Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wanderlust, Featuring an Edward Film


There is a marvelous malady afoot in the world, particularly virulent in Spring.  One’s susceptibility is greatly increased if one is also possessed of a certain strain of curiosity, the type of curiosity that pulls one towards windows during thunderstorms and causes undo fascination with forests, rainbows and ships.   If one wishes to avoid infection, it is imperative that one refrain from all music and poetry.  Any watching of Enchanted April is strictly verboten.  Books pose a definite risk, and fairy tales must be avoided at all costs.  Keeping thoroughly apprised of the news helps, and doing one’s taxes has been known to render one totally immune.

  But be aware.  If, as the dreary grey days of Winter dissolve into all the gold greenness of Spring, you find yourself sitting in traffic, lost in a daydream of white gardens... if, when you close your eyes you can almost feel a sea breeze twirl through your hair... if your eyes start to ache for the sight of a meadow and your heart fairly breaks at the sound of an owl..  well, you my friend just may have the very first signs of Wanderlust.

As one afflicted with all the classic symptoms myself, I come to tell you that there is no cure.  It returns every Spring without fail and the only treatment is the necessary indulgence of travel.  The trip you must take need not be extravagant nor extended, but it’s a trip you need, and fast.  You must feel beach sand beneath your toes, you have to breathe fresh air.  You need to gaze at the waves of daffodils in St. James Park or stroll beneath the cherry trees in Washington DC.  You need to ride the Dumbo ride at Disney or gallop a pony down the beaches of Mull.  Trust one who knows, left untreated, Wanderlust can spread and become chronic.  Ignoring the condition will only make matters worse, leaving one at serious risk of boredom and irritability until, eventually, one loses the capacity for rational thought and becomes quite dreadful to be around.

 If you see yourself in the words I have written,
 go straight to your desk and dig out your passport.
  Call a friend, book a seat. 
 Get out of town before it’s too late.
It is almost Spring after all.

Nostalgia in reverse, the longing for yet another strange land,
 grew especially strong in spring.” 
Vladimir Nabokov

Find Edward's Book HERE.


  1. Too late, if I didn't have it (wanderlust) before, I have it now.
    The little video of you and Edward was fun, he is so calm.

  2. Oh Pamela - what an absolutely lovely film of Edward (and maybe a teeny glimpse of Apple?) - have just watched it twice and I am afraid I am now badly infected with Wanderlust.

  3. Oh this is so true, it always hits me right about now. Lovely post!

  4. Always so beautifully written.....and beautifully photographed with my favorite song.You are truly a gift Pamela!

  5. Fun advice, and that first photo, for some reason, reminds me of the book "Travels with Charlie", altho Charlie was a large black dog, not white as in the photo.

  6. Edward looks fabulous on the beach, I didn't realize he had such a golden glow to him.
    Ah, Spring!

  7. oh thank god you and the song writer rescued those two wonderful fur lovies. can you imagine their little lights being snuffed out for no reason?
    this was delightful. nostalgic gene singing . . . and the quivering edges of the film like an old movie. priceless!
    how you are adored.
    and edward.
    and apple.
    and your song writer.
    a perfect family of four!
    and ps ~
    the tiniest little capture of your laugh at the end. . .
    I nominate you! golden globe at least!

  8. Love it! Must see more of Edward on Film!! I'm off to Paris in a few weeks, so I'd say I have been bitten by the wanderlust bug~

  9. I have moped around for days and the thought came to me this a.m. that I need a trip.

    Methinks we should hatch a plan..........

  10. Wanderlust....always! LoveLove the video of you, and gorgeous Edward.

  11. What a treat to see you both enjoying a jaunt to the beach..very endearing; it's way beyond time for a trip but it will be Ireland in 2014;)

  12. Yes! Yes i indeed have every one of those symptoms. I've never heard this condition described quite so perfectly though. Now.. where shall i travel? :) I love the little film. A true classic. And Edward is a dashing, perfect leading man!

  13. Wonderful video - loved it! Thanks for sharing....

  14. Lovely to see you and Edward having a great time on the beach. And I hope no one will discover a cure for Wanderlust...:)

  15. Loved the video Pamela ........ Edward looks to be having a wonderful time although he seemed a little reluctant to go splashing in the sea ..... probably a little cold for him.
    We had the most glorious day yesterday with warm temperatures and clear blue skies ...... a little taster of Spring. I went to Cambridge, which is only a few miles fom where we live. I can never get over the fact that I can pop there whenever I want and yet it is a destination that people come to from all over the world !! My sister lived there when my brother-in-law was doing his Ph.D and she used to cross the Bridge of Sighs everyday on her way to work !!!!
    Just one more thing Pamela ...... did you see my post before last about the series we have just had on here ? It's called ' Dancing on the Edge' ......I think that you will like it ( I'm sure that you will get it as John Goodman is in it ) and, watch out for 'Mr. Selfridge'. A blogger friend told me that you are getting it on Masterpiece.
    Have a lovely day Pamela. XXXX

  16. Oh, you inspired a walk in the moonlight with Mr. J who is recovering from his second knee surgery. At 5:30 this morning, I got him out of bed, laced his shoes for him and off we went. The crescent moon was out there waiting for us. He was thrilled...a new twist on his therapy. The air was perfect, no one was there, and my little flashlight lit his path. After a year of five surgeries/recoveries, we are so ready to go to London...

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  18. I hear you! Every time I sit down to do my taxes I want to walk out the door. Edward looks to be having a fine romp on the beach. It's snowing here in Maine today so spring fever feels far away.

  19. That was wonderful. You really captured the feel of a very old silent movie, life slowed way down, images no words . . . even though the car is modern and you are wearing pants not an edwardian dress. You are such a true artist in so many ways. And Edward is beautiful.

  20. I loved this sweet video Pamela... you and Edward, together... wandering... Perfect...
    Isn't wanderlust grand? xv

  21. This is truly wonderful!! And, you are SO right about wanderlust setting in this time of year (of course, I have it ALL the time!)

    Thanks for sharing this! xoxo

  22. Wanderlust yes Pamela; these walls are closing in on me... soon I will be off and running again and a getaway sounds perfect!

    Art by Karena

  23. Oh dear Pamela, now you have let the demon out of the suitcase, I find myself longing to pack and go!
    Don't know where you are wishing to travel to right now, but I'd love to hop on a plane and visit Jeanne at Collage of Life - so exotic!
    Just been scrolling back and catching up on your beautiful writing, especially loved the last post on received wisdom
    love to you

  24. Film at 10:30 AM--couldn't wait 'til 11:00! Absolutely delightful, Pamela. Thanks for the intimate glimpse into your and Edward's world! I am "treating" my own case of wanderlust by planning a "girls' getaway" with two dear friends the first week of June, as soon as school is out. We always go somewhere in the Southwest--New Mexico, Utah, etc. This year we're off to explore Canyons of the Ancients in southwestern Colorado. Until then, I'll "travel" around our backyard to see the first crocus in bloom!

  25. That was just so adorable and reminded me of so many things I miss :)
    I miss my Pup and I miss the ocean and I look forward to being back in the US (NY) in 2 weeks.
    Pup was full of wanderlust, he traveled across the USA, flew to Argentina and had a grand old time.
    Those pups, so glad they take us with them :)
    besitos, C

  26. So true. I always think of T S Eliot's 'The Waste Land' when wanderlust strikes at this time of year:
    "April is the cruellest month,
    Memory and desire, stirring
    Dull roots with spring rain."

    Right at the moment I want Italy, or the South of France, for the very first stirrings of Spring.

  27. LOVED this movie, but do not have wanderlust.

  28. This is the most darling thing ever!

  29. I am on the floor...literally..just swooned right off my chair when I watched that video clip of you and Edward. Bravo to both of you!!! I want to step out to that song everyday...we need music like that in our life again. Thank you Pamela and Edward...I needed this!! xx


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