Saturday, February 1, 2020

Puppies and Patriots

Puppies and Patriots

Say hello to George!
I know, I know, three dogs is excessive.  But we'd been keeping an eye out for a playmate for our gentle giant, Andrew.  Then, without fanfare, an email landed in my inbox last Wednesday with a photograph of this wee chap and the dye was set.  Despite many applications for him, we were the lucky ones chosen and now, a mere ten days later, it seems George was always part of the family.  Apple finds him amusing, but Andrew plays with him constantly, and the sight of an 103 lb dog playing with a 10.5 lb puppy is entertaining beyond measure.  No one knows exactly which breed is dominant is this little fellow, though the vet believes he's primarily a wheaten terrier.  He does have pretty big feet, and he's seriously fluffy.  More photos of him can be found on my Instagram page. 

Also, work has begun at Random House on the cover of my novel, 
I'll share a photo when I have it.  The release will be January 2021 and it's all very exciting.  I am now hard at work on my second book.  Three big dogs sleeping under my desk can only help this all-consuming process.

And finally, yesterday was a brutal day, both for lovers of the US Constitution and an united Europe.  The faux impeachment trial of our president and the official onset of Brexit in the UK converged on the same day, a dark alignment of stars that will change the course of both our countries for generations.  Unlike US citizens, who have a chance to redirect their disastrous direction at the ballot box in November, those in Britain will have a rougher road.  This editorial gracefully expresses the truth and consequences of Brexit.

And, while I could write my feelings on the events of the week here in my own country, I'll instead turn to two of our founding fathers for their thoughts.  There is a reason our constitution has stood strong for 200 years.  These men anticipated our current predicament.  

From Alexander Hamilton....

"The truth unquestionably is, that the only path to a subversion of the republican system of the Country is, by flattering the prejudices of the people, and exciting their jealousies and apprehensions, to throw affairs into confusion, and bring on civil commotion...
When a man unprincipled in private life, desperate is his fortune, bold in his temper, possessed of considerable talents, having the advantage of military habits - despotic in his ordinary demeanor - known to have scoffed in private at the principles of liberty - when such a man is seen to mount the hobby horse of popularity - to join in the cry of danger to liberty - to take every opportunity of embarrassing the General Government, bringing it under suspicion - to flatter and fall in with all the non sense of the zealots of the day - It may justly be suspected that his object is to throw things into confusion that he may 'ride the storm and direct the whirlwind.'"

And, from Thomas Paine, whose words express my feelings so succinctly:

"I should suffer the misery of devils, were I to make a whore of my soul by swearing allegiance
 to one whose character is that of a sottish, stupid, stubborn, worthless, brutish man."

Love and Grace to you all.


  1. Congratulations on the new addition to your (doggie) family. And congratulations on your novel. I will look forward to reading it when it comes out.

    Meanwhile, I couldn't agree with you more re: the two quotes from Hamilton and Paine. Over the next 10 months, people who find current White House and GOP behavior outrageous really need to get going.

  2. I didn't realize that it took so long to get a book published. I suppose there is editing, artwork, etc. It is all very exciting for you - congratulations!
    I enjoyed seeing the 3 photos of your dogs, together.
    As for the Senate vote, yesterday......I am trying hard not to be bitter, or despair over it. All we can do is vote Trump and all of his Republican cronies out of office. We will then need to rebuild, if we can. This whole thing has been baffling to me.

  3. RIP American Democracy. I will do everything in my power to see that this Republicans Senators are not reelected!

  4. I love your 3 sweet doggies. I can't wait to read your newest book.
    The current state of our country, politically speaking, saddens me more than I can say. I can only hope that there will be a change if not this coming year, then (God forbid) in 2024. I will pray that our country survives that time under this lunatic and his cult followers.

  5. I check your beautiful blog for a new entry and tonight you pleased me very much - especially with the news and picture of your THREE beautiful dogs! They must lighten your heart during these dark days. Nothing seems right with our country but we will band together and vote this evil out of office. Your new book will be exciting in many ways. Loving your intelligent quotes and comments - and Apple wearing a fabulous collar! - from Michigan Susan

  6. George looks like a very worthy addition to the pack ! Congratulations to you and welcome to him. Thank God for dogs and the sense of proportion they bring. In a world of unintended consequences it's not impossible to imagine us having Scottish passports within the next decade.

  7. So good to read you again Pamela - it is a long time since you posted on here. What a sweetie your new pup is. Did you know that a couple of weeks ago I had to have my beloved Tess put to sleep as she had a stroke. How I miss her. But as I am now 87 and not very mobile I don't feel I can have another. Your three look such fun together - enjoy every minute you have them.

  8. A simple yes in agreement, and I applaud your courage in speaking out because there is no doubt in my mind that under the "patriot" Act (small "p" deliberate)and current political movement (not the least the support in the general populace of that movement) there's no doubt in my very worried mind that blog posts are routinely being monitored for what frightening future purpose one can only surmise. I am very old (the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn when I was born) - I've seen a lot over my decades, and absolutely nothing is as deeply terrifying as where things are relentlessly heading. These days I actually am thankful that I will likely not live long enough to see the inevitable end result of the trajectory of US and UK activities. A terrible thing, this, to be thankful that for political reasons I won't have to witness the future.

  9. I love your three puppies. I can't wait to read your latest book.
    Politically, I feel sad about the state of our country. I can only hope that if nothing changes next year, it will be 2024 (God forbid). I will pray that our country will survive the reign of that lunatic and his fanatical followers.custom made blankets

  10. Belated congratulations on the arrival of George! We were a one dog family for so many years and Merlin was the centre of our universe. We lost him almost a year ago and have since rescued 3. Rescuing is quite addictive, but for the sake of my neighbours and until such time as I either return to my crumbly old convent in France, or up sticks to the Scottish Borders, 3 must be my limit. My Lala Bear is quite similar to Edward.


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