Saturday, December 11, 2010

Let's Go Christmas Shopping!

Let's Go Christmas Shopping!

Truth be told, I really don’t particularly care for shopping malls. I much prefer wandering along a village street, preferably on a cold day when the clouds hang grey and low overhead, teasing with snow, and each shop is decorated for the holiday in style all its own.
I want to pull my hood up over my head as I stroll in the icy air.
I want to hear a bell jingle on a cafe door when I stop in for a cup of hot chocolate.
Well, why don’t we all pretend this quirky little blog is a meandering village street lined with quirky little shops all ready for Christmas. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite new items for this holiday season.
Just click on the photograph and you’ll be taken straight to the shop.
So make yourself a cup of hot cocoa, and let’s go shopping!


1. Pajamas
The ubiquitous Christmas present, I know. But still.
Pajamas are wonderful - I recently read that Johnny Depp is a fan.
So really, can one get much hipper than that?
These by J. Crew are great, and do get them monogrammed on the pocket!


2. Toy Horse
Love, love, love this!!
What child wouldn’t?


3. Dog Paintings
Aren’t these fabulous??
I see them hanging on the walls of a kitchen in the country.
Stone floors, herbs on the windowsill, homemade jellies on the counter being wrapped up for presents.
I am crazy about these. And not just because the Black Dog looks exactly like Apple!


4. Vintage Lockets
And so many different designs.
It’s hard to choose a favourite.


5. Handmade Gift Decorations
I purchased some of these last season and they were quite the hit.
Tied on packages, cookie bags, or trees.... a treat!


6. Wolferman's English Muffins
Trust me.
If you don’t have time to shop and ship, no one will mind if you send them a basket of these.
I speak from experience.
Seeing this package on your front porch is a treat beyond measure!
You’ll want to eat breakfast all day!


7. Teapot
Of course, I love teapots.
And this one is incredible!


8. Handmade Cards
I have been making my own Christmas cards for years now and, yes, it’s time consuming. But I love it.
There’s something warm about received a handmade card, no matter who makes it.
Just take a look at this delightful example.
I mean, really, who wouldn’t love to receive this?


9. Food Face Plates
I’d love to do a dinner party with these!
What fun we would have.
At the very least, they are guaranteed to make a finicky kid eat his vegetables.


10. The Best Dog Blanket
Whilst Edward chooses to sleep atop my feet on these cold nights, Apple prefers to sleep in the windowseat.
And, as that windowseat cushion is made of Pierre Frey’s glorious Bolchoi Jacquard, I usually cover it with a tartan blanket just for her.
But maybe I should get this one instead.
The best dog blanket I’ve seen!


11. Whimsy Boots
With tight black trousers, long black frock coat, white ruffled blouse.
And pearls.
Lot's of pearls.


12. Alice in Wonderland Rabbit
Oh, my soul.
Isn’t this the best?
Entirely handmade, this little fellow is simply enchanting.


13. Alphabet Bracelet
For all those of us who love words with a passion.
The perfect bracelet.


14. A Family of Birds
Aren’t these sweet?
Perhaps in a crooked little house by the sea, where the winter winds are howling outside and these happy brave souls are lined up on the windowsill to keep the bad fairies away till the Spring.
Just charming.


15. Christmas Gift Box
Ok, perhaps I’m veering into the dicey waters of self-promotion here.
I don’t swim too well in those, but I really do love these boxes I’ve made for this season.
Most are earmarked for friends, but some are in my etsy shoppe.
This one is a particular favourite, if I do say so myself.


16. The Best Gift Ever
When the rescue shelter found Edward, he was sitting in the jail at a county animal control facility, two short days away from being put down. I cannot even bear to think about it. This wonderful shelter grabbed him up, cleaned him up, loved on him, fed him, and allowed him to come live with us just one week before Christmas. Edward was the best gift ever and we will be forever grateful and in their debt.
As one might expect, the downturn in the economy has negative effects on this sort of work. This year, to help offset their considerable operating costs, Edward's shelter has created a calendar featuring some of the dogs and cats adopted throughout this past year. It’s only ten dollars and Edward would love it if you would pick one up for him and all the other shelter dogs so deserving of good homes, especially at Christmastime.

Happy Shopping!!


  1. Those are great!
    Especially the dog paintings sigh*

  2. They're all fabulous in their own right but I think my favourites have to be the Scottie dogs in the snow card and the Alice in Wonderland 'toy.' Many thanks for the virtual shopping experience!

  3. Whimsy Boots!
    And a calendar, of course.

  4. I need the teapot
    My grandchildren need the face plates
    I emailed my daughter the boots!
    I have never seen such a glorious range of beautiful things in one place (since I had my own little store!)
    Now I am going back to choose which ones will actually go into the Christmas parcels so thank you!

  5. What a wonderful tea pot! Thank you for a lovely shopping trip. The calendars are the most important purchase - hope many go for Edward's sake. Happy holiday's.

  6. Friends who love Scotties would swoon over this card and others on the shop site! Let's hope that similarly wonderful items appear in your family's stockings, Pamela!

  7. What a lovely list and the way to go with you down the country lane to shop hop! I feel the cold and the warmth of the decorated places...
    Love the PJ's and the toy hoers reminds me of Winnie The Pooh and his companions....
    And that letter bracelet is splendid!
    Ahh, I love all of it!


  8. I love the dog paintings! In our area, a new no-kill shelter for cats has opened. Such good work people do.

  9. Thank you Pamela for your wonderful taste and your beautiful selections...Shelter Dogs..and Cats. Now that is a subject close to my heart. I love the scottie card,the little horse looks a bit like “Eeyore” so I like him, want those pj’s now...enjoy your cozy home and snuggle with E.

  10. Dear Pamela, what gorgeous picks! I'm particularly taken with the beautiful teapot and the Alice in Wonderland rabbit. Hope all's well with you xx

  11. My comment didn't seem to work, if you get two, sorry. I was thinking last night / this morning while on a job site at 12:30am that I have been so busy I've missed reading your posts. I have a plan that when I have an evening free I am going to take the laptop to bed and sit and read and play catch-up. Best wishes.

  12. Dear Pamela,
    I adore all of your Christmas present suggestions.....I think if I had to choose a favourite, it would be the teapot. It is beautiful.
    Your boxes are so festive and the story of Edward had me wiping away a tear.
    I am off to see them a little more closer. XXXX

  13. Don't wish to appear greedy but one of each please! Leigh

  14. I love the family of birds and the toy horse

  15. Whimsical presents are often the best, aren't they? I love the face plates - I saw them at a store here in town the other day, and I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to enjoy them!

  16. Such delightfully memorable presents. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want to receive at least one (or two or three) of the items on this list! As for myself, I would like them all! Especially the toy horse and dog paintings...and how wonderful that you're featuring the calendar where you adopted dear Edward! I believe you were meant to find eachother.:)


  17. Each picture I got to I thought was my favourite until I got on to the next one! Love the boots, and the rabbit and the dogs. Can't bear to think of poor Edward - still I know for sure he has had millions of hugs to make up for it all.

  18. Just discovered your blog and your delightful dog Edward through the blog Wilf the Pon discovers France.LOOve the dogblanket!!
    The pyama's I actually have myself - but picked them up in a charity shop for £4.50 a couple of years ago- sooo comfortable and super smart :-))
    Hope you and edward have a lovely Sunday

  19. I love this post ! And I've really enjoyed shoping in that wonderful street. I found lots of gifts.


  20. Love this post Pamela. My favourites are the wonderful teapot and the scottie card. You are an excellent finder of lovely things. I prefer those tiny, quirky little individual shops to the faceless repeats of the large chain stores too.

  21. Lucky me - I do live near a place to shop exactly as you described - hoping to write about it this week or next. Love many of your picks. I'll be ordering the J Crew pyjamas, love the dog paintings as well as you scottie card!

  22. What lovely things you have found on your walk along the village street - I could hear the door bells ringing as you popped in and out of the shops. What a wonderful story of how Edward came to you - and just before Christmas too:)

  23. I love seeing your favorite things! And the book list below is wonderful! Happy holidays to you! ♥


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