Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Storm

The full moon covered his eyes with clouds, not daring to look as the boiling darkness filled the skies above our cottage. Suddenly, like the flash of silver light when a sword is unsheathed, the room was lit like a momentary noon, while off in the distance we could hear the thunder, coming ever nearer, as a herd of black riders galloping over the heavenly plains.

Silent and still we lay there and
whoomp - Edward landed with conviction atop the bed, only to be followed, a short second later, by Apple. In possession of entirely too much dignity to act frightened, they both merely appeared to be checking to see if we were alright. Then agreeing together that we might be just a wee bit nervous, they resolved to stay and keep us company. Edward settled himself with his big white head on the Songwriter’s chest, while Apple cozied up against my knees. The windowpanes rattled and shook with the force of the tempest outside, while the four of us snuggled down and listened. The wind howled and the trees cracked and the rain pelted the windows like slingshot stones. But we lay warm and dry, safe and sound, together. A picture perfect illustration of the sweet eccentricity of family.
For surely as the Windsors or the Waltons, we four are a family .

Sharing one’s life with animals is such a delightful way to live. Having two bright souls around who love without prejudice or condition is a bounding and abiding joy.
Whenever I shudder at the horrors of the world, pain that I am incapable of erasing or evils I can only fight with prayer, I look at my dogs lying contentedly by my chair - with their tummies full, their coats brushed, and their paws dry - and I feel comforted. Here are two kind creatures who were rescued from potential disaster and who are now happy, loved and cared for. Perhaps that is a small thing, but somehow it always makes me feel just a bit better.

My favourite quote remains:

Man with dog closes a gap in the universe.”
C.S. Lewis

Edward and I are so tickled to see the charming photographs
of Bo Obama, or BoBama as we like to call him, the handsome new addition to America’s first family. May he bring them much joy and happiness as they begin their new life as a family of five.


  1. nothing steals a heart like that unconditional love from our pets.....I don't have a dog, but growing up, our family was never without one or two and sometimes three! my mom to this day has a dog and as a dear companion - when the world is all wrong they can make it right for a brief time......

  2. My son has always said that dogs are happiness on four legs. I couldn't agree more. The warm brown eyes of my two rescured huskies wash away any ill that I feel at the moment. I so relate to all that you wrote. Here's to our furry family members and all the joy they bring.
    xo Isa
    ps your description of the storm was just breathtaking.

  3. "Sharing one’s life with animals is such a delightful way to live."

    --love that quote. not read that before.

    Yes, so true about how good it is to live life with animals/pets and to think they were rescued form a shelter makes it that much more poignant. Do you just love storm s with one's animals bundled up all around? I know I do too.

    BoBama is a Portuguese Water god--great dogs--hair instead of fur so although you have to cut them hair, there's no dander to deal with and their hair is surprisingly soft too.

  4. There is nothing like the love of a dog unless it be an old aristocratic cat. Anyone we truly share our life with becomes an integral part of our family unit.
    Yours has attined a wonderful equilibrium.
    Thanks for your mail, your 30 is doing pretty well too. You are to be envies since all things being equal, you still have many more to go.

  5. What a storm! Pets add so much to life. Thanks for sharing that nice photo of the Obamas and their new addition. Lovely portrait.

  6. I love this photo of the Obama's with their new boy. What fun it will be watching this family.
    My pups add so much to our lives-I cannot imagine a time without them.
    Contentment for all of us.

  7. Dogs bring so much love to so many people and you could never be truly lonely if you have a dog for a friend. Love the first dog - that tail is priceless.

  8. We awoke to thunder bolts and lightening, very very frightening...
    it must have made it's way over to you? It's a good job that you had two brave dogs for protection!

  9. Our Kelly is the apple of our eye and so was our Buddy before he decided to run the fields above. An amimals love is like no other and so unconditiona.

    The new white house pups markings are cute. I love the white socks. Have the last few President's dogs been the color of black? xoxo

  10. the last photo is so lovely & amazing painting as usual too :)

  11. 'The sweet eccentricity of family.' I love that!

    What a beautiful post, Pamela.

  12. This was a really lovely post Pamela! I am so glad Songwriter was there to make you, Edward and Apple feel safe!The love between animals and their keepers is next to perfect!

  13. That's one lucky dog. Two, since Edward must be included.

  14. There is no comfort like your dog is there? I love reading about your dear pals! I think I'll go hug my puppy :)

  15. You make having dogs sound so have a great way with words!

  16. You captured that storm so vividly...I was reading it and wishing I was there! I love long as there is a happy ending. Pets on the bed is a happy ending! (The happiest!)

  17. Bo is lovely isn't he? But then Edward and his companion are just as beautiful and you can give them a cuddle whenever you wish.

  18. Hello P&E,

    You conjured up quite a storm there! Glad you were cosy inside. Bobama looks cute, though I've already forgotten the name of the breed!

  19. This one defies the "name game" bo, bo, bo-bo
    obama-fana fo bo
    fee-fi mo mo

    Diddley, Diddley bo biddley
    Obama fana fo fiddley
    Fi fi mo middley

    Anyway, what I was ALLUDING to is a blogger called Dooce. She is a real cause celebre for being fired for having a blog. I saw her on Oprah and she makes forty thousand a month from blog advertising. I think I've made 68 cents. Her husband quit his job in 05.

  20. B Baggins always comes to make sure I'm OK during storms too:) The companionship of a dog is something very special. That was a wonderful description of a storm.
    I've missed the arrival of Apple, what a lovely dog and so nice for Edward to have a friend. We were looking at a picture of the new addition to the Obama family in yesterday's paper - looks like a dog of character.

  21. Hi just found your blog and fell in love with it. I am a German who would like after wandering the world to settle in the Scottish Highlands but found myself living in Florida......
    I love dogs and volunteer in an animal shelter, however at home I was mastered by a cat ;-) Will visit often, Paula

  22. yes pets are such good companions. We're starting to think about getting another rabbit...

  23. We woke to a thunderstorm a couple of mornings ago but our two puss-cats - who had spent all night sleeping on our feet didn't stay to protect us - they disappeared under the bed with wild eyes and claws gripping the carpet and stayed there until it was all over - not even the lure of breakfast could tempt them out from their secure hideaway:)

  24. Ha ha, BoBama, that's great!

    We too, have an unusual "family" with the six of us. Red, a.k.a. 'Clockwork Orange" is our rooster, signalling the dawn with demanding operatic wails and tactics.
    When the weather hurls and swirls outside, the four come bounding on the bed to snuggle in and keep us safe (and themselves secure).

    Lovely thoughts, Pamela. (How fortunate you are to have a songwriter in your life too.)


  25. My world verification was "unamol" and I am taking that as a glorious sign! I hear someone has already written a book about the First Dog. However, being a sap for these kind of things, I hope Melia and Sasha write, photograph and illustrate their own first dog book. Is there anything more beautiful than a kid with a dog? Well, maybe a grown up with a dog. Or maybe a dog with a dog. Love your blog...and your dogs!

  26. I love that "mom" gets to walk the new baby :-) Beautiful photo.

  27. Such a lovely post! The writing, the quote, the closing image -- beautiful.


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