Saturday, December 10, 2011

Let's Go Christmas Shopping!

Let's Go Christmas Shopping

While it’s true that all my Christmas gifts for friends and family are already wrapped and under the tree, I still like to pop into my favourite shops on a cold December afternoon, just the feel the excitement of the season. A leisurely lunch with a friend or two, then a wander through the gaily decorated aisles of festive stores... so much fun. And you never know, I just might find a treasure I cannot live without.

Here are a few items, all fanciful and fun, I’ve recently discovered.

You just might find a treasure of your own!

Happy shopping!


1. Fanciful Towels

I’m crazy about these pink carpet bath towels!

In sizes from washcloth to beach towel.


Find Them HERE.

2. The Solar Queen

I’m in love with the Queen.

She’s solar powered, and she waves in the sun!

There's even a limited edition wearing her yellow dress from Kate and William's wedding!

I think she’d be perfect sitting on the windowsill beside my desk.

Waving in the sunshine.

Find Her HERE.
3. Pendleton Blanket To Go

This roll-up Pendleton blanket would be wonderful to keep in the car for those times

when Edward and I pass by a particularly beautiful spot

and can’t resist an impromptu picnic.

Find It HERE.
4. Rickshaw


A way for me to transport Edward in the manner he truly deserves!!

Find It HERE.
5. iPod Victrola

A speaker for the iPod.

Blending the old with the new.

Love this.

Find It HERE
6. The Perfect Playhouse

I bet you know a special child who’d flip over this hideaway.

Or maybe a special adult!

Find It HERE.

7. And For The Cat

Yes, we are a dog family.

But for the cat lovers..... this is fabulous!

Find It HERE.

8. Gift Tags

To me, wrapping presents is almost as fun as finding them.

And these gift tags are a delight!

Find Them HERE.

9. iPhone Case
Love This!
Find It HERE.

10. The Perfect Stuffed Animal
And everyone, of every age, needs one!

Find Him HERE.


  1. Pamela I adore the little Cat Hat and also the Pendleton Blanket!!

    I love your idea of a wonderful day our for this time of the year!

    Come and enter my new exciting Holiday Event Giveaway! This one from Andrea our friend The French Basketeer!

    Art by Karena

  2. Playhouse and rickshaw for me please Santa!
    Lovely choices you have offered us, thanks.

  3. Hello Pamela:
    Although we vow each year never to be tempted by gifts which are neither beautiful or useful, our hearts were stolen by the solar powered Queen. We have just the right recipient in mind!!!Such fun.

  4. Fun list, Pamela; my dogs get a new stuffed animal each Christmas!

  5. This made me smile. Love the iPod speaker and rickshaw:-D

  6. What is a Club Coupe ? With six pairs of nylons at the top of her list the young lady clearly views it as a must have .

  7. Hi Pamela
    Lots of great gift ideas here but the cat photo sure made me laugh. They would all hate me here if I even considered it. I am right behind you almost done and tonight I wrap. That's my favorite part. Have fun in the stores just enjoying yourself.Hi Edward.Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  8. Just enjoyed your last two posts. I am buying nearly everyone books this year and having so much fun choosing them. There are a few folk who don't read though (can you believe it?) and they will have DVD's. Living where I do, miles from shops and not feeling that fit at present so all gifts were ordered online from Amazon,how easy is that?

  9. Pamela, I love the Pendleton blanket to go, the i-pod case and the gift tags. Such cozy vintage looking images. And how prepared you are for Christmas. I am still working on it, but enjoying every minute of the whirlwind! There are some great ideas on your list, that I will now look into.
    xx Sunday

  10. I adore the willow playhouse and would love to have it for my grandson. I wonder if the two dogs in his household would take it over? What would Edward think of it? Also love the gift tags. Just came in from shopping at the bookstore. Loved I Want my Hat Back. Saw a magazine on Jane Austen Knits and thought of some of my literary minded knitting friends. Alas, I'm no knitter. Can't believe you've already bought and WRAPPED everything! I was feeling pretty good that I'd done most of my shopping and decorating. No wrapping yet. I like to wait a bit before gathering magnolia leaves for tags so they don't curl up too much. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!

  11. Hello Pamela

    I love the towels from V & A. Also the blanket.

    Tomorrow I shall mail my overseas packages and do some decorating.
    I am impressed by your organization.
    Helen xx

  12. That dog has a slightly 'Edwrad-ian' look - if only he were black.

    I would like the playhouse myself, although this week's storms would probably have blown it away.

  13. Well, this was a fun post. T cracked up at the Puddy cat.
    I could just see you and Edward in that rickshaw. So far I have my tree up and most of the Xmas cards in the mail. Ta-ta for now..

  14. love everything on your list...but the

  15. What a great list of goodies, love them! Fun post, thanks :)

  16. My kids bought the waving Queen Elizabeth for my dad last Christmas. He keeps it in his office. It actually still works. That dog is adorable. Thanks for the ideas.

  17. Oh!! The playhouse (for me of course) and the elf hat for cats, we have 4 darlings who would adore having a hat. What a wonderful post!!



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