Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Pleasures of a Summer's Day

The Pleasures of a Summer’s Day
The rays of an afternoon sun slip down through the magnolia tree, sliding over velvety leaves to land in bright yellow puddles beside the row of blue hydrangeas.  Like long golden fingers they reach in through the windowpanes to paint waltzing light on the walls of the drowsy rooms.  A wooden dog mannequin sports a newly knitted sweater, wearing a barely perceptible smile on his face.   The bounty of the garden simmers on the stove.  Fresh green beans.  Fresh peas.  Wicker trays sag under the weight of a just-picked harvest of cherry red tomatoes and fuzzy peaches.  A serene angel sports a summer bow round her waist as she guards the entrance to the sleepy sitting room.  A big white dog naps beneath the piano.  A mockingbird sings a song from its perch in a chartreuse fern.  Breezes blow in through an open window.  A crystal vase rests atop a stack of new books, gently holding its treasure of fresh gardenias.  Their fragrance fills the rooms.  
A wind chime shudders, sending fairy music through the air.
Eyes close.  Shoulders relax.
Such are the pleasures of a summer day.
Here at The House of Edward. 

Tell me, what are you enjoying this summer day?


  1. Seeing Edward's photo and reading your words.

  2. On the third day of the second heat wave for NYC I'm very much enjoying my Energy saver Air conditioner I can tell you. Meanwhile, the church garden I tend exploded in breast high field daisies (just cut back for a second round, and golden correopsis, as well as even taller purple spires of Purple tipped Anise, and so much more. There's an apple crumble about to come out of the oven...I only cook at night, and later, I'l;l share it with a long time neighbor who is staying over for refuge since her tiny apartment has no A/C and is unbearable. Life is good and your post is lush to look at. Tra-La...

  3. I am celebrating the time I have left to spend with my frail little dog. We get out into the sunshine each day for him to celebrate the joys of everything he can smell but no longer hear or see.

  4. Oh Pamela, I do love the way you look at life and interpret the commonplace in the sweetest way, and with such delightful language.

  5. Reading a new book of poetry about blackberries, butter, potatoes and cheese.

  6. This was beautiful.
    I myself am fighting the heat and those awful Japanese Beetles.
    The Summer Blues fest is on in Rockland,Maine.
    The town of Rockland is so stupid. Repairing Main street is going on at the peak of the season. The traffic is awful. Road rage is everywhere. Can I come and visit? You keep me inspired.

  7. I am enjoying all the windows open and a cool breeze blowing in, bringing the scent of roses from the garden; a friend coming for coffee and cake in an hour's time; sweet peas in a bowl on top of the wood burner stove to welcome her and a good book to read when she is gone.

  8. Well Pamela,
    For a change here in the UK, we are enjoying Mediterranean temperatures and it looks set to continue. We returned from Croatia a week ago and I'm still in holiday mode !!
    On my stove is a pasta sauce of asparagus, tomatoes, celery and artichokes ..... å la Jackie !!
    I'm off out into the garden now to read some Joanna Trollope { I'm still in holiday reading mode !! } !!
    Enjoy your beautiful Summer days. XXXX

  9. Dear Pamela,

    For starters, I am catching up reading From the House of Edward after being away from home for several days. During that time, I had the great pleasure of leading birding and wildflower programs in Crested Butte, CO, so I was poring over my wildflower guides, happily reviewing dozens of beautiful flowers! For summer reading, I have been delightfully lost in P.D. James's Death Comes to Pemberley--a must-read if you're a Jane Austen fan. I shall finish it today (sadly!), and then look to your summer reading list for my next book. Nothing better than spending hours reading on our front porch swing, overlooking the most beautiful garden imaginable! Ah, summer…

    PS Your post on reuniting the lost dog with its owner brought tears to my eyes. Such a happy ending was worth the sacrifice of your white trousers.

  10. Wait what!
    A vase resting on a stack of books?!?
    ... oh I´m sorry. No small kids running about, obviously.
    Happy days.

  11. waiting each day to hear again from the house of the big white dog and his delightful little black sister! and i wasn't disappointed. i never am.
    i've been relishing the gentle rains we've had the last three days. but alas! they're gone. and we're back to the sauna. still. it was wonderful and will keep me.
    i'm re reading pride and prejudice.
    when the world gets too much with me i turn to the gentle world of jane austen! xo

  12. A blissful summer day beautifully captured.

  13. As always, you settle me down with your pictures and your words. Lovely, lovely.

    I was just reclining on the red leather sofa, a glass of iced tea nearby, cooling off after some gardening on a 94+ day with high humidity. I'm reading the second Maisie Dobb's mystery, hoping to carry on with the rest, and trying to decide what I can make that is cool and comforting for dinner.

  14. It is 6.30am in Western Australia and about 6 degrees. During summer I would have been long gone on my morning walk but today at 7am the sun will be up and I will enjoy the walk along the top of our winter beach with wild surf rolling in. A morning with my Flower Designer friends and later a read of The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman. Enjoying a rare day off from work. Rosalie from Australia

  15. Beautiful, beautiful as always - no place like home is there Pamela?

    I took the liberty of linking to you in my post today. I actually just wanted my friends to come visit here because it's always so calming, interesting and lovely. So, dear friend, in my post you can see my answer to your delightful question.

    Yesterday was my perfect Summer's day.

    Hugs to you and Edward - Mary X

  16. On a summer's day with no schedule I would take a book and a pot of herbal tea and head for the veranda. On a working day, like today, I'll take a morning walk and then pop in and out of the office to put my face into the sun for a moment or to look at the tourists on Government Street. Then I'll enjoy a ride home in the evening with the sun roof open and the breeze in my hair.

  17. After our recent heat wave in Sacramento, I'm enjoying these cool mornings when I walk out with my husband and our dog and look at our flowers and grape arbor and two crape myrtle trees that scatter their blooms like pink confetti.

    Love your painted door by the way. Love your house in fact!

  18. Pamela,
    Your descriptive words of summer could convert this long time fall/winter person.

  19. As a new reader, I am enchanted, your words are wonderful.

  20. Being transported to your magical kingdom where a beloved big white fluffy dog is napping by the piano, and the queen is knitting a sweater surrounded by her beloved treasures. I'm sipping a glass of ice tea laced with mints and Thai basil, with plenty of ice, feet up on a box of old books under the computer desk enjoying taking time out from weeding the herbs and vegetable garden.


  21. I am completing a piece of needlepoint that I designed and started, then set aside 42 years ago! It has proven to me that my eyes are not what they were...but it's going to be lovely when it's finished.

    Thank you for an island of peace in a mad world of online commentary and bitter news headlines. Peace, friend.

  22. Thinking it is too hot to garden at the moment but loving this heatwave so much after the many terrible summers we have had of late in the UK.

    Sitting at the computer with a fan playing on my back...and enjoying you ever.

  23. Beautiful words indeed.
    Much love and many blessings
    Love Jeanne

  24. I am with Marsha... :) Lovely Pamela... xv

  25. That Edward is a sweet heart. We at last have had 3 beautiful days 70's and low 60's at night, Maine the way it is suppose to be, NICE.

  26. Edward seems to be doing what PON's do best on a summers day !


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