Friday, December 16, 2016

Two Weeks to Go... A Last Minute Shopping List

Two Weeks to Go

The line of traffic stretched out in front of me as far as my eye could see, a long curving garland of red brake lights twinkling in the cold rain.  A rather macabre Christmas decoration, but I see Christmas everywhere just now.  I’m early this year.  My gifts are wrapped and those that needed to be mailed have been mailed.  The fudge is made and some of it has already been delivered.  The cards have been addressed and are winging their way across the world as we speak.  (You can peek into Christmas at The House of Edward on our Instagram page.)
But don’t be cross with me; it’s a rare thing for me to be completely at my leisure with two whole weeks still to go before Christmas, and for those of you with a bit more shopping to do…. here are a dozen goodies you can still grab up before the deadline.
Just click on the picture and it’s all nearly done. 
Fun, huh?

1. The Pajamas
She will love these.
AND, they’re on sale!

2.  The Teddy Bear
Perhaps for yourself.
We all need our own teddy these days, right?

3.  The Holiday Candle
Charles Dickens Library candle.
Combine this with THIS BOOK
 and you’ve got the perfect hostess gift.

4.  The Coat
Fake and fun.
The best kind.

5.  The Books
I know I’ve already done a book post but….
these sets are marvelous.
gardening set....
and a Narnia set.
And many, many more.
Too wonderful.

6.  The Sweater
One you can feel good in.
And feel good about.
Thanks, Emma.

7.  The Cookies
Bake these.
Include THIS.
 And you’re a genius.

8.  The Bike
and yes, a bit of a splurge.

9.  The Gloves
These keep your hands from freezing whilst walking the dog, 
and you can still text for help if you fall in a snowbank.
Plus, a wee bit of tartan!

10.  The Dog Toy
Fun, and immense satisfaction, for the whole family.

11.  The Scarf
Moon and Stars.
12.  The Yarn
100% Cashmere
and there’s still time to knit a cowl.
are flying across the world for Christmas.
Last shipping date, the 20th!
Don’t delay!


  1. Lovely gifts and a couple to bring a laugh. Add personal shopper to your bio!
    Merry Christmas 🎄

  2. I especially love the dog toy Pamela (and the American sense of himour!)

  3. Good ideas and alas, I am not finished shopping nor baking.

  4. I just bought the Trump dog toy. The perfect gift for my granddoggies to tear apart on Christmas Day!

  5. Love the gloves and the dog toy. I have my copy of 'Edward Speaks at Midnight' to read to my grandson on Christmas Eve. Happy Christmas.

  6. Great gift ideas. I love the PJ's but even on sale they seem a little high. Still, I'll keep my eye on them in case right after Christmas they go down even more.
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  7. I-75. Thank you for the bracing reminder of urban life. It also brings back memories of the rental firm at the airport that matched us with a Chevy Yukon. Thankfully it was two in the morning but a jet lagged trip to Buckhead in a Yukon is not a great start to a day.

  8. The lovely sweater on Emma Watson was spun in Commerce, Ga, I see. That is wonderful news.

  9. I'm entirely captivated by the scarf.


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