Sunday, May 1, 2016


“Now is the month of Maying, 
When merry lads are playing.”
Thomas Morley

Greetings to May.
The prettiest month of the year.


  1. He is indeed a merry lad!

  2. The prettiest month of the year, I like that. And a nice portrait of Edward.

  3. What a nice picture! A really fine artist, I can see. It's really hard to "capture" the personality of animals. I'm glad May is here. Right now we're in Spain, and yesterday, (May Day) was celebrated as El Dia de la Madre here. (Mother's Day.) Normally shops close on Sundays, but the flower shops were all open and the restaurants were full.

  4. Seeing Angus' comment reminds me that life has overtaken me and I have not checked in on him and his Rickety Farmhouse with the Pons in some time. Something to look forward to, as is this beautiful month of May. It has always been my favorite mnth, but then perhaps it's because it's my birthday month.

    Edward looks so handsome!

  5. The month of May has always been special to me !

  6. Edward looks so handsome. Did you paint this?
    Happy May!

  7. What a lovely painting! April, May, June . . . my favorite months.

  8. Lovely watercolor of Edward! Did you paint it yourself? I love May too. It's such a relief after our long winter and mud season.


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