Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Bit Chaotic

If it were possible to animate my to-do list, to breathe life and colour into each entry for this week and set them all loose on the landscape, no doubt it would resemble the above painting by Hieronymus Bosch. And, if that animation were suddenly to be given a soundtrack, I can bet that the strains of The William Tell Overture would be heard rollicking through the house. Are we busy at The House of Edward? Yes. A bit chaotic? Perhaps. Thanksgiving is on its way - if I squint, I can almost see the infamous sleigh coming over the river and through the woods even as I type. Well worn recipes are scattered amidst cranberries, sweet potatoes, pumpkin... tons of flowers and candles, cinnamon and nutmeg, linen napkins to be ironed, furry dogs to be puffied. There are even Christmas trees propped up in the back garden awaiting their turn in the festivity. They shall be up by the weekend. Needless to say, time is too thin for a thoughtful, thought-out post just now. So... here are some bits and bobs of interest....random thoughts, places to go....people to visit.... things to see... Christmas presents to consider. Have fun and I’ll see you later in the week... oh, and check out the latest poetry giveaway! Just leave a comment here and we’ll draw the name on Thanksgiving Thursday!!

In no particular order....

..... A couple of weeks ago I received a call for help from the delightfully talented designer, Brooke Giannetti. Brooke writes the blog,
Velvet and Linen, and if you have ever wanted to visit the quintessential blog on interior design, you should certainly pay a call on Brooke. At present, she is holding a giveaway competition for three Mark Sage cocktail tables and she received 175 entries! Brooke asked some of her fellow interior designers to help in the judging process, and we all did our best to narrow the choices. Now it is time for you to cast your votes. Pop over to Velvet and Linen today and take part!

....Several mornings ago, I awoke bright and early with a fully orchestrated version of “Whatever Lola Wants” playing loudly in my head. The song is from the musical, “Damn Yankees” and I think I might have heard it once in my entire life. I only caught a snippet this time, because of course the orchestra ran for cover the moment my eyes popped open. I hate when this happens. It’s as if there is a party going on in my head that I am not invited to. Worse still, those in attendance seem to conspire to make me forget their festivities rather quickly. That is why I write them down.

....Since the charming
Willow of Willow Manor so kindly posted about her recent giveaway win from The House of Edward, I have been receiving emails about The Songwriter’s latest CD, Laugh for a Million Years. For those of you interested, you can order your very own copy HERE.
He is a wonderful writer, and no, I’m not the least bit prejudiced.

.....Ever since the summer afternoon when I saw the delicious movie, Julia and Julia, I have been, shall we say, hungry for a large, glazed cast iron pot. In red. Well, I am happy to say that dear Martha Stewart heard my wish and has invented the perfect one. Not nearly as expensive as Le Creuset, or even Emile Henri, Martha’s cast iron cookware is really wonderful. It is sold at Macy’s.

.....I know I cannot have him, for Edward would simply not approve and I most seriously doubt that his owner would ever consider parting with the fellow. But I do so want this rabbit.
Isn’t he magnificent?
His name is Herman.

.....For those of us who are, like me, in the midst of preparations for Thanksgiving, here’s a wonderful treat. Perhaps one to keep the kiddos busy whilst you are cooking? Pop over to
Liberty Post and download her amazing Thanksgiving garland. It’s only $2! Just download, print out, cut out, and string up. Voila! Festive.

.....I think it is beyond wonderful that we now have a First Lady that can actually Hula Hoop. And will do so.

.....And, isn’t it a splendid thing when a child star grows up so beautifully!

Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame.
Photographed in Teen Vogue

....I miss George Harrison.

....How I loved the movie Where The Wild Things Are. Not a movie for children exactly, but a movie about childhood. It’s not always easy to be a child. Magic film.

....Along with many of my fellow
Etsy artists, I shall be participating in the free shipping sale event this weekend. From Friday through Monday all Christmas items in Edward’s Shoppe will be shipped free of charge! It’ll be a great weekend to shop Etsy!

....Speaking of Christmas presents, here are a few more of my recent fabulous favourites....

.....The perfect
hat for the perfect man...

I am so in love with these
handmade journals!
This artist makes them in suede, leather and fabric.

And, these amazing
This Etsy artist also makes lamps and suncatchers.
All are gorgeous.

Or, how about this imaginative
teapot?? Isn't it great?

Last but not least, as promised, a second seasonal giveaway!
A beautiful little collection of Christmas Poems.

Simply leave a comment here, and Edward and I will draw the winning blog on Thanksgiving!
Good luck and enjoy your busy week!
Edward and I certainly plan to!

Congratulations to Ruth! You won the poetry book! *******


  1. Just looking at the Bosch painting makes me feel stressed! Here's hoping you get through your many tasks successfully and you have a little time to relax. This time of year seems to be so much more chaotic with shopping, cooking & so many holiday events. But this is happy chaos and gratitude always seems to overpower the stress. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh, yes, please put my name in the hat for the Christmas poems. Thank you as ever for the delightful post. And if you have a minute during your very busy week, I hope you'll stop by and have a look at the post you inspired! (It will be up later this evening, that is, if the gods of blogspot allow me to upload some photos!)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You....xoxoxox

  4. Oh My God, is Herman for real. I swear, I have never seen such a big rabbit with the exception of Harvy in the movie with Jimmy Stewart. Is that a live rabbit or a stuffed animal. He is wonderful and I want one. Along with your beautiful white fluffy Edward. He makes me smile everytime I come to your blog. But Herman is a real winner. Wow.
    I love your blog. It always brightens up my days and give me sweet dream at night. I will be dreaming of Big Rabbits tonight. Wow!

  5. Herman IS magnificent! Hope your turkey isn't that big!

    Eddie + Jaithan

  6. What kind of Rabbit is Herman and what bred of dog is Edward? That is his name, isn't it? He looks so much like a dog we used to have in Mendicino, California. Her name was Sunshine. She way a true ray of light in our hearts
    Thank you for you reply

  7. the Bosch painting is perfect! I'm totally on the same train - tis the season - Happy Thanksgiving :)

  8. Thanksgiving week is one of my favorite weeks of the year. The smells of baking and cooking, the preparation of the house and garden for the season of guests.

  9. Such beautiful things. I swoon over that teapot.

  10. What we PON owners have to put up with! We roared with laughter at your comment about Edward and the guest returning to his room at three am. Who would believe that such (relatively) compact dogs could make so much noise? I'm sure Apple more than matched Edward.
    Love the hat - just what's needed for an early morning walk!

  11. Dearest ..what a happy festive post..I can relate to the Chaos..It always sneeks into my head and household this time a year..Love the hat..must buy this for my hubby!!
    Happy Day..

    The word verification spells Exallyco...must be a Charme from Harry Potter..lets try it and see what happens..:)

  12. Happy Thanksgiving, Pamela!

    Of course, please do add my name to the drawing pot!

  13. Gosh what a collection! Wonderful!

    I am stuck in the 'ready' part of 'ready, set, go' for Christmas. Need a firecracker under me I think!

    And my life generally resembles a HB painting these days... sigh...

  14. wow what a great list! ANd I love the Bosch painting and can relate! Though admittedly we're traveling to Thanksgiving this year, which makes it a bit easier to handle. :-)

    Must search for Herman. He is HUGE!

  15. ...But you STILL make it sound so lovely!g to etsy now!!

    Love all the bits and pieces you put together! I'm headin

  16. You know, I've been thinking about your red pot ever since you mentioned cooking the beef bourguignon. I've been petting the Le Creuset pots, but just can't bring myself to shell out the cash. Thanks for the tip. Leave it to Martha!

    (thanks for the mention, and sending a few new readers my way)

  17. I immediately recognized the painting of Hieronymus Bosch!
    I thind Ladycat is right! It makes you feel stressy! So if you have to do so much things this week, turn on the painting, yes on his back!!


  18. What a lovely miscellany you gave us today Pamela. A super read and one or two interesting sites to go to. So thank you for that.
    Glad you have no intention of inflicting that rabbit on poor Edward.
    Thanksgiving sounds lovely - have a wonderful time - can only imagine the lovely smeels emanating from your kitchen.

  19. The Bosch painting was definitely a good analogy . . . sometimes our brains feel so over-populated, not to mention our diaries and our holiday tables!

    I think that I'm a bit frightened by all of the wonderful creativity at Etsy. I'm afraid that I will whip out my credit card and go into a shopping frenzy.

    Best wishes for your Thanksgiving. I'm a guest this year; getting off light!

  20. The range in your post is delightful.

    Does anything get better than Herman's feet? Made me smile.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  21. Oh yes, I feel like the inside of my head looks like that painting right now!
    Thank you Pamela for helping select the 10 finalists in the give away. I also appreciate your kind words about my blog. I feel so fortunate to have such supportive blogging friends, like you.


  22. I adore the painting- so much to see. I know just how you are feeling with all of the pre-holiday events- but isn't it all wonderful? It's just such a warm, cozy and special time of year.. I am enjoying nightly fires, lovely candles, scented balsam... now all I need is some fine music.

  23. Pamela, you have a beautiful and intriguing blog yourself! I'm adding you to my blogroll. Thanks for visiting Garvinweasel, I appreciate your comment.

  24. Your post about the holidays and preparing is so true. Alas, I used to be one of those people who was organized and had the Christmas tree up by Thanksgiving and all Christmas shopping done. Not so anymore...sigh!
    But, loved looking through your fabulous post and that rabbit is the cutest creature ever! I would be delighted to participate in your poetry giveaway. Lastly, I am thankful to have found your blog because I always walk away with a smile and my heart touched. Thank you!

  25. Hello P&E,

    Lots more shopping hints. That gentleman's hat could be ideal for me! Hope you have a good Etsy weekend and I wish you happy holidays.

  26. What a beautiful journal cover. You can't but write wonderful things in such a special book.

    I hope you get through all your preparations. I've been busy elfing on Christmas presents. Isn't it a wonderful time of the year? :-)

  27. OMG! I absolutely cannot LIVE without your BLOG!!! Loved this post! and am now obsessing about that incredible rabbit!!! He looks like the wild jack rabbits we used to catch and try to domesticate when I was a child, minus some EXTREMELY pronounced ears! Herman is sooo handsome! Wherever DID you find him? Happy Thanksgiving, Pamela! God bless you and yours!

  28. what a FUN post... and chaotic is the key word of the season... crazy round here too.. everybody going in different directions..
    the journal you picked is amazing!!!

  29. Oh wow! I feel so honored to see my work featured in your wonderful blog, thanks a lot!
    Best wishes from Austria,
    Renate :)

  30. what a wonderful mixture of loveliness. I love the idea of animating a to-do list!! The chaos will all be very worth it. happy thanksgiving to you all

  31. I don't think you ever see everything in a Bosch painting and I do find some parts rather spooky.
    I love all of the treasures you have shown us, especially the suede notebook. Gorgeous.
    Being an English teenager in the '60's, I adored The Beatles and saw them live, twice....and I miss George Harrison as well.
    I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.K. but I am very thankful for everything I have. XXXX

  32. I didn't come for the giveaway, but am glad to put my name in for it. I came to say hello. I've been absent for so long. Saw you over at Willow's and wanted to wish you an Edward a lovely Thanksgiving.

    And I miss George Harrison, too.

  33. I did not realize you had Thanksgiving quite so close to Christmas! I would be a nervous wreck...we have a clutch of birthdays aroud this time of year that keep me on the hop. No Christmas decorations before Christmas Eve...the Prof had his birthday on the 23rd swallowed up by Christmas when he was a child so I make sure to keep it separate.
    A birthday on Christmas day, one on the 28th and one early in the new year.Busy,busy, busy.

    Bosch fills his paintings to overflowing, but I still love them. It is like playing snakes and ladders with art, there is just so much to see.
    Your cooking and creating prowess leaves me breathless, I am leaving most of that up to the next two generations.

    Do post some pictures when yor house is all dressed up for the festivities.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  34. I love the rabbit too! Years ago while in high school I bought a Palomino rabbit at the Calgary Stampede and snuck him back to Edmonton on the Greyhound Bus. He grew to quite the size as Palominos were a new fanciers breed, crossed with a Flemish Giant and a New Zealand Red. Christopher Willis was a pedigree rabbit: which surprised me.

    Yes I would like to receive Christmas poems.

  35. I love your blog!!! It is amazing!! So much so that I am now a follower..

  36. I must admit Bosch is not one of my favourites. Far too busy. Gives me a migraine..haha. I really enjoyed your "pot luck" post Pamela, particularly that amazing hat (is that a combined moustache warmer?). The rabbit must be one of the 7 wonders of the world. I took me a minute or two to decide if he was real. I want him too but I don't think he would fit in our little house.

  37. Mon dieu! What a rabbit... ohlalala. Those journals look fabulous!

  38. I just popped over to wish you and your a Happy Thanksgiving!

  39. How I enjoyed this very personal and very busy post. So much fun and I do love the bunny..especially his big feet, although when I sw the word thanksgiving near the picture I thought he was new ingredient instead of turkey..

  40. Oh wow Pamela and Edward, there was so much to love about this post. I still can't get over that...that..RABBIT.

  41. I won I won I won!!!

    Thank you, Pamela and Edward, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  42. so many wonderful things in this post! Herman is a lovely rabbit, I have exactly the same photo of him. Imagine though having that size of rabbit running around your house or garden, no Edward would not approve....

  43. Hope everyone had a wonderful TG. Herman is adorable but huge! Loved the teapot...went to Larry's, fell in love with the soup tureen with hanging cups...and pretty much everything else! The leather journals are fantastic too.

  44. Must say I am new here- very beautiful and interesting site- a lot of beautiful writing will stop back - and also have to say Ive had that picture on my refrigerator of that rabbit and I love and want him too!!Sincerely Jonny

  45. I emailed you my 'thank you' but I want to say for the record here how perfectly beautiful your gift was that I won. The volume itself is wonderful, not a "throwaway" Christmas market book, but a real one, edited by John Hollander and J.D. McClatchy. It even has a ribbon bookmark, a good sign. Your mail wrapper, the gift wrapping, and your little Edward gift card are so special. Your clients are very fortunate.

    Thank you again, Pamela.


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