Thursday, December 2, 2010

For Those Who Can't Sleep

For Those Who Can’t Sleep

He enters the world through the forest at midnight.

The fir trees hold their emerald dresses aside to let him pass while the snowy owl watches from a hiding place atop the slowly swaying branches.

A silent wind ruffles his fur.

He leaves behind paw prints of diamonds and silver and the white light of his passing passes over the face of the fox and the hare like a blessing.

He nods his fair head and, far beyond view, the stars start to tumble, changing their colours to red, green and gold as they land on the spruce trees and light up the dark.

Somewhere snowflakes dance.

Somewhere hope awakens.

He is the most magical of all the sweet twelve, the one who brings joy and lightness of heart.

He paints the holly berries crimson. He hangs a wreath upon the wooden door.

His icy breath is scented with chestnuts and pine and he’s hungry for gingerbread, cocoa and fudge.

His is the laughter we hear in the sleigh bells, his is the song that we sing in the choir.

He stands guard over our memories, and makes our dreams manifest no matter our age.

The spirit of Christmas forever journeys alongside him, this great champion of fellowship, peace and goodwill.

There might still be time to be there to greet him,

for those who can’t sleep or who wish hard enough.

So, grab your red coat and your warmest green mittens

and I’ll meet you in the most ancient forest as the clock strikes twelve.

He is December.

He arrives tonight.

Painting above by Theodor Severin Kettelsen


  1. Thank you Pamela...I might just be able to wait up for December this evening. What a lovely post as usual. You are such a beautiful romantic...Please stop by...I am having a GIVEAWAY....Cynthia

  2. Pamela, your beautiful post made me feel infinitely better about not being able to sleep right now! Such breathtaking imagery. I can almost hear December laughing and tempting me with fudge and gingerbread!


  3. Beautiful! I love December. I was due for birth mid-February but I had to arrive in early December. Couldn't wait I guess. What a great month; love all the imagery and sending you thanks for a lovely post...

  4. On this painting are you too!!!! You and Edward !!! Have a nice month!!!Kisses -Ag

  5. Breathtaking - I love December and this describes it all.

  6. That should be worked into a children's book. It is beautiful!

  7. Dear Pamela, How strange the small hours of the morning can be and how beautifully you capture the magic of it all in this piece. December has entered whiter and colder than I have known it in England for many years, I am trying to think about it romantically but the practical difficulties are tiresome!!

  8. Ahhh, what a lovely intro to December! I look forward to the beginning of each month when you surround it with your delicious poetic prose.

  9. I love a dream that involves snowy walks and this is wonderful with the perfect image!

  10. Beautiful, beautiful poem, thank you so much.
    Here in the u.k. we have just the thing for that poem, lots of snow and ice, freezing cold and frosty.
    Just love the picture too....

  11. Thanks Pamela, This is the month that I was welcomed into this world.

  12. That is lovely. My December has just been made all the more enjoyable with a home-made advent calendar from my daughter. We're knee deep in snow but I love this month of the year!

  13. Pamela, so dreamy I adore this workof art!! You are a true romantic poet!

    I have a $200 Giveaway from Fifi Flowers!
    Do come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  14. I feel it was just yesterday that you were beautifully welcoming October (and November)...amazing!

    Happy December!
    xo J~

  15. I LOVE December!
    What a super polar bear image....
    Edward could be his companion....!

  16. I love the picture and your writing is wonderful ! I will walk and meet December now.


  17. Love this! I think your soothing, lyrical words would soothe an insomniac to slumber. I can't believe it's December already!

    I also love the before and after photos of the Harry Potter kids below. It has been fun to watch them grow up, especially since they are good kids even in real life.

  18. So beautiful and enchanting.... I love the picture and my mind moved along so nicely with the story...I've been away on a trip for a week and could not sleep! Now I'm home and we have our first snow that has settled in nicely everywhere, I will go to sleep thinking of this posting...

  19. This is such a lovely post, it conjures up all kinds of wonderful images. Sleeping is not a problem for me at the moment, after struggling through 15 inches of snow three times a day with B Baggins along with a major housecleaning week I could sleep on a clothesline as they say:) Forgot to say that I mailed the Horlicks about 4 weeks ago so hopefully it will be with you fairly soon.

  20. I am reading your words like I read fairytales in the days of my childhood, mesmerized and longing for more.
    December is one of my favorite month of the year.
    Right next to all the 11 siblings.... ( :


  21. This is such a beautiful way to herald in the month of December, Pamela, with all the wondrous imagery you have evoked. It snowed here, today. Just a dusting, but, enough to make me jubilant as this magical month arrives. Thank you for a lovely interlude in my business.

  22. Exquisite words Pamela - they have done me so much good to read after my recent sudden illness - thank you for introducing me to such beauty.

  23. My heart always gets a tingle of thrill upon the arrival of December. He brought us a dusting of delicious snow to announce his arrival.

  24. Your image looks like you sitting on Edward! Happy december to you both.

  25. I have a smaller Edward. He is just a doll.

  26. I am late coming to your lovely romantic welcome to December, but it doesn't diminish my appreciation one bit, - I am so glad you have the beautiful words to describe your marvelous imaginings. Thank you for a lovely post.


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