Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Spring-Green Leaf

A Spring-Green Leaf

We open the book in December.  Its silver-white pages tell the story of winter, tales of plunging temperatures and frosted windows, of heavy coats and blazing hearths.  Day after day we turn page after page of cold.  Sometimes the story gets scary: snowfalls become epic, the power goes out.  But generally the narrative meanders through its icy tale of frigid days and frozen nights in much the same manner as all the books of winter have done since time began.

But then, without warning, tucked in the middle of the book like a pressed spring-green leaf, comes a day when the sun rises, no longer pale and watery, but smiling like April. We wake to find a breeze rising up from the southland, shaving the chill off the air as it pushes every cloud from the sky.  We slam the book shut, afraid this wayward springtime breeze might lift the page and turn it once again backwards, or forwards, to winter.

Perhaps Mother Nature hides these days in our book as a recompense for August, when we are melted and drained by the heat.  Perhaps she means it as a blessing.  Or perhaps she just does it for fun.  Whatever her reason, it seems we have an obligation of sorts to enjoy the gift we’ve been given, to lift our faces to the light and walk for hours in the dappled sun someplace where Mother Nature’s handiwork can best be seen; someplace where the light scatters diamonds on the cold waters of the lake and the birds sit high in the trees, singing.  How could we do anything else with this day?

The page turned once again at midnight, as it always does,
 and we woke to the vengeance of winter.  
We put up our hoods and stacked logs in the fireplace. 
 The tea kettle whistled, the birdbath was frozen. 
 But no ice or snow, no frigid wind, could erase the memory of what we’d received. 
 The gift of a freshly pressed spring-green leaf,
 hidden right in the middle of a winter’s tale.


  1. A lovely post, Pamela. We had the same experience yesterday, and although I appreciated as much as you I did not express it in such beautiful word pictures.

  2. Truly a beautiful piece of writing...metaphors, personification, pure poetry! Angela Muller

  3. don't you just love it when that happens + we need rain in

  4. What a lovely account of Mother Nature in your neck of the woods. We need some winter rain here in Southern California. I hope Mother Nature will grant us our wish.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Thank you for this glorious post. Love and life do srping eternal with hope and promise of srping in the offing. I desperately needed to be remind to grasp the moment today. Be well.

  6. I know the day you meant. It was outstanding. We live in Peachtree and it was a very welcome day. However we are back to living with the Snow Queen again at 31 degrees for a high.

  7. What a marvelous post. I hear people say that they hate winter, but as I get older, I actually find myself looking forward to the excuse to slow down. Sitting by the fire all day with a cup of tea and a good book or a stack of magazines (or Pinterest) is bliss. If I slip into winter's groove, I'm full of life in the spring just like those first green leaves! xo, N.G.

  8. Your words are always so elegant and move me deeply.
    thank you and for your pictures of you and your precious fur angel.


  9. Love the pic of you and Edward walking!
    Despite the frigid day again, I spy daffodil leaves, so green, poking through!
    Last night I snuggled in earlier than usual and made time to re-read your Winter essays - just holding the lovely book was a warm feeling Pamela.
    Hugs - Mary

  10. In southeast MO, we are enjoying a spring break thank to Mother Nature this weekend but expect Winter's return next week. The dogs go out to play, I get to clean and play, too, in the is indeed a gift, a call to remember the cold won't last..

  11. As I post this, I am facing a window that shows me that the Weather is not even considering stopping with the snow !
    I am trapped inside with laundry .. please, send sunshine !! :)

  12. we currently have inches of snow on the ground.. waiting for a day like the one you described

  13. Hi Pamela!!!

    Beautiful, beautiful writing of what is with the promise of what's to come!!

    Give Edward a hug for me!!!



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