Thursday, November 12, 2009

This Little Blog

I was the child who sat at her school desk and day-dreamed. My parents were the ones often told by the teacher that their daughter paid little attention in class. Especially in math class. Despite sincere efforts from rows of well-starched figures of authority, the vibrant scenes that unfolded inside my little head remained infinitely more interesting to me than all the isosceles triangles, square roots, and algorithms combined. All the mathematical theorems in the world could have been dancing in a line atop the teacher’s head - it would have made no difference.

Throughout the years, I can honestly say, not very much has changed. I am still the dreamer and funnily enough, have spent my life getting paid for remaining so. After all, the ability to dream, to clearly see the possible quietly shining just beyond the pedestrian, is an invaluable asset in the field of interior design.
But just when I think that surprises are rare, I am amazed to find myself with the most delicious indulgence for all of my dreams.... right here, in this little blog. Here I have been allowed to cut my thoughts loose, to let them roam free. It has been so much fun and has sometimes tempted me to consider a change of career. Perhaps a fork in the road is just around the leafy bend.

I am now stunned to see that this is my 200th posting! With each post I just know I will never be able to think of another, but the muses keep raising their hands to be heard, so I guess I’ll continue as long as they do. To think that people actually follow along on this journey by consistently reading these writings and ramblings, is astonishing to me. I am incredibly grateful for all the wonderful, thoughtful, and interesting comments and emails you kind people send my way. They are a delight, and such an encouragement. I thank you all and on this, my 200th posting, I am holding a small giveaway to express my appreciation. One of my favourite books of Dog poetry, along with The Songwriter’s latest CD, will be awarded to one lucky reader at midnight on Friday the 13th. What a fabulous night to be lucky!
All you have to do is leave a comment on this posting and Edward will help me draw the winner!!
Good Luck and Thank You Every One!

Painting above by Honor Appleton

*****Congratulations to Life at Willow Manor!! Your blog was drawn out of the hat for the giveaway!****
Thanks to all who entered. So much fun! We'll be doing this again soon!


  1. Wow! Congratulations on your 200th post from one dreamer to another! I always love coming to visit you here, Pamela, and I feel lucky to have found your blog a couple of months ago. May you write many, many more posts (an only partially selfish wish on my part)!

    Your giveaway is wonderful. Whoever wins will be very lucky.

    All best,

  2. Happy Tuesday, Pamela and Edward! And CONGRATULATIONS on your 200th post! I smiled to myself as I read your latest thoughts. We must be two of the same. I have vivid memories as back as early as first grade of "tuning out" when it came time to study math. It never interested me, and I would have much preferred to have spent hours and hours in the school's library devouring book after book in a reading frenzy. There were days when I was a young girl that my mother would actually say to me, "Get your nose out of the book for five minutes and go get some fresh air!" Don't get the wrong impression...she never discouraged me from reading, but she also felt I needed a little variety! My solution was to read outside on a blanket or in a chair on the front porch. That isn't to say that I did nothing else but read. I climbed trees and dug holes in the garden and played with our animals...but there was nothing as special to me as reading my books and inventing new stories in my head. I could imagine myself as a character in any book I read. I would beg my father to tell me stories in the evenings, and he would often make up grand tales with me as the central character. But math. Oh math. That was a much different story. Words, language, history, art = good. Math = not so much. I understood the importance of it, but it didn't mean that I liked it. Today, I feel much the same way! :-)~

    Hope you're having a wonderful week!

    Paula (and Molly, Max, Hermione and Isabella)

  3. oh yes Pamela, you should certainly consider writing a book or two... your talent is overflowing!!!

    Happy Chapter 200!!!

  4. Congratulations! I'm approaching 200 as's a good time to reflect, appreciate, savor. You can still remember the beginnings but your blog has become a coalesced extension of you. So glad you're in the blog-o-sphere. You are unique. Merci! Trish

  5. Congratulations on such a benchmark! It's indeed a pleasure to follow you on blogger.

  6. Happy 200th Post.
    I love your blog
    and here's to all the dreamers of the world
    they bring us creativity and joy
    as their dreams unfold.
    Love Jeanne♥

  7. What a generous way to commemorate 200 posts. I too was the dreamer in class, and I find myself being paid for my dreams now as well. Funny how things play out.

    I love your beautiful blog and Edward is just precious!!
    xxx kim

  8. Congratulations on your 200th post! I'm so glad you started blogging.

    (I've always been a dreamer too - and especially in maths class!!)

    I look forward to many more of your lovely posts.

  9. Oh Pamela,
    you just wrote about me when I was at school.
    I really disliked maths and would stare into ,as I didn't have a clue what the teacher was talking about !!
    I loved English, art and history but maths left me cold.....and I am also amazed at the fun that I have got out of blogging.
    200 posts...WOW....what an achievement. I'm nearly at 60 and that was a feat in itself. 200 is amazing. I am in awe. I, like you always think that I will never think of anything else to write about but , so far, something has popped into my head.
    It is a massive achievement and you are to be congratulated. Here's to the next 200. XXXX

  10. Ohhh my, many CONGRATS on your 200th posting! I do so love to visit your blog and I have even wondered myself where your muse comes from - it think it must be very well fed indeed! I look forward to following you & Edward to your 300th posting...may it be a lovely, rewarding journey for you both.

    Thank you for such an inspiring blog! AND dog!

    Christi C. and her soulmutt, Isla

  11. That sounds a wonderful giveaway! I too was and still am a dreamer, my parents were always told that I would do so much better in school if I would only stop daydreaming so much! :) suzie. xxx

  12. Congratulations on your 200th post!
    You have a wonderful way with words Pamela! Here's to the next 200! :)

    I felt the same about Maths and still do ;)

  13. Congratulations on your 200th post!...May the muses never abandon you although I can't even imagine that happening...this is one of the most imaginative, dreamful blogs I have found and enjoy:) Here is to many more from you and that handsome Edward...(said as I lift a glass of wine)

  14. Pamela- Congratulation on your 200th post. I so understand when you say some days you're not sure you can come up with another. I too feel that way at times- and that's when I might skip a day or two. Your posts always brighten my day and encourage me to stop and day dream.

  15. Well I'm so glad I decided to pop in for a visit tonight! A long over-due visit I might add. Life...

    So congratulations to you! And may you have many, many more.

    C x

  16. Congratulations! Edward has been such a loyal supporter and star of this blog. I bet he dreams, too!

  17. Hooray for 200!

    I'm always carried away by your posts. I hope you keep writing.

  18. Happy Bicentennial!


    secret word: boyann

  19. Congratulations my dear. You know well I am one of your avid readers and just cannot get enough of your beautiful thoughts so lyrically expressed. Dream on sweet princess with your ever present furry guardian.

  20. Congratulations on your 200th post and thank you for the giggle I had at your expense of flashbacks from math classes of days gone by. I will testify that you speak the truth!! :)

    Am waiting for possible career bends in the road for you. I can say I knew you when.....

    Love you!

  21. Congratulations on 200! Your creativity helps fill my spiritual well; flowing into my landscape designs.

    So, thank you, too.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  22. Congratulations on your 200th lovely post, Pamela!!! Please grace us with many, many more!

    Do put me in your giveaway drawing. I've got my fingers crossed (and toes).

    (my brain never did do math)

  23. Hi Pamela,

    Congratulations on your 200th post.
    Your blog is such a wonderful place to come and visit and I look forward to the next 200!
    I really disliked Maths too.
    Thanks for such an inspiring blog.


  24. Congratulations on your 200th posting! May you always find inspiration -- that "divine breath" and whispers on the wind!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  25. How lucky we are, Pamela, to have your lovely, wistful, romantic, stunning, thoughts to turn to... 200 times! Congratulations. Thank you for sharing with your readers!

  26. Congratulations on your 200th post Pamela! I've enjoyed all most all of them as I do not often get a chance to read blogs when traveling, so I may have missed a few posts. You have the most wonderful illustrations and the most descriptive way of expressing yourself that is so very enjoyable.

    I hope that you and Edward will have many more wonerful stories to tell!


  27. And all 200 are about Edward in one fashion or another, Daydreamer!

    Whereas you envisioned a math conga line above teach's forehead, I lost myself in those uptight president portraits lining 4 walls and had imaginary conversations with them.

    That's why I've turned out so normal. ;^)

  28. Congratulations and I are just about the same blog post age. Who would have thought 200....xv

  29. I wish to say thank you to you - this is one of my favorite places to visit in blogland - I don't always comment, but I always visit - keep writing and I want a copy of your first book :)

  30. This is my first visit, and what a wonderful find.

    Congratulations on your 200th post!

  31. Congratulations!

    I read that post and did giggle to myself. I too was that child at school :-) I think the way you write is just beautiful and it's great to have an outlet where you can just cut loose and let your fingers type away.

    Please enter me into the contest - I think Milla would love a little poetry ;-)

    ~ Alice

    PS. i hope my package arrives with you soooon and doesn't get lost!!!!

  32. Congratulations on your 200th post! I always look forward to a new blog post from you and am simply amazed with your writing talent. You are indeed a true wordsmith!

    Here's to the dreamers of the world and to another 200 postings!


  33. Congratulations on your 200th post! I love coming here and sharing your musings.

    What a lovely generous giveaway you are offering. Good luck to all your regulars.

  34. congratulations on your 200th post. I've only recently discovered the inside of your mind and have enjoyed the synapses ever since. Don't stop!The only thing that could be better is a book with all these journeys and twists forever recorded between two covers so that I can easily carry them in my own bag of tricks for the waiting room of life. I am never without a volume to entertain the four walls inside my head and the inside of your head is welcome to own a chair in mine. I'll serve tea, offer you a footstool and a warn wrap.



  35. To dream is to be a visionary and how fortunate you are...

    I'm relative new to this blog world and have found yours a delight. The imagery you post is enchanting
    and always draws me in.

    With appreciation...
    thanks for sharing your gifts

  36. Congratulations!I remember back when we all had time to daydream. I am taking the time needed for reflection and thoughts of the future. Thank you for offering such a great give away!

  37. How lucky we all are that you are a day dreamer - your prose always brings a smile. 200 posts is fantastic - I always look forward to your thoughts -

  38. Congrats on your 200th! I too am a dreamer, but unlike you, I'm not a great writer! Being able to put your daydreams into words is such a talent!


  39. Felicitations, Pamela! Two hundred is a milepost, and your readership has no fear that you will ever run out of ideas.

  40. 200! Creativity is a fountain that never runs dry:)
    Glad to have found you:) Thanks again for my wonderful "things"

  41. Well done you! You do have an amazing gift with words and have often wondered if you had considered it as a career?

    Ted and I are keeping our fingers and paws crossed and hoping that we are the lucky winners.

  42. Congratulations on the 200th post. I have loved seeing a new one everytime I open your blog.
    Ricky in Winnipeg

  43. congrats on 200 are always inspiring and also find such beautiful pictures to show...don't stop!!! just keep on dreaming...xx

  44. I adore this blog and treat myself to your sweet reverie at every opportunity. 200 posts bringing wonderful pleasure to all of us. I have one such post printed out and framed and sitting with me here at my desk...such delicious writing! So blessed to have discovered you, Edward and Apple..and the Songwriter, too!

  45. your writing captures the imagination of its readers....exactly as a fantastic writers reading your posts!...

  46. Your life seems charmed-artistic sensitive mate-big furry dog-lovely home-talent of your own to spare, not to mention your delightful blog! Your insight is inspiring & every day is like another chapter in a favorite novel. I read your blog for relaxation & the beauty of the art work. Please keep blogging! And CONGRATULATIONS........

  47. gratulations on your two-hundredth posting, Pamela. I too find blogging so rewarding and I do agree with you that each time I write I wonder whether I shall think of another topic for tomorrow - but I always do. I love your blog - you write beautifully and your choice of illustration is spot-on. Best wishes to you and to those lovely dogs (and to the song writer of course.)

  48. Congrats Pamela and Edward! Hope I'll be as accomplished as a blog writer as you are at my 200th post!

    You made me smile - oh how I can identify with you -my parents were told the same (I didn't understand the big deal:) ). And my family views me the same way!

  49. What a wonderful idea and what lovely tokens of appreciation. I'm nearing my 200th post as well. Time certainly goes so quickly. Enjoy your milestone!

  50. I was that daydreaming little girl too. You are so right. The only difference now is we get to call it work. Happy 200! Keep blogging and I’ll keep reading. It is always a dreamy delight.

  51. I love your blog because the old world romanticists seem to decline more each day and we sometimes need proof they are still there.

  52. I'm glad I got here in time to say Congratulations on your 200th post. I deliver a creative imaginative post every time. And the artwork you choose is enchanted.

  53. I have been a faithful reader for many months now and I am always inspired. I love to read your own words and the beautiful poetry you share. And I don't know how many photos I've saved from your blog. Congratulations on 200 posts! Please keep sharing!

  54. 200 blog posts and still going strong......each one better than the previous one. Pamela you are a wonderful writer - thank you for sharing elegance and loveliness each time you put pen to paper (well I know it's more technical these days but I like to envision you with a silver fountain pen and a sheet of handmade paper!!).

    So congratulations........please don't ever stop writing. To hear The Songwriter's music would be very special - please toss my name in handsome Edward's direction on Friday the 13th.


  55. congratz to you.
    it is amazing isn't it.

    this 'blog thingie' is rich.

  56. Well I'm not so much writing here to win anything as much as just to congratulate you on your 200th post! I cant figure mine out as my blogs have changed and then I have several drafts too.

    Anyway, congratulations!!!

  57. Well done, Pamela--it's always a treat to visit your delightful writing. How wonderful that your imagination survived the rigors of algebra and geometry. I do know some rather imaginative accountants, but they are few and far between.

    I've given you a little shout-out in my post today, but you needn't do anything about it. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the beauty you share with us.

    And I even did that before finding out about your giveaway! Please put my name in hat!

  58. It's one thing to have 200 posts, but to have 200 posts of consistently high quality such as you've done? THAT is quite something! You are remarkable!

  59. Happy 200th post to you, dear Pamela and Edward. We are all certain that you know how hypnotized we are by your exquisite words, and will come back for more and more.
    That is a lovely giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  60. Really enjoy your blog. Hope you continue for many 100s more.

  61. Cheers to you and Edward on keeping our dreams alive. I thank you for each and every one of your 200 inspiring posts.
    Now, please be inspired to pick me.
    That would be "dreamy"

  62. Pamela,
    Congratulations on your 200th post!
    I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to have found your site!
    Have you considered publishing your blogs?
    All the best to you and your family from Dallas, Tx.!

  63. powdySo many song writers and poets have written of dreams and dreamers. I send my all time favourite to you and the Song Writer. It is "The Music Makers" by
    the Irish poet Arthur O'Shaunessy, too long to include here, so just a snippet as my memory serves me.

    "For we are the Music Makers and we are the Dreamers of Dreams,
    world losers and world forsakers
    on whom the pale moon beams ....
    But we are the movers and shakers of the world,forever and ever it seems."

    Many years ago I heard this sung, to music by Elgar, at a promenade concert in The Albert Hall and the awesome beauty of that performance is still embedded in the convolutions of my mind.

    Congratulations and best wishes.

  64. Oops! Somehow,in my daydreaming way,I included the word verification in my comment.

    Powdy everyone.

  65. Your blog is like picking up a beautiful book...thanks for sharing and Congrads on 200 post!

  66. Yippeeee!!! It's my lucky day! Thank you SO very much, Pamela and you, too, Edward! I can't wait to hear The Songwriter’s latest and of course you know how much I adore poetry. ~xx

  67. This is such fun, you must be tickled to have so many eager readers!
    200 posts, congratulations...
    My daughter sounds just like you and I am inwardly smiling, since she dreams the most in math....
    She is an artist by heart and I am so sure she will make her way just fine!
    Love reading your musings, you write so eloquently about all your thoughts! Please do not stop!


  68. Happy 200th post! I recently found
    your blog and was so "touched" that
    I listed you at mine. I love, love
    the story of the scarecrow! Your dog, Edward and his best friend are
    soooo cute! Living in the "imagination" is the only place to be. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words. : )

  69. Congratulations dear Pamela on your 200th post, thank you for making this such a delicious corner to come to , where i know i shall read words that pour into my head painting wonderful pictures & provoking intriguing thoughts as they go x x heres to the next 200 ! I think the very same thing each time i do a post that i shall struggle to ever do another!

  70. Pamela and Edward, 200th entry. I have read each one this year when I found your blog and thank you. You have brought memories of childhood back, the changes of season and holidays and laughed and cried. As a high school art major, I love the artwork that accompanies the entries.

    Thank you and look forward to reading your week's blog.



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