Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Come With Me!

Come With Me!

As the release date for my new book, The Sweet Taste of Muscadines, approaches,

 I have moved over to my new website

Here you can find all the information about the book, 

any upcoming events, and my monthly letter. 

 This blog, which I hold dear, will be archived there and linkable from the website. 

Remember, you can also find me... and the dogs... on Instagram!

Much love,

 and see you soon!




  1. It's been years since I first discovered your blog and then Bob and Sophies which I still read every day. Your first book still on my bedside table. I will miss your beautiful words and sentences since I'm not on Instagram. I will surely try to get your new book. I wish you lots of succes! Nicole G - Belgium

    1. Nicole, I will be writing monthly on the new website, so I hope you can join me there. xx

  2. See you there! And congratulations again on the book. I look forward to reading it.xox

  3. Sorry, no Instagram, no Facebook. Lots of us don't "do" social media due to privacy and security issues, not to mention cyberstalking and cyberbullying. Life without social media is so much more peaceful though Instagram has gorgeous photos (which it won't allow viewing for long before locking down, unfortunately). I did look at your new website but it did not seem to have anything in the "monthly letter". I will be sorry to not be able to see the Edward blog anymore with your beautiful writing and the book lists and the Scotland posts. Looks like the blog has gone away like so many other blogs where the writers just get too busy to keep up. Best wishes for your future.

  4. "Bon Voyage" and enjoy your new site. I will make a point of putting that on my reading list.

  5. Congratulations! I look forward to readng your new website


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