Tuesday, April 13, 2010

After The Rain

Though I had sailed too far inside my dreams to notice, it must have rained in the night.  As I step onto the deserted beach this morning, the evidence is clear, each tiny raindrop has left its impression, transforming the carpet of sand underneath my barefeet into a tufted tapestry the colour of buttermilk.
The sun has opened his brilliant eye just above the horizon, sending a million white-robed saints to follow his gaze out over the shimmering water, a glowing triangle of light that causes me to shield my eyes under the palm of my hand.
Mother Nature’s jewelry box lies wide open at my feet, revealing an array of shell-shaped ornaments,  glistening like abalone, opalescent baubles that sing of the sea.  I greedily pocket my favourites.
It is the anniversary of another personal voyage around this shining sun; the birth of my very own new year, and with the crash of each wave, this magnificent setting seems to demand from me serious thought, ruminations on where I have been and where I might wish to go - my plans and hopes for this fresh year that stretches out like an uncharted pathway before me, with no footprints or raindrops yet marking its sand.
 But just now, at this moment, I feel a distraction from these heady thoughts; an insistent stare from a pair of honey brown eyes, a stare that overides all other feelings, a stare intent on conveying to me only one thing. 
Play. With. Me. 
And I realize I can think of no better wish at the dawn of this year than one full of laughter and play. 
Just a four season romp in the sunshine with those whom I love. 
A long carefree morning after the rain.
A happy birth day indeed.

"The Stare"


Thanks so very much to all of you for your sweet birthday wishes.
  They were a treat to find upon my return. 
 I have the most wonderful readers!


  1. Pamela, that was beautiful, so glad you are having a happy birthday. I know that 'play with me look' so well!

  2. Your Birthday! How could I have missed this, big deep birthday wishes are sent to you from Sunny Surrey :) I love your birth day thoughts...reminds me of recent readings on Dorothy Wordsworth. You have such a gift...hope you are enjoying this lovely day :)

    Jeanne xx

  3. Dear Pamela, How your postings always manage to transport me to a different place!

    Today, I am so very pleased that they take me far away from the grey drizzle of Budapest to your sandy sunlit shore.Oh, to go for a paddle rather than a puddle!!

  4. That look . The eternal PON philosophy - let's play then make time for a sausage or two, after all it's your birthday. You sometimes just have to stop and laugh when living with the canine workds natural bon viveurs. I guess today has been a day for getting the sand out of the house and the car.

  5. Lovely - happy birthday - love the photo - I'm inspired to find my fluffy little friend and take her for a romp in backyard - sticks for all!

  6. I'm sending you belated birthday wishes! Sounds like you've had a fabulous birthday! You sure are a cutie...both then and now! Enjoy your week! ♥ Eat cake with those strawberries! ♥

  7. And you are the most wonderful writer..:)

  8. What a beach beauty!
    Hope you're doing lots of playing!

  9. What a handsome beachcomber you have with you! Hope your day was wonderful. Your words and thoughts are always so beautiful -- thank you for sharing them with us.

    Happy Birthday!

  10. Pamela,
    lovely post that dog is precious.
    Happy Birthday,


  11. I love: "tufted tapestry the colour of buttermilk" and "mother nature's jewelry box."


  12. You have a beautiful way of writing, as well as lovely pictures. Happy birthday.

    Come visit me.


  13. Lovely words celebrating your birth year. :)

  14. Hello P&E,

    Glorious descriptions, as ever; "a million white-robed saints" being just one. Who managed to snap you on the beach so alluringly?! ;0)

  15. What a glorious way to celebrate our own special day. My beach time was cut short- but it will always be there waiting for my next visit. I can think of nothing better than long, sunny days spent walking, reading and having such a dear friend to share it all with.

  16. Dear Pamela,
    Belated birthday wishes. I'm sure that you made the very best of your special day and that you were treated like a queen. Edward looks so adorable sitting there on the sand.
    My son and daughter-in-law spent some of their honeymoon in Edinburgh and went to The Witchery and our daughter has also been.... and, loved it !!
    See you on my return !! XXXX

  17. Thank you for this enchanting post, Pamela. It is such a treat to read your words.
    So pleased your birthday was a happy one.

  18. One of those haunting quotes below.
    I had quite forgotten it was Tennyson.
    Lucky Edward at the beach!

  19. Oh, I missed your birthday, did not check in.... here are my most heartfelt wishes for your new year!

    May your dreams come true!
    My daughter shares almost the day... hers is April 8th. Now I will remember!

    I love the beach at any weather! No better place to celebrate!


  20. Oh how lovely this is, the first sentence is wonderful! Glasd you had a good birthday and what beautiful photos of Edward on the beach!

  21. Happy belated Birthday!
    Your doggie's pic says it all!

  22. Love Edward's beach photo. So glad you had a lovely birthday! Leigh

  23. I hope you had a wonderful birthday.x

  24. And what a perfect picture to accompany your post!

    So glad you had a wonderful birthday.

  25. Glad your birthday at the beach was happy. Edward looked relaxed - and I love those red shoes!

    Many happy returns Pamela.

  26. I love Edward...I love you...you are both so breathtakingly beautiful...that profile picture of Edward is something I want to blow up and look at everyday..

  27. That was very beautiful- and a belated happy birthday to you- I hope you had a wonderful time x

  28. Hi Pamela, I still remember the 1st time I saw rain on a beach. I was 25 and came from the most inland county in the UK. For some reason I think I had imagined some sort of rain amnesty for sandy beaches only having visited them in the height of Summer. Now we live just a mile from the beach and I can't imagine what I was thinking.

    Yes beaches are definitely for playing -Edward has the right idea.

  29. We have been celebrating a birthday here also, it looks like you have been transported to the most idyllic of places and in turn have transported us too.

    I hope your birthday was as sunny as your disposition. I am sure Edward saw to that!

  30. Oh gosh, Happy Un-birthday as Alice would say.

    You are an inspiration with your writing and your photographs, an escape.

    Edward looks very, very happy indeed.


  31. I love these photos of Edward and you below relaxing by the sea. Thanks for sharing your sunrise in such lush prose. What a perfect birthday!

  32. The stare. We know it well. Times two. Irresistible.

    Do they practice in the mirror? Or is it a gift of nature to make sure we humans have our priorities right?

    Joan (by permission of my Barkalots)

  33. Edward looks so happy...and you sound so wise...

  34. Adorable photo of a ridiculously adorable doggy! And what a fantastic backdrop too!

    It sounds like you are having a wonderful extended birthday, Pamela. Delighted someone knows how to make the most of it!

  35. Dear Pamela
    So glad you had such a great birthday.. just as it should be.. and I love that beautiful sandy beach and beautiful sandy 'stare at me' doggie to go with it!!!...

    thanks for your lovely words on my anniversary post too!!! hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday celebrations.. xxx Julie

  36. . . . and may all your days in this new year for you measure up to your wish . . . with a wave of my magic wand that leaves a trail of stars behind it, let it be so.


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