Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ice, Snow, Cake, and a Love Poem

Ice, Snow, Cake, and a Love Poem

Midnight.  Though Edward is inside now, worn out from playing out in the eerie light of a frosted white world, Apple remains mesmerized by the sizzling sound of ice as it needles down through the naked trees.  She stands, silent and still, at the far edge of the garden, her black form against the white like a small hole punched into a blank canvas.  She holds her  face up, listening, catching the ice in her fur then, without a second look, she bolts for the warmth of the house.  

We watched nervously as ice fell most of the following morning, as worried weathermen polished up rarely used words such as “catastrophic” and “historic”; as cardinals and finches, their feathers puffed three times their size, gathered on bare branches to wait their turn at the over-crowded feeders.  Falling trees knocked out power all around us, but by some fortunate quirk of fate, our little forest remained tall and sturdy; our lights never wavered.  And just as the weak, watery sun admitted defeat and slipped below the grey horizon, snow began to fall.  Fat wet cotton balls of snow, sleepy, silent snow, blanketing the sharp personality of the ice and sending us four off to bed. 

Two full days of hibernation when even we rebels obeyed the official warnings to “stay off the roads”.  Two full days when the fire roared in the fireplace as The Songwriter flipped pancakes and Edward snuggled next to me in the fat red chair, my book resting atop his furry back, his big dozing head in my lap.  I can think of many worse ways to spend a couple of days.

Because of this change in our schedule I was unable to make it to the little chocolatier I normally visit this week in February to purchase The Songwriter’s favourite chocolate cremes for Valentine’s Day.  What to do?  What to do?

An utterly delicious chocolate cake with a Valentine’s surprise in the center.
So much fun to make, and utterly delicious as well.
You must try it!
Find the recipe HERE.

And because it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a love poem....

By Tony Hoagland

She goes out to hang the windchime
in her nightie and her work boots.
It’s six-thirty in the morning
and she’s standing on the plastic ice chest
tiptoe to reach the crossbeam of the porch,

windchime in her left hand,
hammer in her right, the nail
gripped tight between her teeth
but nothing happens next because
she’s trying to figure out
how to switch #1 with #3.

She must have been standing in the kitchen,
coffee in her hand, asleep,
when she heard it—the wind blowing
through the sound the windchime
wasn’t making
because it wasn’t there.

No one, including me, especially anymore believes
till death do us part,
but I can see what I would miss in leaving—
the way her ankles go into the work boots
as she stands upon the ice chest;
the problem scrunched into her forehead;
the little kissable mouth
with the nail in it.

Happy Roses Chocolate Kisses Valentine's Day to You All!


  1. So sweet, all of it. Happy Valentine's Day you two lovebirds!

  2. Hoping that Atlanta is better prepared than last time !

  3. I think these snow days have helped us all relax a bit! Personally, I have enjoyed every one of them. There is something about a snow day. The whole house has a different feel. Snuggled in a chair with a warm throw and a cat in my lap watching the birds at the feeder is very special indeed. I loved the poem! I think that cake will suffice!!

  4. Oh, Thank you!!!
    Be well and warm.

  5. Lovely descriptive writing as usual, gorgeous valentine's cake - am off to look for the recipe. Keep warm.

  6. Dear Pamela: I am enjoying this snowstorm. You are right, big fat cottony snowflakes also make me smile.
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful poem, quite lovely. Stay tucked in and restful. I believe it is what our society needs to do more often: slow down and relax.
    Peace. Kathleen

  7. How fortunate for you to have not lost power. I live in NC and with a half an inch of ice weighing heavy on tree limbs and wires our house suddenly became dark and cold. But not to sit idle and from the glow of candles I finished a handmade Valentine card. Abe Lincoln had nothing on me! Another beautifully written post complete with a delectable recipe! Stay warm...

  8. Like you, my post today revolves around snow, ice, birds, eating, a roaring fireplace, no dogs (except our neighbors' pooches who cavorted through the snowy garden this morning) - but squirrels, lots of cute, hungry squirrels!

    Happy St. Valentine's Day of tomorrow Pamela - stay safe and warm - enjoy the cake!
    Hugs- Mary

  9. Good to know your all okay and stayed inside!I heard on the radio today all STATES have snow except one………..FLORIDA!Even HAWAII has snow on some mountain!
    EDWARD is a GEM…………JUST ADORE HIM.And the SONGWRITER is lucky to get to put that delicious chocolate into his mouth!STAY WARm……..Be safe.

  10. Glad you are feeding the birds. It is in the mid-70s here in southern Arizona. But, I am envious of your winter retreat (I do recognize not everyone in winter weather is as cozy). I have many fond memories of our dogs rolling in Oregon snow.

  11. Oh my, your photograph is just beautiful! Well, you've sure filled your time in such wonderful ways, all sounds delightful! Stay warm and thanks for the Valentine poem, that was awesome!

  12. Hug that Edward for ME! Such a beautiful friend for you.
    sending love, Pamela....

  13. So glad you found delight in the wintry weather! I love the print at the top of the post. Rather a rare, lovely picture of weather 'in action'. The Impressionists waited until the snow had settled...
    Bright but very cold here in Y this morning.

  14. Adore that poem Pamela!! Work boots, wind chimes, ice chest..can we add wearing a house coat whilst doing all of this?

    I have been keeping an eye on weather patterns across America...incredible to think what you have been hit with in the South. You have the right plan..hibernation is such a comforting thought. I miss it!

    I leave you...thinking...about that chocolatier. Heaven! x

  15. We have that weather now - lots of gorgeous snow but it may turn to a wintery mix with an ice storm due on Friday. You were lucky to keep your power and wise to stay inside. For a southerner, you are adapting well.

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  17. That heart in the slice of the cake is the cutest thing! Happy valentines to you and Edward!

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