Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Tenth Month

The Tenth Month 

From off in the distance I see it.  
Coming through the forest like light from a lantern carried aloft in the hand of the wind,
 it scatters strange shadows that drift past the trees
 like the long black dresses of lonesome spirits. 
 New fruit appears on the trees now. 
 My hands smell like oranges till long past noon. 

 The Great Horned owls have begun to gather.  
Far up in the tops of maple trees only just beginning to think
 of changing their garments to the fall shades of fire,
 they land in the moonlight, 
silhouettes of legend, of wisdom, of dreams.

A grey wind hinting of woodsmoke sweeps in from the west,
 painting sooty faces on the pansies
 and conducting the poplar leaves in recondite choruses
 that rustle and quaver as I make my way past. 
 I look over my shoulder more often now.
The big white dog stays out longer each night,
 wandering under the tall trees in communication with those whose languages remain unknowable to me. 
 He returns to his bed with a cold nose,
 his long white fur redolent of chrysanthemum blooms and pine.

Under a yellow moon hanging low enough to graze the roofline, 
in silver webs as intricate as lace, magnificent and horrible, the spiders sit waiting,
 their calligraphy legs still as the stare of a child.  

The gathering shadows out under the trees only serve 
to make the cottage glow brighter than it chose to do in the earlier months of the year. 
 Apple pies cool their bellies on cold kitchen counters.  
Another blanket is pulled from the wardrobe. 
 Stories are read until late in the night 
while the strains of Vivaldi are heard through the day.

Clad in its raiment of orange velvet and green,
 the tenth month has knocked on my door.
 I revel in the many mysteries of another glorious October.


  1. But what happened to September? It passed in the blink of an eye.

  2. Pies have bellies that cool on the counter, spiders have calligraphy legs (they DO) . . . You are a genius with language, and you make what can seem normal absolutely magical.

  3. October ? Surely not. Whatever happened to the summer ? Or for that matter Spring ?

  4. Hello Pamela;
    This is so redolent of the arrival of the 'Tenth Month' and contains some wonderful imagery to be considered, and then reconsidered. Such is the joy of your language.

  5. Trying to get excited about the joys of the tenth month but like Donna Baker, I'm still trying to figure out where last month went! Oh but I feel that a good pot of corn chowder and an apple pie with lots of cinnamon could help me catch up with the calendar.

  6. Your words are captivating beyond belief. Blessings and much love
    Rabbit Rabbit
    Happy October.
    Love Jeanne

  7. Your words are captivating beyond belief. Blessings and much love
    Rabbit Rabbit
    Happy October.
    Love Jeanne

  8. Beautifully written, Pamela! My favorite time of year is here and I am elated! Celebrating Autumn over at the Tea Society Blog today as well! Cheers!

  9. Wonderful writing and imagery Pamela, loved the line, 'Clad in its raiment of orange velvet and green,'!


  10. There is only one word to describe you writing Pamela - exquisite.

  11. Absolutely lovely! I am a November baby, but I've always disliked the fall and the end of of my fun in sun days at the beach. As I've grown older I relish the fall and the cooler weather. It's just hotter in the summer these days here in the south regardless of what they say! I've always loved the beach summer, winter, or in between, so I can roll with October!

  12. Hello Pamela


    I think you should bottle a new eau de cologne - Ode to Edward comprising
    chrysanthemum blooms and pine.

    This piece is a 10.

    Helen xx

  13. I am very envious of your horned owls and your ability to paint such a picture with words alone.

  14. Indeed! The cozy tenth month is here. Love everything this season has to offer.Got my eye on your next posts.

  15. Dear Pamela,
    You have just described the October that we are having and I love it. It is so good to get my boots on, be they smart or biker, and to wear my lovely coats and jackets, scarves and fingerless gloves. Along with steaming hot drinks and comfort food, what could be better. Sorry to have been absent for a while.....still getting used to my new computer !! XXXX

  16. I always wonder why the tenth month starts with Oct (an old word for 8), the eleventh with Nov (9), and the 12th month with Dec (10).

    But never you mind, thanks for this beautifully painted vision of we drive through the hard band of rains currently sweeping through the midwest toward the east coast. After a full day of driving rain, we've just broken through. It's sunny and late-summer at the Florida border.

  17. Lovely. I can see it all in my minds eye. My favourite time of year ( in the Northern Hemisphere :)

  18. Beautifully written, Pamela. I too love October and all that it signifies. Thank you for this lovely tribute to the tenth month!

  19. Pamela I definitely had enough of summer and am welcoming autumn with open and grateful arms!

    I am having an amazing Giveaway of Plush Pumpkins from Love Feast!
    Art by Karena

  20. Trying unsuccessfully not to be envious. I am visiting in Southern California where the temperature is 100 degrees at present. When I return home I will throw open the windows to let in a little cold, bake a berry pie and wrap up in a sweater. There is something to love in every season, but I am partial to Fall--perhaps it will wait for me.

  21. What outstanding writing. Your words are magic that paints a picture in my heart. Peggy from PA

  22. You paint such a beautiful image of one of my favourite months Pamela.
    Beautifully written, lovely imagery. I hope you are enjoying the cooler temps.
    Much love

  23. A most evocative tribute to October! I especially liked those soot-faced pansies - very original.

  24. How beautiful you stitch your words together like a quilt to keep me warm in the tenth month....

    Just finished The Orchardist by Amanda Coplin who also can stitch...

  25. i could just wrap this post around me like a rich little velvet throw!
    i smelled every smell and reveled in every sight. a gift.
    thank you!
    fall has been my favorite time even since i was a child. i wonder if one is born with it . . .
    like there are day people and night people . . .

  26. If only winter didn't follow, autumn would be the more glorious.

  27. Autumn…my favorite season; October, my favorite month--a beautiful blend of late summer and the first of fall. I'm glad to have been born in October! Your first line reminds me of a (yet another) favorite book: A Lantern in Her Hand, by Bess Streeter Aldrich. Look into it...

  28. I've missed your ability to weave fantasy with words Pamela and create such vivid feeling and images in my mind. The 10th month is truly a unique one & I know Edward agrees. I saw two sheepdogs out on Belmedie Beach here in Aberdeen on Sunday. I immediately thought of Edward. Would he like running in the sands here in Scotland?

    xx All my best to you Pamela, Edward and your Songwriter.

  29. Love Edward's "dogs against Romney" statement. Well said!
    Michele portlandiavintage@gmail

  30. Pamela, just realized how I've missed seeing you 'pop up' in my reading list since leaving on my recent trip to Australia! I'm home now and looking back over the past month but none of your posts appeared! So here I am catching up on all the loveliness you've written.

    I'll try signing in again to follow you - hopefully it will get me back in the loop! Don't want to miss anything you share.........

    I'm struggling a bit at present - but working on regaining my health and ready to travel again soon, Europe beckons this time!

    October glories are just starting around here - but the rain and coolness needs to go away - it's very unseasonable at present.

    Hugs - Mary

    P.S. Thanks for the heads up on the great books you've found - I will pick one for this next trip.

  31. Hi Pamela, With your love of books and beautiful fairytale images, I thought you might enjoy this cute video trailer called The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore.

  32. Just have to say...I am thinking of you what I imagine in your bewitching hour or month. Loving every word here...and wanting more...
    Warm wishes from Saigon...
    Jeanne xx

  33. Hi Pamela. Just realised that I've been reading your blog for about three years without ever commenting (I think). Not good, I know, am about to change that. Have really enjoyed your writing; we have similar writing styles. I live in England for part of the year and so relate to you dreaming of the Scottish Highlands. I dream of the Cotswolds when I'm not there. Waffling on now. Will be better behaved in the future. :)

  34. As always, very well written! I love October and your writing captures the essence of it perfectly.


  35. Lovely descriptions of a lovely month! I love the stanza about Edward!

  36. Just one word: Beautiful!

  37. Oh Whew!

    I was terrified you had tired of "blogging" (lots have!)
    So happy it was a "glitch"!
    We certainly understand those!
    Grateful and happy! From here!

    I hope you escaped the wrath of " that awful hurricane. cannot "speak her name"!

    Lovely post!

    ps I was getting no comments.....and my blog (unbeknownst to me was "offline"! ) Someone who was following it wrote me to tell me!

    Yikes! I would have had no idea! I still don't know why!

    I want to help; I think the "RedCross"?

    there are frauds springing up all over......(how sad is that?)

    Thank you for your lovely posts!

  38. Pamela,
    And now October, the 10th month, as evaporated. Such a vivid description of the start of a favorite month.


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