Monday, June 21, 2010

Birthday Giveaway!

For All My Readers, A Very Special Giveaway!

As difficult as it is for me to believe, From The House of Edward is two years old this month!  I guess it’s no joke...time really does fly when you’re having fun.  Starting this blog felt a bit experimental.  I remember thinking it might last only a few months or so, and indeed, with each post, I thought, “Well that’s it.  I’ll never have another idea”.   But, it seems that when one pays attention, life is rather like a Chinese box, revealing treasure upon colourful treasure each and every day.  So far, the ideas have kept coming, encouraged greatly, no doubt, by all the kind comments and thoughtful emails from my wonderful readers.  Whether several paragraphs, a few sentences, or just a word, each and every one is a delight to me and I thank you all very much.

So strange it could almost be an idea sprung from the imagination of a fifties science fiction writer, but I feel such a connection, a real friendship in fact, with so many people all over the planet - all through this glowing computer screen that sits on my desk by the window.  It fascinates me to think of you all, reading my words in your various places - your cottages and castles, your flats and pied-a terres.  I imagine you in your gardens, walking your dogs.  I see you clearly in your kitchens, at your windows, behind your desks and curled up on your sofas with your laptops and mugs of tea.  I see Alice with her feet up, writing, as her houseboat drifts lazily down an English river.  I see Angus at the French cafe, enjoying an early morning coffee with Wilf ‘s furry white head sticking out from underneath the table.  I see Joni in her Houston courtyard, a book of French design in her hands.  Weaver is writing poetry on her beautiful farm in Yorkshire, whilst Vicki tends to her magnificent garden in Provence.  There’s Rima in her cottage in Dartmoor, creating entire worlds of magic -  and Holly hard at work on her new Southern house.  I see Tish with her camera on the old streets of Paris and Brooke planting strawberries with her daughter in their new kitchen garden in LA.  So, so many others, I consider real friends. You all are incredible and you all make me smile.

 I am so grateful for my readers, and in that spirit of gratitude, I am celebrating this personal blog birthday with a very special giveaway!   As some of you read in my last post, I am crazy about Dominique Browning’s new book, Slow Love.  Well, I’m tickled to say that Ms. Browning has generously agreed to personalize a copy of this wonderful book, just for the winner of the “From The House of Edward” birthday giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment here on this birthday post and you’re entered.  Become a follower, or let me know if you’re already one, and you’ll be entered twice!!
The drawing will be at 11:30 pm on Friday the 25st... six months till Christmas Day... a perfect night for something special to happen, don’t you think?
Again, Edward and I thank you all, and we wish each of you luck!


  1. Congratulation Pam and Edward, two years of such beautiful writing is a wonderful achievement. I hope these inspirational ideas will keep coming for a long time to come.

  2. well I am always a follower so please count me in! By the way, I love the photo. I adore Cary Grant and have a few of his dvds. I love them all! And such a clever pic with the house of just peeking through! Love it! Two years! Brilliant! Suzie xxx

  3. I love both of you...I am a follower since the day I laid eyes on that dog.

  4. i am already a follower, and i must say, you make my day!!! may you have another 2 years.... please enter me in your exciting draw..xx

  5. You always capture the essence of what I love about things - whether it be a painting, or the invisible network of the blog community, all supporting one another, reading each other's thoughts and dreams and inspirations.

    A sincere congratulations on two years of blogging, and a sincere thanks for all of the times you have made me laugh, smile, and shed a tear for the beauty and wonder of the world and your keen eye.

  6. Whoo Hoo! Count me in! I love it here.

  7. Birthday squeezes from Scotland! Slow Love sounds like therapy for all that ails the world. Please count me in for your giveaway. Your blog is so often a welcome sanctuary for me as a reader. Thank you.

  8. Two years of your charming stories Pamela. I would love to have them all in a book. I wish you and Edward many, many more years of glorious writing and long walks along scented paths. I have heard so much about this book- I would love to be added to the give-away. Happy weekend Pamela.

  9. Happy blogiversy Pamela. As goog as it's been, I am sure the best is yet to come.

  10. Two years! Congratulations on your anniversary, it couldn't happen to a better blog. I am a proud follower.

  11. Goodness, I did not even notice I had just passed my second year on the 6th. June! No great shakes, mine is nothing like the literary wonders of yours. Pamela, you and Edward and occasional mentions of the songwriter, have made all our lives so much richer. Is there anyone who, once having discovered your blog, is NOT a follower? I cannot credit it. Through good times and not so good, your blog always manages to flutter the wings of my soul.

    Don't even think of ripping this pleasure from so many lives.

    You are not only appreciated, but truly loved in the blogging world.

    Congratulations on your achievement and may you bless us with your treasures for many years to come.


  12. Two years is a very long time to blog, and do it so well. When I see a new post, I stop, get something to drink or nibble on, get comfortable in my chair, and then, slowly start to absorb your words and the best pictures ever that you pick to go with them. I would love a chance at Slow Love.

  13. I forgot to say happy anniversary!

    Is that Edward's handsome portrait on Cary's coffee mug too?

  14. Congrats!! Happy Anniversary! I always love to read your blog and look forward to many more posts.

  15. Pamela you have brought joy and lovliness to so many. Thank you! Now this special giveaway!

    I am a follower of course!

    Art by Karena

  16. A veryhappy anniversary to you. I just came to your blog through French Essence and am so glad I did. I love your posts and have become a follower as well.
    I love, just love The Dog.

  17. Two years of post after beautiful post is quite an accomplishment and truly something to celebrate!

    I thought I was a follower but checked to make sure and discovered I wasn't. But I remedied that and now I am...a follower.

  18. Congratulations on your beautiful blog's birthday! With hugs and kisses from your adoring friend!

  19. Congratulations, Pamela. Your voice and vision have found a gorgeous perch on your blog. Thank you for the beauty you share with your words, your images, and your great big warm heart. I count myself very lucky indeed to have found your blog, and while I don't always leave a comment, rest assured that I visit often and leave somehow feeling even more enriched. So yes, I am a follower, and will be for as long as you put your lovely spirit onto these pages.

  20. Two years Pamela....the time has passed so quickly. Thank you is what I would like to say to you because your posts are always so beautifully written and they provide a wonderful moment of sanctuary in our otherwise too busy lives. xxv

  21. Dear Pamela, Congratulations on achieving two years of weblogging. This posting reflects so much the spirit of The House of Edward - kind and generous words, creativity, beautiful imagery, thought provoking issues, and a genuine interest in the lives of others. This, and much, much more besides. Long may you continue, dear Pamela.

  22. Congrats dearest Pamela..and give Edward a hug..TWO YEARS..goodness..Great picture:)))

  23. Many congratulations to you Pamela and to Edward, Apple and, of course, The Songwriter. Your words and the accompanying images are always a delight, as is your ability always to see and share the positive aspects of life. Your photo of Cary and friend poring over your publication is great fun - clearly, a House of Edward mug was a prized possession back then!
    I'm a follower too!

  24. Dearest Pamela and Edward... ahh yes, I do so love to read your posts as I sit lazily on my boat. You write so beautifully and always make me think. But mostly i simply adore your zest for life; to see beauty and live the best you can. May your blog continue for many more years... and I also find it strange to think of all these people all over the world who read words on their screen and feel such a connection. Magical. It is a comfort to know that we are all out there ;-)

  25. Happy birthday, dear blog! (And Pamela and Edward too!)
    Birthday hugs to you both!

  26. Happy Birthday - we are all lucky that you decided to start your blog. Your writing is something I look forward to and have been a follower of yours since I started blogging almost a year ago. Thank you for all your wonderful words -
    you need to publish a book of your own!!

  27. Your blog is a very, very special place on the internet, Pamela. I wish you a happy blog birthday! You don't need to enter me because I already have the book, but I am amazed you connected with DB! What a thrill. I just love her work. And how on earth did you ever find that photograph?!

  28. Congratulations on your second year blog birthday, Pamela and Edward! And a wonderful blog it is! Yes, please enter my name in the draw. After your last post I had decided that Slow Love was a book I would love to read.

  29. Happy blog-anniversary Pam & Edward!! Two years is really a long time blogging, but I hope you'll keep writing for many more years to come..... ps. love Cary Grant pic xxx

  30. happy birthday to one of my fav blogs in the blogasphere - please enter me Pamela and I'm a follower :)

  31. dearest pamela and edward...congratulations! I think I've been following you on my blogline for almost the entire two years and this has been one of my favorite stops along the line...I also love dominique browning's articles (loved them then and love them now), so I'm tickled to think I might win her newest book...thank you so much for choosing this giveway! I'm keeping my fingers crossed until next friday, except for when I'm beading, lol!

  32. Oh, Pamela, I would have never thought you have been out there for two years... I somehow believed you have been out there for a long time. Your writing and thoughts are so inspirational and make me feel always right at home at your table, with a cup of tea and lovely conversations....
    Congratulations and thank you! Since I discovered your blog I have been following you.... You are on my mind more then you can imagine. keep on sharing your lovely thoughts please and I am always so happy when I see your comments on my side!
    Much love and happy anniversary to you and the enchanting Edward!

    Victoria, who hopes for this amazing give-away!

  33. Thank you so much Pamela for 2 years of inspiration and wonderful insights. My visits to The House of Edward are like a calming meditation. I can feel the stress of the day leave my body as I read your beautiful words. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Even your comments on my blog are thoughtfully written.
    I'm honored to have you has a friend!

    Congratulations to you on your 2nd blogging anniversary.

    xo xo

  34. Happy Birthday, Darling. So glad you've kept writing. your blog posts are a highlight in my morning reads.

  35. Many congratulations on your 2nd blogging birthday, Pamela. That's twice s long as me !!As you know, today is my 1st blogging birthday and I thought that was a long time but 2 years is amazing.
    It's funny because, I too often find myself thinking of my blogging friends as I go about my daily routine. I have never met any of them but they are still real friends to me.
    I will put your giveaway on my sidebar.
    I wish you many more years of blogging and I look forward to reading your amazing stories. Lots of love to you and yours. XXXX

  36. My copy(due to your excellent writing) arrived in the mail today. I can't wait to get time to beginning reading it.
    Happy birthday and this is a great idea for a giveaway.

  37. My mom has been wanting to read a good book and has been having a hard time finding something,this might be the book for her and autographed too! Wow!! Please count me in!

  38. Happy birthday to come! I enjoyed reading about your blog writing process and share many of the same feelings as I approach my second year in October.

    I hope your giveaway is a great success, and that you continue with your lovely blog.
    Cynthia (Puerto Rico)

  39. Congratulations, Pam and Edward, on your two year ride through the blogosphere. It's been a delight to follow on the wings of your beautiful words and imagination.

  40. Big bloggy hugs to two of my favorite *friends* here - P & E! CONGRATS!! I've been a Follower for quite some time and can truthfully say that following the seasons with you two is one of my favorite's to many, many more glorious seasons reading "The House..."

  41. congratulations!!! I am a new follower and off to explore your beautiful blog now!

  42. Coincidence, Pamela - your blog birthday shares a date with the farmer's birthday. I am taking him out to lunch today in his new shirt!
    I do agree with you - when you first start a blog you wonder what on earth you are going to say - but then you get so in tune with it that something presents itself every day. And I too feel as though I have friends all over the world - a lovely warm feeling.
    Long may your inspiration continue - and I do hope you find a dress in 'wild rose pink'.

  43. Happy birthday Pamela! Every time I see Edward I think about trading my cat in for a shaggy, lumbering dog - but that would be cruel. (I hope Fina never reads this.)

  44. Happy second birthday to From The House of Edward! And how lovely to celebrate by offering us a present - please do enter me for your draw, am already a follower. :)

    And I love the snapshot of some of your readers - a lovely glimpse into their world. Thank you!

  45. Oh....It's YOU that has been the birthday gift! Your poetry and art in words is ALWAYS an inspiration!

    Happy blog birthday to you and the ever gracious Edward!

  46. I love that photo of Cary Grant and his dog and of course reading that book.I can't believe your blot is 2 years old just about the time I retired and started following your blog and many others. Please enter me in this draw.

  47. Happy Twoanniversay! Keep up your beautiful sharing.

  48. Gosh! This sounds so wonderful. I have admired Dominique Browning's writing for a long time.
    One of my friends at Buster's dog park used to work with her (in a much more lowly capacity!!)
    Please add me to the list!

    Your blog has gone from strength to strength. Your writing is always thoughtful and fascinating.
    I'm sure Edward and Apple are proud of you!

    I recently read a super dog book Marcus of Umbria -- I was sent a review copy by the publisher.
    You might enjoy it.
    Do you want me t mail it to you?

  49. Happy birthday to you and Edward, from me and brie, the wheaten terrier/office assistant.

  50. You know Ted and I have been following your blog for ages, even my husband knows about you from my many conversations which begin with, "You know Pamela. the one with the big white dog", well...
    and the nice thing is we have bloggy friends in common.

    Here's to you and the next two years!

  51. Dear Pamela...For quite some time I have enjoyed reading this Chinese box of stories which you so beautifully give us...I am grateful that you always think of something new and delightful to write about...

    I would love to win that book...I was planning on buying it the next time I went to the bookstore:)...and I have been a follower of yours for a long time!

  52. Would love to be the winner!
    count me in!

  53. congrats on your two year birthday...every post you have done has been wonderful...well done for keeping it up and may you continue always!! xx

  54. Huge Congratulations Pamela and Edward, for two years of beautiful and inspirational writing.
    I am a follower and really enjoy all you have to share with us.
    Thank you and have a great week.


  55. Dearest Pamela, many congratulations to you, Edward, Apple and the Songwriter! This blog is such a comfort and inspiration to me. I even have one of your posts printed off and framed, sitting in my office.
    I look forward to each new offering and the accompanying pictures. This place is like no other. I pray you will have many more years of sharing your thoughts with all of us and the various adventures of Edward and Apple. I am a follower of the blog and would love to win DB's book...everyone is raving about it!
    Thank you for counting me in.

  56. You my dear Pamela are an international treasure. I am honoured that you take the time to not ony visit my little blog but also to take the time to leave a comment. I love your stories, your sincerity and your sweet dog Edward. Thank you and Congratulations!

  57. Congratulations Dear Pamela [and Edward]
    It's always a pleasure to visit and relax with your wonderfully poetic style.. A little escape from the everyday... Just love the image you have chosen favourite Actor... Happy to follow you always...

    Apologies for my lack of visits.. been a bit absent from blogland lately trying to find a new home.. Take care and enjoy your blog birthday!! xxx Julie

  58. While you enjoy writing for us we enjoy even more reading your words and always enjoying your atrwork and, of course, Edward!
    Thanks for getting that second idea..and the third, and keep 'em coming ;-D

    Yes, I am a happy follower and look foreard to may more years of The House of Edward on my "favorites" daily .

  59. You and Edward are so welcome, and congrats! Time goes by so fast... I am working on my 2nd year and like you thought I will never have enough ideals to do this...

  60. what a beautiful post. Congratulations! I am already a Google follower.

  61. Congratulations on your two years of blogging Pamela, your beautiful words are always inspiring, often amusing and sometimes very moving. Looking forward to reading many more wonderful words from you and the lovely Edward, of course:)

  62. Hearty Cheers to you for your anniversary! I love your blog and the lovely way you write and Edward is hard to resist he's very handsome!

    As is Cary of course, such a stylish gentleman, we'd recognise that silken voice anywhere. That's a lovely photo of him!

    Reading your blog has kept me going when my days have sometimes felt shut in and it's brilliant to feel that I have someone I feel is a friend even though we most likely may never meet. I'm off to sign up as follower, you are a Pied Piper and we are following your songs!


  63. Congratulations on your first two years of blogging, and I hope there will be many more!

  64. I love this picture of Cary Grant, he is my favourite!!
    And I will follow you :)

  65. Did you get Edward from a Rescue Shelter!!!???
    He is so gorgeous!!!
    How lovely to have one like him!!

  66. Magickal blog, even if I don't win ;)!


  67. Congratulations,Pam and Edward, I love to be entered into your draw, I am a follower. Love that photo of Cary& his friend.

  68. Pam and got me with Cary! Two years of Pamela's thoughts and musings...that is wonderful for all of us.
    I for one look forward to many more!!

    Jeanne :)

  69. Many congratulations and best wishes for many more years of delightful blogging! xx

  70. Pam, I have place your giveaway in my blog.
    :) Have a lovely day!

  71. Congratulations Pamela! Wishing you many more years of inspiration and beautiful words. I love your blog. I have been following for quite a while and I have you listed on my blogroll.
    Hugs to you!

  72. I read Dominique's blog and love her writing. It would be a thrill to win.
    Your blog is a delight, congratulations on your second birthday!

  73. A giveaway announced on my birthday? A BOOK too? Well I may as well try.

    Congrats on your anniversaire a la blog.



    P.S. two years is nothing, you're stuck here for life :)

  74. P.S. You know I'm a follower and more so, an admirer.

  75. Giulia & I congratulate you (& Edward, of course) on your two-year anniversary/bday. (And what a great photograph...I don't remember it so that was a treat, too.)



  76. I just found your blog and am enjoying it. I have become a follower and I am leaving you a comment. I would love to win this book, I need to read this!

  77. Well I just found your blog. But as I found you from Victoria, Art House Design, I will have to become a follower.

    Happy Blog Birthday

  78. :) Happy Birthday to you :)
    I am a follower. I must say
    that when I read the beautiful words
    you have written and see the adorable Edward and Apple my heart is always touched and Sometimes
    I might leave with a joyful tear in my eye.

  79. Many congratulations. I adore your blog, your writing is heavenly.
    I LOVE the Cary Grant pic, he was one of my favourites.

  80. Much happiness on your blogversary.
    I've always thought Cary Grant was very handsome and funny. Father Goose is a fav. movie of mine.

    This is my birthday month. My birthday has yet to happen. I share the same birth date as my father in law and my Mom's birthday is also later this month.
    In all we have 17 June Birthday in our family!

    I would love to win Dominique Browning’s new book.

    I am also a follower of yours via GFC.
    Fluer (Chris)

  81. Oh how you spoil us Pamela, sharing your thoughts in such beautiful ways......not just now and then but in every single post you've written from the very start.
    I always feel a little breathless after reading your post, no matter the subject, for each one touches the heart in such a special way. Again, as many of us have told you, you need to be published in a gorgeous book, something we can handle when the need for sustenance from beautifully crafted words will make the day more special. It would be waiting there on the coffee table, next to the bed, on the little table on the front porch, or in the gazebo sitting next to the tea tray on a cool afternoon.

    Congratulations to you, and of course Edward, on two years of sharing your amazing talent - and please don't ever stop Pamela!

    Hugs - Mary

  82. Skipped over to your blog from the HOME blogsite :-) only to find a Giveaway ending soon! Yippe...count me in on your BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!
    Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

  83. Congrats on this milestone.

    We have just become your newest followers. But have read your comments many times on Wilf and Digby's blog. What a sweet gesture it was to send them the memorial for sweet Digby. We were touched to see it had a Scottie on it.

    Please come by and visit sometime - we live in the South too and dream of Scotland!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  84. Hi Pamela. Congratulations on your blog birthday. I have loved reading your fabulous prose over the months. You are a true wordsmith - a weaver of magical words. Long may you continue and please count me in. I am a follower from way back.

  85. Happy, happy second birthday! Do enter me in the drawing - you made that book sound so appealing.


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