michele
    - the font size works for me


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