Monday, September 7, 2020


 The Book

When a dream is realized you no longer count the hours.  Those endless afternoons in a cranny of the library, lost inside a world no one but you is even aware exists, talking to people in your head who seem as real to you as family.  And when you emerge from that world to share it with others, you are amazed that they find it as fascinating as you did yourself, amazed that a fabulous agent wants to represent you, amazed that a publisher like Random House wants to publish you.  

    You are stunned when you see the beautiful cover.  Stunned to see your book up on websites for pre-ordering.  Stunned to know that in a few short months, people all over will be able to enter the world you created in the silence of your own imagination.  

    But my sweet friends, that is where I am right now.  Amazed, stunned and so very grateful.  Above is the cover of my new novel, THE SWEET TASTE OF MUSCADINES.  You can read more about it at the Random House website, and on all bookshop sites.  It will be released on March 16, and I pray for a happier, brighter, saner world when that date rolls around.  

    I hope to be writing more here soon.

Much Love, 


and Apple, Andrew, George, and The Songwriter... all masked and doing well. xx


  1. You must be so excited! Just pre-ordered your book and look forward to reading, hopefully, as you said, in a much better time.

  2. I am a fellow book-lover and so very excited to read, "The Sweet Taste of Muscadines."
    My best wishes to you, Pamela, on this wonderful achievement!

  3. That is wonderful news. Congratulations to you and to Random House. What better hope for the future can there be than a promise of the sweet taste of muscadines ?

  4. Bravo, Pamela! I'm looking forward to reading this. What a lovely cover! I'm adding my prayers for a brighter and saner world; we've been "trapped" in our current nightmare too long. I'm confident that reading your book will be like taking a long and welcome breath of fresh air.

  5. Congratulations on your book being published.
    Many blessings always


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