Friday, December 23, 2011

Do They Even Need A Christmas?

Do They Even Need A Christmas?

Even though the night is clear, and sown with more stars than normally allowed this close to one of man’s more colossal achievements of a city, still, I cannot see it. I stand in the back garden staring up at fistfuls of shimmering diamonds casually tossed over the dark velvet cloak of a sky, looking for another blue ball with swirls of icing white - a sister, a twin, of my own.

But I am disappointed.

Well, I didn’t really expect to find it.

Too far away, after all.

But still.

I had been sitting in the center of Christmas, midst a swirling flurry of red and green - a bit of baking flour on my cheek, a snippet of ribbon stuck to my sleeve - when I first heard the news. Another planet had been found. This one a mirror image of our own, where water flowed and life could presumably flourish.

Information such as this has a profound effect on a dreamer.

It ensnared my thought for days.

So very, very far away .........

do other blue eyes watch the sky, eyes just like my own?

Do other lips sing carols?

Other hands hold other hands?

Do they even need a Christmas?

Is it necessary to remind them not to lie, to hate, to kill?

Would we have to explain war, or illness, or fear?

Would they look at us in horror, or too well recognize our state?

Or was the apple never eaten?

Did they never fall from grace?

The possibilities are amaranthine for this unknown kin wandering round their own blue planet. It floodlights the mind to imagine. I wrap my scarf a bit tighter round my neck as I leave the speckled darkness of the garden, climbing the back stairs with Edward close at my heels. He never worries about such things, I know. Contentment weaves a cocoon around him and he shares it liberally with me. Just sitting beside his quiet soul provides a balm to my own and I am grateful for his sweet example.

But still, I can’t help but look up over my shoulder as I enter the warmth of the house.

So far, far away...

It is always summer, never winter?

Do they even need a Christmas?


You can read more about this newly discovered planet,

found in what scientists call the Goldilocks Zone (I love that), HERE.


  1. I find your comments about this new find much more interesting than the comments of the supposed intelligentsia. You gave me such a beautiful picture that my mind has raced away with thoughts of it's own.
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with Edward and the Songwriter xx

  2. Does this mean if this world becomes too much we can escape to the alternative? I love how you wrote that "contentment weaves a cocoon around him.."
    What would our world be like without our amazing, loving dogs?

    May the Joy and Peace of Christmas be with you now and throughout the new year, from my home to yours.

    Merry Christmas Pamela, Edward, Apple and your amazing Songwriter.

    xx oo Deb

  3. Now I know where the family have descended on us from .

  4. I read about this new finding - who knows what it really is. I hope that it is unspoiled and that we won't be tempted/able to pillage it.

  5. Well written !

    I think they do :)


  6. I honestly think Pamela that Edward has the right idea here. I am sure that if we could we would now be launching a rocket there to see what they were like, when really we should be leaving them to get on with their own lives. We have done enough harm in our own world.

  7. We can only "hope" the best for them as we do for ourselves and wish for them the "peace" of our absence in their lives until we figure things out for ourselves! Peace to all...always!

  8. have been in the high country for a wonderful early christmas celebration. but it's so good always to come back home and catch up on one of my favorite sites. you must never ever stop writing your magic and sharing the most perfect pictures that go with your prose! 'tis a gift that ye hae for sure.
    love and merriment to the house of edward!
    tammy j

  9. I wish it could be Christmas every day in the sense that we didn't have to make just one day a special one of goodwill and joy - perhaps it is like that on other planets, who knows?
    I agree that animals, dogs cats and others have so much to teach us about the 'zen-like' way to live.

    Great post Pamela.

  10. How interesting - I had no idea that another planet that might support life had been found. I've always thought that there must be such places though somewhere in the Universe.

  11. Since I was a child, I have believed in people on worlds other than ours. Jesus "had other sheep." Did he need to tend them as he did us?
    Merry Christmas - enjoy the start of the true Christmas season from Dec. 25 to Jan. 6, Feast of the Magi (or Dec. 24 to Jan. 5, Twelfth Night).

  12. Pamela

    I just wanted to wish Edward, The Song Writer, Apple and you a happy anniversary on your becoming a family!

    Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2012!


  13. Hello Pamela

    I love the story you have told here and I can visualize you and Edward in deep thought.

    Wishing you, the Songwriter, Edward and Apple a very Happy Christmas an may 2012 be the best ever.

    Thank you for your posts, support and comments.

    Helen xx

  14. Pamela,
    You always leaving me thinking in ways I may not otherwise consider.
    Merry Christmas to you!

  15. Merry Christmas Pamela ... I wish you every happiness and joy for the holidays... Thank you for your beautiful words and images throughout the year... xv

  16. Pamela, what wonderful musings on our distant neighbours! I believe there must be more out there :-)
    Have a wonderful holiday season, it has been wonderful following you this year!

  17. Pamela, you've enchanted me yet again with your beautiful post. I will think about this in the days to come, countless times, I'm sure.
    I wish you, the Songwriter, Edward, and Apple, a blessed and joyous Christmas.

  18. Hi Pamela,
    We all at some time wish we could escape to another world!
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas.x

  19. Pamela and Edward, Can't help but wonder why the desparate rush to find a planet. Just hope if the world does end they don't ship out any politicians. Only Brillant
    good people. Merry Christmas and a fun filled New Year.. yvonne

  20. Wishing you a blessed Christmas with your family by your side, and a wonderful New Year.

    Love, Dozer and Cooper Edwards
    in Oregon

  21. A very Happy Christmas Pamela - sorry I've been missing but the world called!!!!!

    Love and hugs to you all - Happy New Year.


  22. I can just imagine the scene is all wrapped up perfectly, I love that you think about things like this, now I am too! You were with me in rainy Sloane Square last night..your kind of scene...and again when I was watching Holiday with Katharine and Cary...what do you suggest next? :)

    Best wishes Pamela for a very Merry Christmas..may it be full of wonder. Thanks so much for your friendship, it makes my blogging world go round!

    From Sentimental in Surrey..

    Jeanne xx

  23. Dear Pamela

    I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


  24. There is always a bit of existentialism and mystery in the mix during the holidays...thank you for the gift of your imagination and pleasant food for thought for us dreamers..

  25. Dropping by to with you and Edward a magnificent Christmas, Pamela!


  26. Merry Christmas, Pamela, and your lovely family, too.

  27. I've read about this new planet and i wonder what space scientists will think of in the future. I hope we can be like Edward in your lovely piece. and just let it be, and wonder at its being there.


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