Monday, December 3, 2012

Books For Christmas... The Shopping List Begins

Books For Christmas   
If your name happens to be on my Christmas List then you usually know to expect books under your tree.
 There is not much I love better than spending a cold winter’s day in the perfect bookshop, selecting presents for my family and friends.  So to get your imagination bubbling, here at The House of Edward this holiday season, I shall be featuring some delectable books for those certain people in our lives. 
We’ll begin with books for our aunts and uncles. 
 Just click on the photos and find out more about each one.

Books for your Favourite Uncle.
You so looked forward to his visits when you were little.  There was always butterscotch in the pockets of his tweed jackets and always a dog by his side.  He talked to you about history  - about Catherine the Great and Anne Boleyn,  about Hannibal and his elephants - telling the tales with such tantalizing drama that for the longest time you thought he made them all up.  He taught you to ride bareback and sent you velvet dresses every single Christmas Eve.  You adored him.  He let you name his latest dog, a devoted little dachshund now called Hannibal.  He’ll love any one of these books.

A Letter to My Dog
by Robin Layton
Charming letters written by the famous and non-famous to their own beloved dogs.
A must have book for anybody who loves their dog.
And who doesn’t love their dog?

Underwater Dogs
by Seth Casteel
Dogs swimming.
Funny and completely irresistible pictures of unabashed canine joy.

The Big New Yorker Book of Dogs
by the New Yorker Magazine, Foreward by Malcolm Gladwell
I mean this is an absolute must.
  If only for the cartoons.
Edward is particularly fond of this one....


Books for Your Favourite Aunt.
She read you Balzac when you were seven and sent you a plane ticket to Morocco when you graduated high school.
  You’ve never seen her in a dress, but her hats are things of legend.  She keeps chickens and names them all Louise. 
She’s been arrested at peace rallies, holds once a month poetry readings in her garden, and (you found this out when you arrived unannounced one early Saturday morning) she sleeps in the buff. 
She is the aunt who encourages you to think and take risks, to travel and dream.
These books are for her.

Cabinets of Wonder
by Christine Davenne
Thoroughly, wonderfully eccentric collections.
A literary tour you’ll savour.

Tim Walker, Storyteller
by Robin Muir
Like many others, I seek out the photographs of Tim Walker,
 for their imaginative surrealism and beauty.
  It’s difficult these days to come across unique images,
 but Mr. Walker never disappoints.

England’s Hideaways
by Meg Nolan van Reesema
A collection of enchanting rooms, stately manor houses and country cottages.
For planning that next dreamy adventure!

And .... they both just might like this one!

More to come.... stay tuned.


  1. Perfect suggestions, along with From the House of Edward!

  2. Neither of those wonderful characters inhabits my family tree, but the book suggestions - well they are just the thing for a few others!

  3. Pamela a book is the best Holiday gift ever!

    2012 Artists Series featuring The House of Edward!

  4. Honestly, sometimes I feel so backwater after reading one of your book posts. Where have I been? What have I been doing that I should have missed these gems? Most likely tucked up in some corner that no one has ever heard of. After your autumn post, I read The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver and fell in love with her writing. A hardback copy of that book is now on my Christmas list. As I am committed to the idea that "a pleasure shared is a pleasure multiplied" I am delighted that you are sharing these treasures with us. Part of that pleasure is the stories you create around them.

    Merry Christmas, Pamela.

  5. Not sure whether these are the aunt and uncle of your imagination or very real. Whichever, you have the most fascinating relatives! My sisters and I first fell in love with the book lists on your blog and continue to love them. Actually, we love everything about your life there with Edward and Apple and the Songwriter.

  6. Thank you so much for the recommendations. Coming from you, I am sure I would love them all. (Were those really your Aunt and Uncle)? Would that we could all have ones like them.

  7. I too wish I had an aunt and uncle like yours (are they real?).
    I give books as presents too, a treat for me as I am a bibliophile. There are some gems in your recommendations, thank you Pamela.

  8. What great recommendations! I loved seeing the photo of Rowena Cade in the wheelbarrow; she was a very talented woman who was well ahead of her time.

  9. I like the photos, especially the eccentric gal in the wheel barrow, and your selected books.

  10. When I "grow up" I hope I can achieve success in being just like the favorite aunt, complete with wheelbarrow (I think I am almost there!). Love getting and giving books! Fantastic post!

  11. Thank you, I will. 'Cabinets of Wonder' looks utterly fabulous, and I hadn't heard of it.

  12. Ooooo! Books are such marvelous gifts! New worlds to explore within pages and between wonderful covers. I've been in love with them since i was a small child. I love every single one of these suggestions, as gifts for family members and friends.. (and maybe a couple as gifts to myself.) ;)Thank you so much for sharing this post, Pamela. And a big hug from Oregon to Edward!!

  13. I love these suggestions. I love giving books as gifts. And I love the image of the wild-haired aunt reading in the wheelbarrow. I want to be her when I grow up!

  14. Oh I love posts about books, my favorite things in the world. I think the cabinet of curiosities sound and looks wonderful.

    Have a lovely week, Elizabeth

  15. Such a nice list. Thanks you for the suggestions! Come and visit me at The Little Red Diary!
    - Kaki
    -The Keeper of The Little Red Diary

  16. You have provided us with such a diverse list of books. All very interesting thank you. We usually go to Barnes & Noble and have a Saturday afternoon where we shop and enjoy a cappucino.

    Hope your weekend is very special
    Helen xx

  17. Oh, I LOVE this post!
    I'm the Aunt and the Uncle and various other sorts in between......
    Good Advice~

  18. The last one is by far the best. Edwards face on the cover and it just keeps getting better the further you venture inside !

  19. Dear Santa - everything on this book list, please!

  20. Pamela,
    I've been eagerly awaiting this list. I bought my granddaughter a book off your "list for children" last year. I hope you'll do the "children's" list again.

  21. I love the humor and unusual choices of this list. The England Hideaways looks especially appealing. I give books for Xmas too.

  22. I love PGW and Rowena Cade photos!! Wish they had been my aunt and uncle (not married to each other of course!)

  23. Pamela,
    I already bought the New Yorker book just last week- and Edward has a book- h my!

  24. I've thoroughly enjoyed your three book posts. Thanks Pamela.


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