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Christmas Shopping: The List

Christmas Shopping
The List
While I am seriously irritated by the ubiquity of the modern-day term “Black Friday” - which in my view sounds more like a horror movie than any sort of festive start to the holiday shopping season - I do confess to love choosing gifts for those near and dear to me each year.   I also confess that since I do this all year long (whenever I’m traveling or in a special shop, I’m always Christmas shopping) my gift list is already checked off.  (Don’t get mad at me… I also make a lot of gifts, so I’m doing that all year as well.) 

So it’s with a relaxed pace that I wander through the stores this season.  And I really love it.  Yes, I stay far away from the cattle yards of mega-stores and malls, preferring instead those little shops where a silver bell jangles when I open the door, the wooden floors creak a little as I wander through, and the air smells of old books, paperwhites, and mulled cider.  Occasionally I find a treasure or two in these places, but the atmosphere itself holds so much of the sort of Christmas magic that I seek out just now, that is often treasure enough.  I always make time to stop for people-watching in a cafe or coffee shop or a stroll through a Christmas tree lot.  I stop to try on extravagant hats.  I flip through expensive books and get a sack full of Christmas cookies in the local bakery.  It’s magic, it’s festive, it’s fun.

 That’s rather what I hope you’ll find at the start of my own Christmas shopping season here at The House of Edward as you take a look through a few specially selected treats chosen to charm and tempt you. 
 After all, the holidays are coming, whether we’re ready or not.
  And aren’t we glad they are!  

1.  Book
Of course the number one gift here this year is my brand-new children’s book,
Edward Speaks at Midnight, A Christmas Story. 
I have been both astonished and so grateful for all the many orders placed.  Books are currently being shipped all over the world and letters are beginning to come in; letters which make me incredibly happy…

Thank you for the wonderful book, Edward Speaks at Midnight. What a heartwarming story with beautiful illustrations!  Edward is so wise. We wish he would run for President.  Apple is dear to our cheese-loving hearts”….

I collect special christmas children's books. Only I don't consider them children's books at all.  Just as this one is not only for children. It's for EVERYONE! Everyone who believes in love and what's best about Christmas.”….

We know a lot of these books are being purchased for holiday gifts, so the elves at Wild Bouquet Press want me to tell you that they will be happy to wrap your order for Christmas if you wish.  Just indicate this on the order form under “special instructions”.  And keep writing… I love hearing where these books will spend the holidays! 
Find your copy HERE

2.  Handkerchiefs
My Father was never without a handkerchief. 
These are updated with a touch of irresistible whimsy and style.
Love them.
Find them HERE.

3.  Snowflake Cake Pan
Just imagine the cakes you’ll create for your holiday table!
Find this fabulous pan HERE

4. Christmas Cakes
  Here in the Southern part of the US, our holiday cake is often Red Velvet, but across the pond, Christmas Cake is fruitcake.  Not the sort of fruitcake that can easily double as a doorstop.  Not the sort you find sold in Southern drugstores, either.  The British Christmas Cake is something altogether different and delectable.  And I have it on good authority that the best of best of the British Christmas Cakes can be ordered from the Edminston sisters of London.  Portia, Pandora and Scarlett’s secret family recipe has been perfected through three generations and is oh, so, sorely tempting.
Find them HERE.

5.  Book and Candle
I learned about these wonderful candles from the pretty red-haired girl who works at my favourite, world’s best,  yarn shoppe.  She loved them, and I so agree.  Each candle creates the fragrance of certain bookish locations… 
For instance, the above “Christmas In The Great Hall” 
smells like Mistletoe, Gingerbread, Cinnamon, Peppermint.
  Of course! 
Then there’s “Sherlock’s Study”, 
which smells of Sweet Pipe Tobacco, Cherrywood, and Fresh Rain.
With fragrances of “Through the Wardrobe”, “Sassenach”, “Reading at the Cafe’, or “Oxford Library”, just to name a few.  Imagine giving someone a gorgeous copy of Pride and Prejudice with a “Pemberley Gardens” candle. 
Find them all HERE

6.  Big Fat Stuffed Animals
I’m crazy about these.
Enough to buy one for myself possibly.
I’m partial to the Corgi, of course.
But the Dinosaur's pretty cute, too.
Find them all HERE

7.  Santa Mugs
They’re back!
My favorite holiday mugs.
Find them HERE
and to put in these mugs....
7b.  Horlicks Light Chocolate Malt
Though my British friends are shaking their heads right now, 
I have to say that I absolutely love Horlicks Light Chocolate Malt drink.  
Give me a hot Santa mug of this, by the fire.  
Add a good book and a couple of furry dogs and I’m so very happy.  Also, for some inexplicable reason,
 I sleep like a baby after I drink a cupful. 
Find it HERE

8.  Fair Isle Gloves
Wintertime means my paws are in gloves almost all the time. 
And the ones I love most are the ones I purchased 
on a blustery day in Shetland. 
Handknit by a Shetlander named Agnes Bowie, 
they are gorgeous and incredibly warm.
You can find a pair like this for yourself,
 or for a special person,

9.  Liberty Sewing Machine
Love, love, love.
Find it HERE

10.  Ushanka Hats
Unbelievably fetching.  
Absolutely faux.
Find them HERE

Have fun!
Christmas Book List Coming Soon!


  1. Love your Christmas gift list. I received your book a few days ago and plan on reading it on Sunday with the grandkids. Can't wait!! Maybe I'll just take a peek tonight!

  2. I'll take the corgi, please! :-)

  3. Oh, Pamela, I do like your selection of gifts. That sewing machine is tempting, though I can't sew a straight line and I'd have to read the directions - never mind.

  4. LOVE "Edward Speaks At Midnight"!!!
    I knew it would be wonderful and will be a Christmas classic in my cottage!!!

  5. Oh, those hats! and Edward's book! What a wonderfully tempting collection. Happy Holidays!

  6. OHMYGOSH! dear pamela!
    other than your beautiful book which i've already bought and find an absolute DELIGHT!... and as priscilla says...
    will definitely be a christmas classic in my little cottage too! ...

    i want at least one of everything you've listed here. i may just do my shopping on all these links!
    such wonderful unusual gifts. thank you!

  7. What great ideas. The candles and gloves are of particular interest. Thank you for helping with the shopping for this wonderful season.

  8. A wonderful selection Pamela and all so perfect for the festive season..... I love the thought of the candles with an appropriate book { ... an idea that I will definitely use } You never fail to inspire me. XXXX

  9. What a wonderful assortment of gifts. I love the mugs, the snowflake pan, the Liberty sewing machine, and your book, of course!
    xo Sunday

  10. I love your list of Christmas presents Pamela - lovely ideas.
    I particularly like your photograph of the Christmas cake. I have made two very similar ones this year - the fruit in them being a selection of glace fruits and the decoration on the top being similar to the one in the photograph. I like the idea of tying the tartan bow round - I shall look out for tartan ribbon - so thank you for that.

  11. From a fan in Cleveland Ohio. Everything but the scented candles. Why. It's what my mother called a wolf in sheep's clothing.

  12. Edward speaks at Midnight was delivered by France Poste yesterday afternoon. We've taken the liberty of talking about it in todays post. What fun !

  13. Great ideas. I'm going to order a few of those candles! The sewing machine is too cute!

  14. I can always count on you for eclectic and fun gift suggestions. How satisfying to have your latest Edward book so well received here and abroad!


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