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This very night, if one is fortunate enough to be in the vicinity of the American History Museum in New York City, a marvelous sight will unfold.  Large pools of undefined colour lying on charcoal grey streets will slowly begin to rise in the air and take shape, a block-long arm here, a skyscraper-tall nose there, as the gargantuan balloons of the annual Thanksgiving Day parade come to life.  In this staging area, anchored by sand bags and nets, they will bob and nod in the midnight air as they await their frosty morning march through the Manhattan streets.  Delighted New Yorkers will watch and wave from balconies and windows as fifty million more of us view the merry procession on television.
 In town and country kitchens from sea to shining sea, sweet potatoes are being whipped into tasty concoctions, pies are baking, and yeast rolls are rising.
  Football teams are bouncing on sidelines, anxious to play the big games. 
Soon we will hold hands.
We will say Grace.
It is admittedly rather wonderful to live in a country that celebrates thankfulness.

It has frequently been pointed out to me that I am a positive person.  Sometimes this has been said with a sneer, as if my sanguine personality is at best quixotic, or at worst,  nothing more than silly eccentricity.  It’s quite true that, like dear Beatrice, I might not have been born at a merry hour, but “a star danced, and under that was I born”.  For while I am hardly unacquainted with the dark, I tend to always look for the light.  And I usually find it in the midst of gratitude.  

   Through the years I’ve discovered it’s a mistake to wait for some huge bounty to be thankful.   Gratitude does not mysteriously descend.  It needs to be cultivated and nurtured as a way of life, as a habit.  I am no stranger to bad days but I have learned that to be truly thankful, to shelter and tend my own gratitude, I must give what I don’t have.  Patience when I can’t find any.  A smile when I don’t have one.  Laughter when tears seem more comfortable.  In taking my eyes off myself I find my spirits lift as my eyes open to the beauty all around me.  As I am filled with thankfulness, more and more, beautiful wonders begin to follow my footfalls and embroider my pathways.  

Thanksgiving Day is a marvelous tradition celebrated with a feast.  But if thankfulness is merely a once a year emotion, our hearts remain thirsty, our souls are malnourished.  If we are lucky, in the midst of all this weekend’s festivities, each of us will find a quiet moment outside.  Under the trees, under the stars, under an afternoon sky, we will express our own private gratitude for breath and hope, for love and goodness.
 And we shall awake to more love and goodness every morning of the year.

I am thankful for each and every one of my readers
 and wish you all the joy of gratitude in your own lives.

Sometimes I need
only to stand
wherever I am
to be blessed.”
Mary Oliver

From the House of Edward, 
gaily wrapped for Christmas presents,
is flying out the windows of Wild Bouquet Press.


  1. Dear Pamela, Thank you for these words, they express my attitude and situation in life exactly! More and more I find moments of gratitude anytime, not needing the big events to feel it. But I still need to learn to smile, when I feel tears are easier to shed....I shall remember this.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, surely you will find the sacred moment under the trees, and Edward will be by your side.

  2. Your comments made me order your book immediately.
    You are medicine for the soul. Thank you.


  3. What beautiful sentiments for today and every day. I would love to post this to facebook if you wouldn't mind. I think everyone, ( at least those I know) needs the message to be thankful everyday and to see beauty every day.
    Let me know if this is allright with you.
    Thanks for your gentle/positive ways. and big hugs to the Edward and Apple.


  4. Oh Pamela...for indeed you are an *old soul* who lives in gratitude and sees and appreciates beauty everywhere. You are a kindred soul and you make my heart sing with your equisite words. Thank YOU!

  5. Beauty here in these thankful words.......and more beauty arrived in my mailbox wrapped in brown paper and string!

    Now I'm truly surrounded by the writings of Pamela..........and lovely drawings of Edward. I see evenings by the fire, wrapped in a warm throw, a glass of something sweet and heady within arm's reach, and quietly turning the pages of a very special book.

    Thank you Pamela.
    Happiest of Thanksgiving holidays tomorrow.

  6. As English is not my native language I learn beautiful words every time I read your blog. I can't wait for my copy of your book to arrive so I can indulge in more magical words. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Belgium, but the feel of the holidays is in the air, so ... happy Thanksgiving and thank you for your wonderful words! Nicole - Belgium

  7. I read all your posts and I do love them. Today's is specially beautiful and right. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Spain either, but I hope you have a wonderful night. Love from the misty North of Spain.

  8. A very happy and positive Thanksgiving to you and your family Pamela.

  9. This is beautiful, and i'm grateful for this lovely post and the positive words! A splendid Thanksgiving to you and to Edward of course! And Mary Oliver is one of my favorite poets. :)

  10. a beautiful post. i have dipped into the well. i'm always refreshed. i love that word refreshed. that's what your posts are to me. every one.
    i am a pollyanna. i used to try to hide it. i cannot. nor now do i want to! kindred souls.
    tammy j
    i'm so delighted i bought your book. it is a little treasure i gave myself at the end of this year. it's the gift that keeps on giving!

  11. Pamela,

    I wish you a happy and beautiful Thanksgiving! I love you blog, your writing and your message. There are dark days for everyone and coming here to read your posts makes every day brighter. I think in this scary and dark world people who offer sunshine and light are a way to celebrate the beauty in life.

    Thank you for sharing your light and magic, Elizabeth

  12. That's a lovely post Pamela. I'm reading this late but still would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and by now I hope your tummies are full of the most delicious turkey and all the rest and I can just imagine you've all rolled off the chair and onto the sofa and fell asleep. That's all as it should be. My love to you. :)

  13. I am so thankful to you....who puts into beautiful words what my heart often feels!

    A beautiful season of thanks to you and yours!

  14. Pamela, I am so very thankful to have you as a blog friend. This past year has shown me how important it is to reach out to others and even not to be too proud to ask for help. Like you I tend to keep my dark days away from others and to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Your book is at the top of my Christmas list!

    Last day for Scalamandre Giveaway!

  15. Pamela, happy Thanksgiving. I agree with you that gratitude needs to be a daily event. I do believe that the happiest people feel gratitude on a regular basis. I just ordered your book and am very excited to receive it!
    xx Sunday

  16. Happy Thanksgiving Pamela. I have had many visitors since your post mentioned my piece on your book. I am still reading it every night, almost finished but I don't want it to end.

  17. Pamela,
    You always say what is in my heart. What a wonderful Thanksgiving post. I too am a positive person and that does draw some scrutiny and maybe even an inference that it is somehow something that only simple, unknowing people possess. Thank you for this reminder that being a positive, happy person is a choice.
    I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

  18. And I'm thankful for your blog.

  19. Here is a belated Thanksgiving wish to you and Edward, Pamela! I am grateful to you both!!

  20. My precious five year old grandchild, Isobel, wanted to give the Thanksgiving prayer this year and she started by saying, "Dear Santa,..."

  21. No matter how bad our situation, gratitude for the little things always manages to lift our soul.

    Sorry I have been out of touch for so long when I so very much enjoy your blog.
    Things are slowly on the mend.

  22. That is a nice little quote by Mary Oliver. I try to cultivate gratitude and it is definitely happiness making.

  23. wonderful book recommendations. Thank you. Along the Tim Walker line, you may enjoy the photography of


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