Sunday, November 23, 2014

Never Too Soon.... A Holiday List

Never Too Soon…. a Holiday List
For the past week or so, I have noticed heralds of the festive season materializing all around me like shiny gifts from fairies unseen.  I don’t mean any sort of those commercial fripperies of red and green that went up months ago in the merchant’s effort to snare as many early shoppers as possible. No, I speak of the beribboned wreath on the ordinary door.  The bejeweled fir tree in the cottage window.  Overnight, it seems, Christmas has drifted down through the frosted air, more premature than punctual, but no less welcome to my soul.  These early adornments have only served to validate a personal theory;  one possessing neither scientific merit nor scholarly sanction, but one that I’ve fervently believed in for ages:  The harder the year, the earlier the Christmas decorations.

The news of 2014 has often been hard to bear.  So much violence, so much sickness, so much despair.  In years such as this, it seems an almost unconscious yearning for the hope and goodwill of Christmas permeates our hearts.  We long for the beauty of twinkling lights and crackling fires, gaily wrapped presents and happy faces.  We want to hear carols and taste chocolate.  We want to give gifts to those we love.  Whether the reds and greens of Christmas or the blues and silvers of Hanukkah, we want colour, lots of colour, to challenge the grey of the news.  

One of the most magnificent things about the holiday season is its consistency.  No matter what happens - no matter how we feel, or what we think - it always arrives this time of year with all the warmth and delight of our childhood.  It is up to us to welcome it in.  And this year, like so many of those around me it seems, I am throwing open my doors early.  Benjamin Britten is playing, fires are crackling in the old stone fireplace.  I’ve begun my Christmas cards and, in anticipation for a Thanksgiving night party, The Songwriter is on the tall ladder stringing lights on the giant fir tree that stands guard by the front porch.  Even the weather seems ready; it’s colder than ever this year.

So… to help get you started on the holidays… here’s a wee list of wonderful things.  Oh, there will be more lists as the season unfurls, but these are a few early ideas that I couldn’t resist.  Have fun!  and Happy Holidays!

1.  Owl
There are birds, collected over many years, 
that roost in the branches of my sitting room Christmas tree.
  Pheasants and Cardinals, Lovebirds and Owls.
Lots of Owls.
This one is amazing.
Find him HERE.

2.  Slippers
I've just ordered a pair of these for myself.
For fireside sitting.
Edward will, no doubt, use one for a pillow.
Find them HERE.

3.  Pajamas
These are my favorite winter pajamas.
Perfect for addressing cards, wrapping presents,
dashing outside for another log for the fire, 
stirring fudge, napping,
curling up to watch Miracle on 34th Street (the old black and white version, naturally),
  and yes, sleeping.
Love them!
Find them HERE

4.  Set of Boxes
For love letters, postcards, 
photos, feathers...
or that secret stash of chocolate.
Love these.
Find them HERE.

5.  Embossing Rolling Pin
Isn't this a fabulous idea?
Imagine your holiday cookies embossed with festive patterns.
There's even a houndstooth design.
Find them HERE.

6.  Polar Bear Puppet
He looks so much like Edward, 
it was all I could do not to order him for myself!
Find him, and many more,  HERE.

7.  Tartan Shawl
What can I say?
This makes me swoon.
Find it HERE

8.  Dog Tags
Lots of parties, lots of opening doors.
Lots of opportunities for gregarious dogs to run outside to places unknown.
These are a brilliant idea.
Find them HERE.

9. Santa Mugs
For the Party!!
Love these.
Find them HERE.

10.  Little Reading Mouse
I'm utterly besotted with these.
Cutest things ever.
Perhaps a collection?
Created by artist Johana Molina, you can
Find them HERE.


  1. Pamela I do agree with you and all of these comforting gifts make us feel cossetted from the world's woes! Adore the tartan shawl!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Thank you for posting the delightful list! Its the best I've seen this season. There are several I'll be checking out.
    I think you are right about harder times, earlier holiday decorations. Thankfully, it feels to me that Thanksgiving is being high lighted more than it has been. There was a space of years where I believe that wonderful Thursday was being pushed aside in favor of Santa. As for color, Kwanzaa, celebrated the day after Christmas is full of color.
    Stay warm and have a wonderful week-end

  3. I am listening to the old (Johnny Mathis etc.) carols while reading this. Your house must be beautiful at Christmastime. I love the owl and tartan scarf and all of it really. My Sister, my dog, my heart has gone blind and cataract surgery is coming, so the tags were a perfect reminder to all. Sister will be on a leash until after her surgery. Happy holidays.

  4. You have made a Christmas list which would suit almost everyone Pamela. I love particularly those box files, and that sweet little reading mouse. The slippers look most inviting and I agree about them being used as a dog-pillow. I always start my shopping early because I like plenty of time to think about things for everyone and I do agree with you that at a time when the world is in turmoil, and when the weather is particularly unkind (especially in the US) - Christmas seems all the more important.

  5. Lovely Christmas list; full of wonderful ideas. I love your book lists. Will there be one forthcoming in the near future?

  6. Both those felt creations stole my heart. You would look fabulous in that tartan shawl - I'm sure Santa would agree. I'm tempted by the pajamas. The link says they're men's. How's the fit and I was wondering how unisex the pants might be?

  7. Nope. I don't think of Christmas until after Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday.

  8. YOU MUST get the TARTAN SHAWL........YOU MUST!Edward will give it to off you go to ORDER IT!

  9. Bob wishes he lived in America. Then he could get Turkey in November and December !

  10. A fire crackles cheerfully in our stove and a cat has claimed my lap as I peruse your wonderful holiday list--which is a gift in itself! A little later this morning I will have the pleasure of running out and selecting my Christmas wreath--always a highlight of the holiday season. A friend makes the most marvelous wreaths, decorated with natural materials such as rose hips, sprigs of juniper, seed pods, grasses, etc. that she has collected during the fall. The ribbons she uses for her bows are the most beautiful I have ever seen. My holiday wreath will hang by our front door long after Christmas has come and gone! Enjoy the season, dear Pamela!

  11. wonderful post, wishing you a wonderful holiday season. yvonne

  12. Your lists are always full of the bestest stuff; love the mouse who is reading.

  13. The snow owl, the snow owl, the snow owl! Recently, saw a western screech owl in my neighbor's tree at 11:00am. My bird book says it is "strictly" nocturnal. I have the vintage version of the Santa mugs with a Santa pitcher. Childhood eggnog memories.

    They have gorgeous tweed and tartan items. All made in the beautiful Spey Valley.
    I just bought a cape to enhance my walking the mists... and dreaming of Scotland.

  15. I love the Tartan shawl and the Santa mugs. Such a cozy post! Love finding a kindred spirit regarding the holidays!

  16. This year, Christmas seems more premature than ever, I was all "bah, humbug" about it being too early for festive decorations.
    Your thoughts about this, have put a whole new aspect on this subject for me, yes, I suppose it does help us all feel better about the bad times that we are living in.
    It gives us that feeling of normality.
    That embossing rolling pin is absolutely brilliant!

  17. How did I miss this?? Yes, yes and yes..and I love that little mouse. I bought one on my last trip to Tahilla Farm. He is wearing a backpack. So cute! xx


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