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Emma Watson, Fairies and Books: A Reading List for an Early Spring

Emma Watson, Fairies and Books
A Reading List for an Early Spring

Having always been suspicious of anything too popular, I came to the Harry Potter books rather late.  The fourth one was being published before I was convinced to open the first.  A mere few chapters in and I was happy to admit, in this case, my suspicions were unfounded; these were wonderful stories, more than worthy of their magical reputation.  I tore threw the first four with glee and joined the ranks of children and adults alike who waited impatiently for each new book to be published.  Even today I’m a little envious of anyone, young or old, who’s not yet read the Potter books.  What a treat awaits them.
Had I been younger, I would have found a serious heroine in Hermione Granger, the smart, bookish Gryffindor girl who possesses bravery and brains in equal measure.  And when I saw the films, I have no doubt Emma Watson, the young actress who played Hermione, would have been utterly fascinating to me.  Watching Ms. Watson grow up through those films was a treat, even more so when one sees the young woman she’s become today.  Fame is so often a dastardly gift, one that once given, cannot be returned.  To bestow it on a child is dangerous indeed and we’ve witnessed so many go off the rails into thickets of trouble from which no exit can ever be found.  But Emma Watson appears to have been much like the character she played:  level-headed, whip smart and bookish.  A new generation of little girls is about to discover her as Belle in the new Beauty and the Beast.  How lucky they are.

Delightfully,  Emma Watson has of late been acting in the role of Book Fairy,  dropping of copies of her favourite books - in subways, on park benches - for people to find and take with them.  She includes a personal note in each book she leaves lying around and she encourages the reader to leave it in a public place when they’re finished for others to find.   She was lately in Paris, placing copies of Maya Angelou’s, Mom and Me and Mom,  alongside the statue of Gertrude Stein. 
 I have to admit, I just love that.

So, in the spirit of Emma and Hermione, here's a baker's dozen  books that I’ve recently read, along with a few that are working their way up to the top of my stack to be read, just in time for this oh, so early Spring.  As usual, just click on the book to see more.
Hopefully you’ll find something here 
that peaks your interest.

All the best, 

The Chateau
by William Maxwell

Anything is Possible
by Elizabeth Strout

Foreign Affairs
by Alison Lurie

Just Mercy
by Bryan Stevenson

Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk
by Kathleen Rooney

Lincoln in the Bardo
by George Saunders

How They Decorated
by P. Gaye Tapp

A Gentleman in Moscow
by Amor Towles

The Photo Ark
by Joel Sartore

The Dark Flood Rises
by Margaret Drabble

The Givenness of Things
by Marilynne Robinson

America's Original Sin
by Jim Wallis

by The Fan Brothers


  1. I always, ALWAYS cherish your booklists, Pamela, and often refer back to them when I'm looking for just the right read. "The Snow Child" is one which you introduced on a post some moons ago. I just finished it, loved every moment of it, and wanted you to know that your posts are appreciated.

    Good for Emma Watson! I loved the Harry Potter books and appreciated Hermione's character. Some of these books are languishing on the table beside my bed, others have just now been entered on wish lists, most especially "The Night Gardener". From the cover, the sneak peak inside, and the authors - The Fan Brothers! I will be giving this to the grandkids (which is a way of giving it to myself). :)

  2. I read my first Harry Potter book last year. And then I read them all. My grandchildren are reading them and I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about. Then I watched the movies again and enjoyed them rather more than the last time, but understood, at last, what people meant when they said the books included so much more. I am not the inveterate fan that some are, but I did crochet a Gryffindor scarf for my granddaughter to wear with her Hermione costume for Halloween.

    On the other hand, I haven't read any of the books on your list and look forward to making a selection. Which one do you think I should read first?

  3. Thank you for the heads up. I have trouble finding books I want to finish. I think Gaye's book comes out in April - can't wait, and have to get the National Geo one.

  4. I am one of those you mention,
    having not yet read any of the Potter books ...
    I like thinking that something very special awaits.

    A grand list - Thank You!

  5. I too, really look forward to your book lists. You seem to find just the right mix of books on my radar anyway and books I have never heard of but thoroughly enjoy. I love this photo of Emma Watson and admire the person she is. My daughters follow her suggestions on her feminist bookclub site and what an inspired project to leave books around for people to read. Thank you again Pamela for another wonderful post. Lisa from Bookslooksandcooks

  6. How grand to have a new book list from you! The Chateau just happens to be the book I'm about to begin; Maxwell writes beautifully. I love Marilynne Robinson's eassays as well as her fiction and this book was no exception. I'm adding the Elizabeth Strout to my must-read list. Your list is delicious fun and you have so brightened my day.

  7. I am truly Honored to be in this excellent list, I am reading Lincoln in the Bardo right now. thank you for sharing my book with your readers. pgt

  8. Sarah Katherine MooreMarch 11, 2017 at 12:00 PM

    Just read Lilian Boxfish for the second time. Enchanting and beautifully written!

  9. Thank you so much. I am always looking for books to read, usually late in the evening, so, I'm trying to build up my reading list with good recommendations.

  10. Lots of new titles there Pamela.
    Thank you so much.
    Anita xx


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