Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Light

Easter Light

There are those who still wait on the hillsides, 
their weary eyes fixed on the far eastern sky. 
 They stand with their hopes linked to all of mankind as they watch for signs of the dawn, each of them longing to see, once again, the promise, the holy confirmation, as the darkness disappears in the presence of the light.   Slowly, the aurora emerges along the horizon like the casual opening of a seraphic eye, casting prismatic rays out over the landscape, painting a languishing world with the colours of joy. 

Mingling mystery with memory, the light travels through gardens graced with cherry trees weeping in candescent blooms of pink.  It blazes through cathedral windows, their picturesque puzzle pieces trembling with the resounding hosannas of song.   It illuminates the stage sets of my memory with ephemeral beams that shine down on my father as he once again places an Easter gardenia into the palm of my hand. It warms with a radiance that remembers the best of our future whilst turning to ashes the worst of our past. 

 Be they twisted and coiled as the back of a serpent,
 or a continuous ribbon of white flowers and moss,
 this beacon still shines upon all of our pathways  -  no stone can eclipse this light.  
And we may follow it, singing, up over the hillsides, 
on up through the clouds, 
all the long, long way back,
 into Canaan.
For Easter, a reprint of a previous essay, 
found on page 45 in From The House of Edward, here.
Edward and I wish you a most happy holiday.


  1. Beautiful, evocative and pulsing with joy.

  2. And Easter Greetings from France profonde where Good Friday morning was heralded by a glorious sunrise into a cloudless sky. PONs and a group of early rising Slovenian pilgrims watched it and smiled.

  3. Pamela,
    What a lovely way to begin the weekend, thank you for your always inspiring and calming words.
    Happy Easter!

  4. A Happy Easter to you too Pamela. Edward looks to be so enjoying his book.

  5. Lovely and enlightening as always Pamela. Happy Easter to you and yours!

    The Arts by Karena
    Ellipsis: Dual Vision

  6. Happy Easter to you and Edward


  7. Happy Easter Pamela, I do hope you and the lovely Edward are having a wonderful Easter :)

  8. Yes Pamela, I opened page 45 with the lovely clover leaves, some 4-leafed lucky ones, on the opposite page!
    If only this frightening world could change and become a place of peace as HE wanted it to be.
    Beautiful post/essay - you definitely stir the soul and bring such clarity to a vision with your precious words.

    Thank you, and I hope today is as beautiful there in your garden as here in mine in Raleigh. . . . . . perfect comes to mind!
    Hugs - Mary

  9. Am I correct in thinking today may be your birthday? My husband has a birthday today and it coincided with Easter Sunday, (his actual birthday was Easter Sunday). I seem to recall reading somewhere that you and he shared the same date? Anyway, whatever I wish you and Edward a very Happy Easter Sunday. x


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