Sunday, December 16, 2012

Come Join Us

If you are in the Atlanta area this afternoon, 
Edward and I will be doing a book signing at
“Purveyors of Imaginative 
and Beautiful Things”
December 16th
From 2pm till 4pm
It’s even rumoured that Apple will be there as well!
Come Join Us!
3226 Roswell Road

And today is the last day we can guarantee shipping before Christmas!
Find From the House of Edward HERE.


  1. Dearest Pamela,
    I would love to be there to meet you and Edward. Unfortunately miles stand between us but I will be there in spirit. I hope it is a wonderful day for you.
    Much Love

  2. I do LOVE this photo of you!
    See you tomorrow!!

  3. How I wish we were in Atlanta. Everyone who has seen the book has commented on how wonderful it is. Who did the marvellous pictures of Edward inside ? I hope the Emory crowd show up in droves !

  4. Best of luck Pamela - I would love to attend and meet you. I must add that I have never seen a dog at a book signing. Bravo Apple and Edward

    Helen xx

  5. I hope the signing went well! Lovely photo of you two.

  6. If I could have, I would have Pamela !! It's a shame that I don't live near Atlanta ...... living in the same country would help as well !!
    Hope that you have a wonderful and successful book signing day. Much love. XXXX

  7. How I would like to be there Pamela to give you and Edward (and Apple if he is there) a Christmas hug.


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