Thursday, March 20, 2014

Such a Hypocrite

Such a Hypocrite

For those who have spent any time at all perusing my book, it is readily apparent that I am an inveterate hypocrite.  If you open the book to the Summer section for instance, you’ll find me waxing rhapsodic over gardenias and white linen, chinese lanterns and beachside storms.  But flip over to Autumn and I’m positively giddy at the prospect of jack-o-lanterns and falling leaves.  If Winter was all you chanced to read, you would swear on a stack of Bibles that this was the season I loved best as you found me curled up with Edward by the fire, lost in dreams of Christmas while the cold pressed its nose against my window.

In the face of such printed evidence, it is difficult if not impossible for me to defend my penchant for inconsistency.  You have me.  It’s true. I adore every season.  Every single season. When the old one begins to whither and fray round the edges, I look for a change in the wind, a slight alteration in the afternoon light, with barely contained joy.  

There was a day last week when the ice grey and brown of winter began to dissolve, melting almost imperceptibly to reveal a hint, just a hint, of lime green, weak perhaps, pastel and watered down, but there nonetheless.  The clouds rolled back just enough for sunbeams to catch a traveling breeze and drift down to our little patch of earth.  I threw open the windows and doors and filled my lungs with the sweet expectation of Spring. 

And it came back to me with such intensity - the delicious feel of bare feet on soft grass, giant fluffy ferns swaying on the front porch, sun hats and garden tours, Easter bunnies and pink.  It was as though I’d been given a present, this amazing combination of memory and anticipation which is a divine mixture that makes life worth living. 
I had no choice but to fill the house with the strains of Mozart.

And even though the next day was cold enough to warrant a roaring fire in the fireplace once again, I still now knew it was out there, warm and green and waiting its turn.
Are you looking forward to it?
Seems this girl is:


  1. As I'm entrenched in our third ice storm in two weeks that have crushed the daffodils and left our hedge mangled and our streets lined with broken trees, I'm beginning to wonder when our southern spring will arrive. At least we didn't lose power this time, though there was little point in trying to go anywhere with a driveway suitable for navigating only by a luge. I can't remember a winter so reluctant to loose its hold. Two or three tantalizing warm days here and there - much fewer than normal - then bam!, another dose of sleet, snow, and freezing rain. Still, I remain hopeful.

  2. I am looking forward to Springtime. Living in NJ, we certainly have had our share of freezing temperatures. I enjoyed it while it lasted, however, now that I see my daffodils starting to sprout up, well, there is no turning back. I adore Spring. The shoulder seasons (Spring and Autumn) are my favorites. I play a lot of Bach during the Springtime because it reminds me of flowers dancing in the breeze.

  3. LOL!
    i'm 'almost' the same hypocrite as you are... with the exception of the dead of summer here when it's 106 in the shade with high humidity. and no rain for months on end. how we can have high humidity and no rain beats me! but it's true!
    otherwise... i'm in love with every single season too.
    wonderful video!
    couldn't tell if she was rolling for pure JOY... or trying to get off that silly sweatshirt hoody. LOL. oh. i bet the hoody was to keep her from getting grass stains on her pretty white puppy fur!!!
    wonderful post!

  4. Sophie looks as though she's having fun . We're almost into summer here which is odd considering we had snow this time last year.

  5. Are we sure she isn't just trying to take her hoodie off and doesn't quite know how to do that? She's adorable either way. It makes me smile to see animal videos.

  6. I love all the seasons too. Having lived all but the last six years in Southern California, I am enjoying all the seasons and look forward to the next. Love the youtube video too!

  7. I always look forward in Spring to throwing open the windows to breezes of fresh air coming into the house, that is, after the pollen is over and the trees are full and green. After two unbearably hot summers in a row, last year I was all set to have a drought-tolerant patio and then we were gifted with a gloriously green and wet summer. Maybe Mother Nature will give a nice surprise this year--somewhere nicely in between those two extremes. Sophie rolling down the hill is just too cute!

  8. I love this, have not seen this done before by dong; haven't had a dog in years, but this makes me want to think about it more.
    Happy Spring, Pamela and all! I try to not rush spring so as to make it seem to last longer, if that makes sense...the seasons
    fly by too fast as I get olderl

  9. I love every season too Pamela, and I particularly love that change over bit when the hint of what is to come pops in to a day.
    I also adore that Bulldog puppy.

  10. Oh my, that made me laugh SO hard - thank you! Whew. I especially loved seeing that moment when Sophie decided "again!" and then would throw her polly body down the hill. :)
    And yes, I love it all too...even the hot blast of summer when I can curl up guilt free for an afternoon sieste...

  11. I can't wait for winter, the never ending winter, to end! I endure 6 months of the year so I can have 6 months of glory from May through October. Sophie sure makes anything laughable. Here's a second recent video of her. Thanks for giving us the first one. Cathy

  12. you are NOT a hypocrite - you just love life!!! seriously! I think that is a fabulous gift that everything makes you happy.
    Sophie is adorable!!!

  13. Well, I guess I'm a hypocrite too. You called many of us out! Love the oil painting you've shown in this post. Might I know the source?

    1. Hello Susan, I love that painting, too.
      Found it on Pinterest. No artist listed.

  14. I'm with you. I love all of the seasons so much - the changes in nature, foods, activities. None of them would be as sweet if they were done all year round. I have so many people around me who positively hate winter and complain about it all the time. Daffodils are just starting to bloom around here, then soon we'll have roses, garden strawberries, fresh asparagus. I will never get tired of seasonal living!

  15. Just when I thought I would die from winter, spring has come to save me. I have the grandkids for spring break and showed them the wild onions by the creek this morn. They even tasted them. I was shocked. I wouldn't have eaten an onion when I was little. What an adorable puppy. Bella and Ollie laughed.

  16. I, too, am happy to embrace each season . . . although three of those seasons, here, are far less pronounced than our (somewhat) ridiculously long and horrendously hot summers. Each has their own simple pleasures, their own enticements. Although I did hear myself say, during one of our many cold snaps (that moved on to dump snow on your state), that I would be less than thrilled with the first person who dared complain about the heat. I swore I'd rather fan myself than shiver. We'll see if I still feel that way in August.

  17. You aren't a hypocrite, you're consistently enthusiastic year round - this is good! How I long for spring...more snow due tonight, sigh.

  18. Here in California the seasonal changes are somewhat subtle but like you, I am fond of each season.

  19. Very cute video. We have not had but a little rain here in CA near Bakersfield.

  20. Lové winter, it opens a part of my soul for the beauty in all things covered in grey. Loving the chill that inspires most when it comes to decorating, writing, creating inspiring pieces that belong right where they cozy up to. Although I love winter, there is just something about each season that gives you a little something from each one.

    Looking forward to getting to know you and all you inspire.



  21. Then you are not at all inconsistent, you are consistently living in the present. You and Edward are probably a good influence upon each other! xo, N.G.


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