Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Moving Forward

Moving Forward

"The destiny of man is to unite, not to divide.  If you keep on dividing you end up as a collection of monkeys throwing nuts at each other out of separate trees."
T. H. White


Democrats take the House of Representatives, a huge check on the unbridled bigotry of the past two years.   America elected her first openly gay governor, the first Palestinian-American woman elected to Congress, the first African-American woman elected to the house from Massachusetts, the first two Latina women elected to Congress from Texas and the youngest woman every elected to Congress.  Nine women won Governor races.  Ninety-eight women won their elections to the House, twelve to the Senate.  And the first two Native American women were elected to Congress.

Prejudice.  Bigotry.  Religious Superiority.
Fear.  Hatred.  Racism.  Nationalism.  Arrogance.

We are only free when we all are free.
Thank you to all who voted blue.
We continue working for a better day.


  1. And NH's first openly gay member of Congress!

  2. It is wonderful. I hope and pray that the Democrats come up with more, and dare I say younger candidates to beat Trump in two years. I am old, but I think demographics need to be studied in voters from this election. Far too many voted Republican for my comfort level and after all this president has done. What is it going to take? I don't know, but we need a superstar to clobber Trump next time. We have a fight ahead. Donna@gather

  3. BRAVA Pamela!!
    We have to keep it going!!!!

  4. Our top leaders here in Michigan (governor, sec. of state, attorney general) will all be Democratic women. It took a lot to get us to this point. Seeing children poisoned by the drinking water in Flint led us to want to really clean house. It gives me hope.

  5. when the media "can tell' how a whole state will turn out for whatever candidate it makes me want to withdraw into my shell. I always vote. but I also know if I continue to live here it's almost as if I'm not really voting or even welcomed by the state in which I live. I have written to my senator on issues (people always say... "write your congressmen!" as if THAT would change anything. they are both paid for by BIG OIL money. and as if it were as easy as all that. Donna above is right. demographics is the issue. plus the electorate college. it has to be made obsolete! for those of us with no margin or not even a chance to change the RED tide... it's actually pointless. and that is what is scary. not sure whatever happened to checks and balances in this country.
    still... for those of you states who could and did made a difference yesterday... KUDOS! you are appreciated!

  6. I love your blog, Pamela. And that illustration with the skeletons is brilliant.

  7. Great visual for why diversity is really unity.

  8. From over here it is often difficult to understand the depth of feeling Pamela, but I take your post today to heart. Another shooting - when will it all end?

  9. I woke up on Wednesday feeling so so much lighter and more peaceful. Progress. Progress!!!

  10. Proud to have canvassed for Kyrsten Sinema in the tight Arizona Senate race she won. I did not really think she would win. But, Maricopa county (Phoenix) voted for her after it voted Trump 2016 more than any other county in the US. White, suburban Arizona women also voted Democrat women for Secretary of State and Superintendent of Schools. I now live in a Purple state!

    1. There is hope! I feel so much better than I did two years ago.


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