Monday, June 1, 2009

June Is Bustin’ Out All Over

March went out like a lion
Awakin' up the water in the bay;
Then April cried and stepped aside,
And along came pretty little May!
May was full of promises
But she didn't keep 'em quick enough for some.
And the crowd of doubtin' Thomases
Was predictin' that the summer'd never come

But it's comin' by dawn,
We can feel it come,
You can feel it in your heart
You can see it in the ground
You can see it in the trees
You can smell it in the breeze
Look around! Look around! Look around!

Lyric by Oscar Hammerstein

“I love my life!”

Sentiment by Edward


  1. ...I'll second that! I am entirely in accord with Edward although we have just started winter. Winter has its compensations as well, at least the weeds are growing well.

  2. It makes me want to wag my tail too!!! I just love summer!!!

  3. He certainly does love his life, and why wouldn't he? You contribute so much to that happy smile of his. Dear Edward. What a sweetie.

  4. happy dog, happy dog, happy dog!

  5. I'll third that sentiment Edward....It's all good. Marrow bone kinda good!

  6. We have been having 77F temperatures so it feels like Summer may actually be on it's way for the 1st time in 2 years. Hopefully this Summer we will have no floods just lots of sunshine.

  7. I love everything you post.
    Rabbit Rabbit
    June 1st

  8. Happy June to you! Monday is my favorite day of the week and today is glorious here in the mountains!

  9. Edward of course you love your life. You are smart.

    And oh by the way what a lovely tongue you have, not to mention your beautiful fur.

    Love Renee xoxo

  10. i do love june!!! and, there is no doubt that edward is loving life. i do believe that he is smiling int his photo. :)

  11. Miss D is beside herself with swooning adoration and trying to convince Mama to drive the teal coloured '97 Escort wagon to Georgia.

    xoxoxoxo, Winnie Dixon

  12. Makes me want to burst into song Pamela - and how cuddly that Edward is - I am sure he is smiling.


  13. Ah..a dog's life. That blue tongue can only mean one thing:
    Blueberry pie.

    Happy June!

  14. Oh adopted son, you have it made in the shade dear!

  15. okay, so Edward's smiling face rolled up on my blogroll and I just had to laugh out loud! love the photo! I love my life too Edward!

  16. And YOU contribute to putting a smile on our faces too Pamela. Such a happy, happy pup, that Edward!

  17. June is indeed lovely, so lovely i had 2 babies in June and they grew up into really nice men, if i do say so myself.
    As for Edward, he is gorgeous and never a bad hair day!

  18. we are feeling & seeing & smelling these deliciously summery moments! you sure look like a dog who is enjoying his life edward!!ps flodigarry house looks like a wonderful place to stay!

  19. Oh Edward you do have a good life! The months are flying by. BTW You are so... handsome. xoxo

  20. i smiled this morning when i saw edward's face on my blog.


  21. Hello P&E,

    June certainly busted out over here this weekend. It is glorious sunshine and hot, hot! Wonderful!

  22. Hot fun in the summertime! Oh YEAH!!!

  23. What a happy face. Makes me smile so BIG! Bella's smiling too! Edward- you make our day!

  24. Edward is living proof that love is we need.


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