Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Brand New Year, For Edward

A Brand New Year, for Edward

In the fair sea of mediocrity on which I generally sail, there are a few superlative islands that are mine alone.  I can make outstanding pie crust from scratch, for instance.  I have an excellent memory, a stellar eye for colour, and an above average capacity to ferret out the humour in most situations.  I can touch my nose with the toes of my right foot, a feat that used to be easily accomplished with the toes of my left as well, before the necessity of the November left hip replacement.  Hopefully I will be equally proficient on both sides before long, though I freely admit this is a decidedly useless talent and one I would hardly miss.  All things considered though, I am a remarkably average person.  Not exceptional in any way.  Which is why I am often humbled in the face of the love of my dog.

It is said that dogs choose their owners.  This was certainly the case with Edward and me.  The Songwriter and I had seen his photograph on the rescue website, looking a bit scraggly and thin from his weeks on the street, and made an appointment to meet him posthaste.  When he trotted round the corner and right up to me, our eyes met and ... well, don’t let anyone tell you there is no such thing as love at first sight.   He moved in that night and has been by my side ever since. 
 When I came home from the hospital in November, he padded down the hall after me, a look of concern on his furry face, and took up his position as my shadow.  If I got up, he got up.  If I left the room, he left the room.  He would approach any chair or sofa on which I perched, gauging whether or not there was room for us both.  Upon deciding there was, up he would come, turning round once or twice before lying down beside me with his head in my lap. When I walked out the door and down the drive to get into the car, he watched from the window, a look of frank disapproval on his face.  Apple checked on me frequently; Edward never left my side.  Now that we’re out on walks again, his spirits are noticeably higher, his worries are gone.  

Five and a half years ago, when I began this blog, I was admittedly rather shy about the process.  So I hid behind Edward.  He was, after all, privy to my musings about the wisdom of the undertaking.  I asked him point blank on several occasions whether or not it was a good idea.  He always looked at me kindly and smiled.  A confidence booster if ever there was one.  Quite fittingly, I named the blog for him and never really looked back.  He continually gives me stories and laughter, hope and enthusiasm for life.  All of which one needs to write, I assure you.

It is, therefore, only fitting that as the ashes of a tired year drift off on the midnight wind and so many new days fall round us like blessings, I should say a holy thank you for the incomprehensible love of a dog.  No one who has ever experienced it can truly explain it.  I only know that when one is blessed with that singular warmth and devotion, one sees the world in a convivial light.  Nothing is ever as bad as it seems when your dog smiles at you.  Nothing I have ever done in my life makes me deserving of that sort of love, but oh, how grateful I am for it.

The photograph above was taken a couple of days ago when we stopped to rest during a walk at the park.  I sit down, and Edward sits down.  Isn’t he just the handsomest fellow?  As sweet as soul as ever walked the earth.

Edward and I are marching into a new year
 with joy and sparkling anticipation for all the wonders to come. 
 Come join us!
 Our sweetest wishes for a Happy New Year for all of you.


  1. Amen to that!! Having lost the one three months ago who would do just what you described, I can say only that knowing you are blessed in that way warms my heart!

    Happy New Year.


  2. Makes me want a dog........but he would have to be exactly like Edward, in every way, shape and form, LOL!

    Lovely pic of you two together - thank you Edward for taking such good care of Pamela during her recuperation.

    Joyous times for you all this coming new year.
    Hugs - Mary


  4. Dear Pamela:
    Thank you for the wonderful photo of you and Edward. I've known such love and devotion many times; each one unique, but always one of God's gifts. With positive thoughts, let us march into 2014 to claim the gifts that await us. Happy New Year from an admiring reader!
    Angela Muller

  5. What a beautiful,
    I, too, have this love of a dog and trip over myself
    whenever I attempt to explain or describe ...

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear Edward and Pamela!

  6. You and Edward are a joy to behold -blessings to you in the New Year!

  7. Amen! Don't know how we deserve such a wonderful dog as Maddie, but we're honored to share our lives with her. I, too, had one of those moments when Maddie and I first beheld each other at the rescue fair. Once I was sure I had 'dibs' on her, I called my husband to come meet her. (Couldn't take her home that day - had to wait for an official interview and later a home visit.) While I waited, I went in the shoe shop next door and blubbered. I'm sure people were wondering what it was about shoes that had me crying.

  8. What a way to greet 2014 - with a spring in your step and a PON by your side. Here in France Edwards distant cousins will shortly be heading across the village green to the salle de fetes and their first meeting with the local teachers Labrador and a variety of badly behaved Jack Russells.

  9. How lovely!
    A very happy new year to all of you from all of us, not least Mollie and Pippin!

  10. You, and Edward, of course, look fabulous, and I will, indeed, come along for another joyous ride at the House of Edward in 2014. Best wishes to you in 2014.

  11. Fortunate is the human who'se gained the love of a dog, and the dog who'se found the love of a human being. The best to you both, and to the songwriter and apple.

  12. Like you, and of course, like many others, I was very lucky to have an adorable pet, the funniest and sweetest dog,for a short (it was too short) 15 years. Best of friends, for me, and my family,for that time, and wish it could have been longer, but I am so thankful to have had the friendship of my sweet Toby, that was like no other. I so enjoy your stories of you and Edward. It always bring smiles. Thanks so much sharing.

  13. Happy New Year , Pamela. I'm in love with Edward and your writing! Wishing you and yours the best.
    I am celebrating having had two hip replacements this year, so I can empathize with you. You look so happy!

  14. You are loved unconditionally Pamela and there is nothing better.
    Wishing you all a wonderful, healthy New Year and may there be many happy times in 2014. Much love to all of you. XXXX

  15. Dear Pamela ~ As I lay sick in bed, restless with the desire to do something wonderful on New Years Eve but, too ill to take anything on....the news of your lovely blog popped up in my in box!!! As I opened the blog, my yes glistened with tears as I adore you wonder of a dog, Edward!!! I was thrilled to read each and every word for I know that wonderful gift of a loyal dog!!! I have to say, I've now read it several times, sharing it with friends who enjoy the same relationship!!!!

    I also wanted to share with you the love of those gorgeous pillows.....they are gracing our as yet un decorated cottage and bring it such style!! You know what my project is for the New Year!! ;)

    I think of you often and say a prayer that you are progressing well! I feel a sort of bond with you as our adventures have been quite similar with interior design, baking, knitting and very most of all, traveling to the wonders of Scotland and England!!! I'd move to London if my attorney husband could be a Barrister there!!!!

    Warmest Wishes in the Fresh New Year ahead!!! ❤️

    Barbara Powell

  16. "the ashes of a tired year drift off on the midnight wind"...every time I read it I just want swoon!

    Happy New Year to all that live within Edwards kingdom.

  17. This past year, I buried three old dogs (Abigail, Grace, Sophie), an old sheep (George) and a few kittens; each of those dogs took a piece of my heart and one, Abigail, took the preponderance. The two remaining dogs, Sadie and Sam, have built my heart whole again but knowing we're terminal from the first breath, hastens my resolve to spend as much love as possible in my remaining days.

  18. I had my beloved zeke for only 12 years. he too was a rescue.
    they are different. they KNOW.
    and they spend the rest of their lives showing how much they love you and how grateful they are.
    a very special kind of love indeed.
    happy new year dear heart.
    you are a treasure. xo

  19. He is very SPECIAL INDEED………..You are one lucky lady as he is one lucky dog to have found YOU!I look forward to more of both of YOU!HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  20. Happy New Year, Edward!
    ...and to that woman sitting behind you too.


  21. Happy New Year, dear Pamela and Edward, Apple, and, of course, the Songwriter!

    Reading your January 1 post was a fine way to start my new year, though I became teary-eyed as I read it. And what a wonderful photo of BOTH you and Edward smiling for the camera. The metaphor of "facing" the new year with joy and optimism was not lost on me.

    I have never owned, or been owned by, a dog, and I know I've missed something special that only a dog can give. Just yesterday, as I walked about town on errands, I ran into two neighbors who both had their dogs with them. They extolled the virtues of getting more exercise because the dogs demand it, not to mention the emotional bond you so beautifully articulate. For now, we will content ourselves with our newest feline member of the family whose need for exercise is quite limited, hence the diet cat food!

    May 2014 be filled with adventures (sans injuries!) and all the happiness you and yours deserve!

  22. Yes Pamela, he is very beautiful. There is no love better than the loving, trusting love of one's dog. I have had a succession of loving companions. Sadly their life span is shorter than ours. We have a graveyard in the paddock where they are buried as their lives end, each one with a tiny bunch of flowers to help them on their way to doggy heaven. I miss them each and every one.

  23. Edward is a handsome guy and a devoted buddy, and I can tell you are blessings to each other.

  24. Dear, dear Pamela,

    We are soul sisters. When Andrea and I moved to France we arrived with three dogs from the Bedford, NY, SPCA (I know you know that story). One of our three dogs chose Andrea. When she walked by his cage he put his paw out and touched her hand. When she put her hand on his cage he pulled it in, looked into her eyes and gave her a kiss on the hand.

    He was always her dog. They loved each other deeply.

    Happy, happy 2014 dear Pamela. I hope the new year will bring you and yours -- of the four-legged and two legged variety -- nothing but joy and contentment.


  25. You look wonderful, especially after all you've been through in 2013. I wish you, the Song Writer and dear Edward a happier New Year.

  26. Oh, I love the story of how you and Edward became family, so sweet. What a blessing you both have been to each's to many more years together!
    Miss. Ginger is 17 and I'm cherishing every second with her and her wobbly legs (I think she could use a new hip, or two).
    Wishing you all every good thing in the year to come...
    xo J~

  27. I know how you feel. Jones and I are bonded at the hip (and I'm getting a new left one this year). He never criticizes or snaps--just one big blue furry happy poodle who sings to the Stones, Elton John, CCR and Led Zepplin. Who could want more.

  28. True indeed!
    The love of a good dog is a fine thing -so well captured here.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all your family -human and canine.

  29. Dear Pamela
    A heavenly match made on earth. I can see the love in Edward's eye for you. A beautiful image of you two.
    Wishing you many happy adventures in 2014 and hi to the Songwriter and Apple.

    Helen xx

  30. I love your blog. Thank you for sharing Edward with us.

  31. What a great picture of you and Edward. As I sit here with my rescue Jack Russel mix and our big heinz 57 mix dog, also a rescue, I understand completely. Dogs are a source of such unconditional love and loyalty I wonder why everyone doesn't have one!
    Happy New Year.

  32. It's wonderful to have such a deep relationship - regardless of the species. I think such is a contribution to human evolution.

  33. Pamela, I know exactly of what you speak. I've said many times, when I leave this place, I want to go to dog heaven.

  34. Happy and healthy 2014, Sarah! Most of the time I read but do not comment, as time is short for me these days, but I wanted to say I always enjoy your writings.

  35. What an adorable photo! I am thrilled to be joining you and Edward for another year. As I type, Tika is curled up close by. The skies over Saigon are rumbling, she seems to know it before we do.

    So looking forward to sharing another year with you very best

  36. My boy, Finnegan James, is still a wonder to me after 8 years of friendship. He has taught me to hear the silence, smell both the danger and the daisies, and to always run in the rain with a smile on my face. He's my little candle flame, always lighting the path during tough times. "C'mon!" he urges. "You know how to climb. Just keep putting one paw in front of the other." :-)

  37. so beautiful Pamela...
    truly a joy to read...
    thank you for all that you have shared...
    Happy 2014

  38. If my dog Piper could type, and my goats could work the camera, I wouldn't be blogging at all...I'm really more of a transcriptionist! What a wonderful companion you have in Edward! A very Happy New Year to you both.
    I have to add that I recently blogged about my plan to work on my piecrust skills this year ;)

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