Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Flowers In Our Hair

With a nod of apology to my gentlemen readers, I have to say that being a girl in the month of June is such a delightful thing.  Our bubble baths are scented with jasmine now -  we paint our toenails pink.  We can smell like Lily of the Valley all the day long if we wish and sometimes, just sometimes,
we wear flowers in our hair. 
Which dress to wear, whether high heels or flats, hair worn up or down - all these feminine decisions seem lighter than air during the sparkling month of June.  
And, whilst I may be well past the age required to properly appreciate the charms of Justin Bieber, I can still get a girly thrill over the discovery of the perfect grey eyeshadow or that one divine lotion that smells like the sea.  
So, I thought I would share with you a top ten of my favourite beauty tips for the summer months.  And I would love to hear some of your own. 
(Sorry all you fellows out there, I’ll be back to more inclusive posts later!)  
Here goes:

1.  Vincent Longo Gel Stain - A fabulous alternative to the heavier look of lipstick, this lipstain lasts all day and looks like you just happened to wake up with the ruby red lips of Snow White.  I often put it on as a base for a darker lip.  It comes in several lovely shades, and is perfect for the summer months.


2.  C. O. Bigelow’s Lemon Hand Wash - I keep this by my kitchen sink all summer.  It smells like freshly sliced lemons and makes my hands extra soft.  Love, love it! 
So reasonably priced, too.


3.  Mario Badescu Facial Spray - After a long walk with Edward in the morning humidity, I head straight for this!  Unbeliveably refreshing, this facial spray is full of wonderful ingredients like aloe, herbs and rosewater.  I simply close my eyes and spray!  Instantly cool, instantly fresh, and good for your skin to boot.


4.  Rahua Shampoo - Those of us with long hair know that not all shampoos are equal.   I am always looking for something better.  I like to alternate shampoos every few months or so  - Philip B and Terax are favourites - but I recently started using Rahua Shampoo and I adore it. Organic, with a subtle fragrance, it seems to really nourish my hair and it will be my summer shampoo.


5.  Benefit Eye Gel - This stuff is great.  Just a teensy little dab under your eyes in the morning and you are instantly depuffed!  It feels wonderful - cool and tingly - and is full of good things like chamomile and raspberry extract.  And whilst it may not give me the eyes of a twelve year old, I can certainly tell the difference.  I keep mine in the refrigerator for a bit of extra coolness.  It feels marvelous.


6.  L’Aromarine Bubble Bath - I suppose I would buy from this company for their beautiful glass jars alone, so it is a bonus that the fragrances of L’Aromarine products are so delicious.  Of course, long after the bubble bath is gone, the lovely decorated jars remain.  They have a fabulous ocean scent - my favourite.


7.  Neutrogena Sun Block - Yes, I am serious about sun protection and wear sun block every day of my life.  This is a great one by Neutrogena.  With an SPF of 110, it also has a built-in moisturizer.  Every day, every single day.


8.  Fresh Fruit and Vegetables - They are everywhere now... no excuses for crummy diets!


9.  Sleep - Studies continue to say we do not get nearly enough.  
Why do we feel guilty about sleeping longer? 
We need it!


10.  And of course.... sometimes, just sometimes, partiularly in June, 
Flowers in my hair.  

And remember....

"Lipstick is not just for looking glamorous;it can be used to signal for help on windows and other surfaces." 
 Nancy Drew


  1. What fun! And yes, lipstick is the best cover-up.

  2. Ooh, I love finding new things to try!
    Love that last photo! Kisses to Edward!

  3. I absolutely love love love your dog as I love all of mine. See my blog to see my darlings. I love your tips and I love your blog. Have a wonderful and exciting June.
    Hugs to you and your puppies.

  4. Gardenia!
    Beautiful Pamela.
    I can appreciate every comment here. Summer has officialy arrived for me when I purchase Crabtree and Evelyn Jojoba Oil scented products...bring on the beach, bring on the's summer lovin time for me!


  5. Oh Pamela, lovely and delicious post. That last Nancy Drew quote is a riot. Thank you also for your sweet comments, humbled here.

    Off I go to see if these folks can deliver every single thing to London.

  6. What great tips! I'm definitely going to try that lipstick if I can find it... and flowers in my hair!

  7. OOoo! What a refreshing way to start June. I will have to look into some of these products!

  8. Hahaha- love the Nancy Drew quote! How very true.

    There are a number of things on your list that I'm very intrigued by, especially the hand soap because I love the smell of lemons!

    I would say that one of my favorite products is Moroccan Oil, which I use in my hair year-round, and in the summer, I also use it sometimes on my legs. It just smells summery to me, and it gives a subtle sheen to my skin.

  9. i’ loved this p and e.....I want to buy everything you use cause your so pretty .

  10. I want to try that shampoo! It looks wonderful. Of course the flowers in our hair and Edward standing at your shoulder is a fantastic picture!

  11. Pamela you have some fabulous products there, I will definitely be trying some of those, I am particularly interested in the lipstain as my lipstick only lasts five minutes after I have applied.

    My favourite Summer product is Guerlane Terracotta Bronzing Powder, No 1, It's wonderful to ditch the foundation and just brush a few sweeps of this on my face for a light sunk kissed glow, without turning orange.

    I was really excited to read your comment over at mine, I am going to London in a week or so and I have Leightons house on my itinery, will keep you posted.

  12. Flowers in my hair and lipstick are daily necessities for me. If I forget, my daughter is quick with a reminder.

  13. Most of those things are unknown over here in UK but I go all out for the fresh fruit and vegetables - have jest returned from Italy where walking round such markets makes you realise that they treat their fruit and veg as almost works of art.
    Loved Edward's flower!

  14. O WOW,now I need to go shopping..:)))

  15. Pamela
    That last photo is just so sweet .. flowers in your hair and where is Edwards??? Well I love anything that smells like lemons.. and really want that ocean smell now but don't think i can get that product here...although I can walk down the street and get it.

    I want your shampoo too for my long hair...due for something different.. Enjoy your summer and I will sit here in envy... haha.. xx Julie

  16. I just recently discovered your blog and am so glad I did. What a sweet post!

  17. I love all you share
    Love Jeanne

  18. wonderful things, I love a facial spray in summer-and who doesn't love lemons at hand in the kitchen- Man Woman or Edward. pgt

  19. Sleep..YES! Always lacking that these days!!!

  20. Sorry about the tangental comment but I'm butting in to introduce Edward to Eddie, hope you don't mind. Edward - meet Eddie! (I don't know if this will work but it's meant to be a clickable link):-
    Eddie on Islandmore
    The pic is at the end of the post as a footnote. Eddie lives on an (otherwise) uninhabited island on Strangford Lough - loves dogs, loves people but has to make do with just us on the island.. M

  21. I love reading other people's hero products. The facial spray and eye stuff sound especially good. I find facial sprays so nice and never invest in them. My heroes are benetint, water and sleep! Also anything by Jurlique

  22. This reminds me of lovely bygone days when we wore a spray of flowers to balls and even on the lapel of our coats. Even a little further back and we made ourselves coronets of field flowers and were princesses from faerie land.

    I am so glad you wear flowers in your hair, I myself certainly cannot resist doing so although the hair is neither as longer as thick as once it was.

  23. That Nancy Drew quotation made me laugh. I loved those books as a kid. The gardenia is gorgeous in your hair. In Maine I avoid scented products in summer as they attract bugs. I wear Purpose sun block year round.

  24. What a lovely blogPlace!

    thanks for finding me...

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  25. HI Pamela, Thanks for your comment on my blog today!! Hey I’ll roll down the windows and crack open the sunroof too. Pacific Coast Highway here I come...Cynthia

  26. Pamela, this was a post made in heaven for me! I love make-up and product!
    Just devastated that so much of what you mention is not available in the UK, to the best of my knowledge.
    My tip. I know it's an old one. but Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. Superb as a base before a big make-up night out. I'm also very fond of Clarins Eau Dynamisante.
    Ooh, and Floris! I always stock up on Floris when I'm back home in London.

  27. What a deeee-lightful post!!!! I am a product junkie and will make a list for future shopping! My dogs are a feature on my blog as well. YOURS melts my heart. I'll be back, depuffed, I hope!

  28. Oh Pamela,
    Many thanks for all of the wonderful girlie suggestions. I will go in search of the ones that I don't know about.
    I also love Philip B White Truffle shampoo, as I have long straight hair.. Also, Elemis milk bath and anything from NV Perricone.
    Love the Nancy Drew quote !! XXXX

  29. These products you have introduced to us would be worthwhile to have in the house just for the beauty in their packaging!...Lovely!

    And I adore Nancy smart:)

  30. I love when you share your favorite products with us! How delightful! ♥

  31. Great Blog Pamela. My product of choice is a UK product - Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum - it is the best moisturiser/face cream ever - and its available at Target in the USA.

  32. Oh Pamela, you are sooo delightfully **girly** and I just love that. All those fellas out there will simply have to bear these posts from time to time because they are far too wonderful to avoid writing on their account :>]]

    I wonder you think Edward would mind wearing a flower in his fur??? If any "Mr." dog could pull it off, it would be him!

  33. Love your products Pamela....enjoy the flowers in your hair, so pretty. xv

  34. Here in Australia I am unfamiliar with many of the products you have mentioned.They look wonderful however. My favourite product is from The Body Shop."Pamplemousse Rose Beurre Vorporel"...or "Pink Grapefruit Body Butter" - smells delicious, feels divine.I'd be lost without my lipstick. It used to be a bright red to go with the hibiscus in my hair. These days I've toned down a bit - don't know if that's a good thing!

  35. ...I mean Corporel. Typo.

  36. All absolutely the idea of the spritz spray after the walk and I am definately off to the benefit counter tomorrow....but best of all was the nancy drew quote..perfect..i carry one always!!

  37. I adore the Nancy Drew quote! I just love summer. After endless months of ice and snow, Edmonton is finally warming up, and I'm optimistically indulging in pedicures in hopes of wearing sandals and open-toed shoes...

  38. All good stuff! Thanks for sharing.
    Now I'm off to put some flowers in my hair.
    xo xo

  39. Oh I love all that you have featured.

  40. Three cheers for Nancy Drew! And for you too!
    I am going to track down every single one of these products, they all sound simply divine, lovely and feminine..... except the sunscreen. It is just sensible and necessary.

  41. Don't you love June? When summer is so fresh and promising . . .

    Your list of tips is marvellous. As I read through it, I keep saying to myself, "I want THAT one!" The English sun does not require such heavy-duty sunscreen, though. Estee Lauder's Daywear is my favorite.

    Today is warm enough to wear a sundress! Yeah! (We don't often get days that are truly summery.) Perhaps I should put a rose in my hair? They are just coming into bloom.

  42. Well Pamela, Michael and I seem to be the only gentlemen around here! Maybe we could enjoy smelling of the ocean too?!

  43. I signal to you, lipstick and all, I was a tree climbing book worm too, now I prefer a swing...

    Kisses, here is to summer reading, ice tee by your side & dog under the chaise!
    Gonna remember that face spritz...

  44. This is just so enchanting! How wonderful to put flowers in your hair. Your list of gorgeousness feminine and the colour of your hair is almost tho' not quite the colour of Edward's!

    Your blog is so lovely and reminds me to look for the beauty in my life.


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