Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wildly Blessed

Wildly Blessed

The comments my readers leave here at The House of Edward are always a treat for me and I read each one with relish.  They are thought-provoking, unusually kind and much appreciated.  One such comment recently gave me pause and I have thought of it often during this past week.  The commenter said I was “wildly blessed”.   How I loved that.  So often when we think of “blessings” we see softness, quietness, bowed heads and piety. But to be wildly blessed feels different to me, calling up images of laughter, crashing waves and barking dogs - wind in my hair, walks through the forest, runs on the beach.   And yes, that is indeed what my life so often feels like, Wildly Blessed.
I have always backed off a wee bit from calling myself “blessed”, for if God blesses me, are those undergoing the trials and tribulations of life to assume he has turned his back on them?  I cannot accept that image of God as someone who picks and chooses whom to bless, willy-nilly.  Rather than pray for God’s blessings on me, I pray I can help to bless others.  That seems to make much more sense and it certainly serves to take my mind of myself, which is always beneficial.  If I have been blessed with anything, it is the valuable gift of recognition.  Given the fact that we all seem to find what we look for, I always choose to see the beautiful whenever I possibly can.  I notice the little things, for that’s where the truest, and wildest, blessings can be found.
Today The Songwriter is out of town for a concert in Virginia and I am home alone with Edward and Apple.  The windows are open and sunlight is pouring in, riding on a breeze that lifts the fragrance of the gardenias sitting on my bedside table and carries it gently through the house.  I have fresh strawberries and melon in the refrigerator for lunch.  New yarn arrived in the mail all the way from Colorado - a delicious chartreuse colour from an English longwool sheep that will soon be turned into mittens for Christmas presents.  Lazy Hawaiian music is floating through the rooms.  I plan to write during the afternoon and later, when the sun starts to dip into evening, I’ll walk out into the garden and pick armfuls of blue and white hydrangeas.  A jasmine scented bath will follow a dinner of fresh vegetables and I’ll read a bit before bed.   Now some would look upon this day as boring beyond belief.  It feels like twelve hours of wild blessings to me.
There are those today who say that God wants everyone to be successful and wealthy. Sermons are preached on it, books written about it. Personally I have a difficult time being told what "God wants" by anyone, but that’s another issue I suppose.  I will say that the most unhappy people I’ve encountered in my life are those who want more or, even worse, those who think they are entitled to more - always grasping, rarely satisfied.  Not rich enough, not pretty enough, not there yet.  I have no doubt there are wild blessings all around them yet they cannot seem to notice.  
 I love to watch Apple hang her head out the car window as we zip along down the road.  Her tail wags with enthusiasm as her big ears fly out behind her like furry banners. She is the personification of glee.  If Apple could speak, I have no doubt she’d call herself wildly blessed.  And the look on Edward’s face at the end of the day when he jumps up on the bed to lay his big head on my tummy while I read.  He gives a big sigh and I swear he goes to sleep with a smile on his face.  Wildly blessed?  He’d say so.  

Take a look around you and count the wild blessings you see right in front of your nose.   
I’ll give you a hint.... they’re found in the little things.
“May your prayer of listening deepen enough
to hear in the depths the laughter of God.”

From the marvelous book, 
To Bless the Space Between Us
 by John O’Donohue
Find it HERE


  1. I cannot believe there are no other comments?
    I loved every word of this wise and beautiful post Pamela and was nodding as I read all through it. We are two of a kind as they say and your day to me sounded just perfect. You even finished with a recommendation for John O'Donohue who I admired so much. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for this writing. Living here in the Bible belt I've been so frustrated over the years listening to friends and family gloat when saying "I'm so blessed". Long ago I replaced that thought with being lucky. Associating wildly blessed with crashing waves or a run on the beach simply sounds exciting and wonderfully romantic and something that everyone could choose...if they wanted to be wildly blessed.

  3. Your day sounds truly delightful!
    Now I'm off to look up John O'Donohue's book.

  4. Pamela, your, Edward's and Apple's day seem like heaven to me. What a recipe for bliss.
    This day, we too have been blessed beyond measure. Last night our granddaughter, after a long and strenuous dance performance, was overcome by sleep on the way home. She bounced off a fence post(driver's side door) throwing the heavy 4x4 into head over heels and sideways tumbles into a paddock. When you look at the car, it is hard to see how she could have survived but, survive she did with bruises and a stitched up head. You cannot imagine how blessed we all felt and how I have been thanking God ever since.

  5. I think you had a perfect wildly blessed day, and we are all wildly blessed to have your lovely blog to read. Loved this post because I feel the same sentiments and you express them so much better than I can.


  6. I agree with the person who said you are wildly blessed. And those of us who are lucky enough to have found your lovely blog are wildly blessed with the beauty, joy, and wisdom we receive from your posts.

    I hope you have a lovely day and evening! It sounds perfect to me. I feel wildly blessed to visit my parents at the shore next week.

  7. Hello Pamela

    I love your interpretation of blessed. I so agree with you and all you said here. You have peace and gratitude in your heart.

    I love John O Donohue and cried my eyes out on the day he died. He was barely 60 yrs old. I tuned into RTE Radio and listened to the talk shows. The callers ranged the full gamut in ages and how he touched their lives. If you go on you tube you can listen to him read from his books and his voice is just beautiful.

    Another brilliant post Pamela


    Helen xx

  8. Wildly blessed is a most powerful phrase, it would seem! So very expressive. Thoughtful words.

  9. Dear, sweet, darling Johnny...can't thank you enough for reminding me of him...We are all wildly blessed.

  10. Great post! I love the term, wildly blessed. It conjures up someone who is ridiculously happy, blessed and secure. Your words are thought provoking, I don't need success or wealth. I have my health, my family and a job. That's all I need.

  11. To say, "I am so blessed" with eyes demure and cast down, does seem to be somewhat smug. To be wildly blessed has a very romantic and adventuresome sound to it, - much preferred. I'm with you, Pamela.

  12. I quite enjoyed reading this, you are a wise woman who sees the blessings all around that many overlook.

    ~ Violet

  13. "That man is happiest who lives from day to day and asks no more, garnering the simple goodness of life." Euripides. I am feeling wildly blessed at the moment because, at last, there is rain for our parched earth. I can hear it on the rooftop. I am sorely tempted to run outside to share in the bounty, to soak apace of this common grace.

  14. Beautiful post with much to think on. Thank you.

  15. I love your attitude and your blog, and Edward and Apple (and you post THE most beautiful art, the window scene today is especially lovely).

  16. Beautifully written Pamela. I think all the delights of your day that you named are the true blessings...and the gift of recognizing them is the greatest blessing of all.
    I've known, and still know, too many who's eyes are continually shut to those mentioned delights, and never see or feel the true gifts that surround us all on a daily basis...they're genuinely the ones who are never happy either, so sad really.
    You do know though? that you and your 'gifts' are a wonderfully wild blessing to us, so you truly are living up to your ideal of what a blessing is...you offer one up to us each and every time you post!
    xo J~

  17. The famous PON smile . If only others could see it !

  18. Your blog is a delight to read Pamela.
    I do agree about blessings - we have to find our own way through life and once we have found the right path then I agree that life can be wonderfully satisfying even if the pleasures are simple things.

  19. This really is wonderful article ! I simply love’d it !

  20. Your description of the day ahead sounds perfect to me, especially the part of gathering armfuls of blue and white hydrangeas...oh how I wish my garden was filled with those!

    Such a lovely post Pamela, we are wise to count our blessings, and I too love John O'Donohue.

    Hugs to you

  21. You are indeed blessed, with a happy life and pups to share it with :)
    I am looking forward to the day when I might get to pet Apple and Edward myself, in person :)

  22. This post was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. Hope your day went as planned - sounds so relaxing.

    Debra F.
    from NC

  23. One has to gain much wisdom in order to write a post like this one, P. It really struck a cord within. I often think how simple things, especially dogs, make us feel happiness, and you have described the entire process so beautifully. And, this photo of Edwward in the car just makes me crazy it's so wonderful. "Dogs Against Romney?" But it is funny, isn't it? Love you....

  24. Such wise words---I enjoy gentle reminders regarding being happy with today, the present. I have often wondered if sometimes people say they are blessed when in fact they are just happy and optimistic people by nature. I consider myself in that category and always feel slightly guilty around those that find happiness a challenge.
    Enjoy your relaxing day and evening.

  25. Lovely post. I think most of us would find ourselves wildly blessed if we examine our lives. Problems start when we compare ourselves to others whom we believe have more perfect lives. Your day sounds pretty perfect to me, but my day was wonderful as well. I think it's true that the more we notice and dwell on beauty, the more of it we attract in our life. The more we see, the more there is to see . . .

  26. oh what a lovely day you had and blessed indeed.

    i thank God all day for the simplest of blessings. today was my gratitude for rain.

    and i thank you pamela for constantly blessing us with beautiful posts

  27. Reading about your day makes me feel calm and looking forward to my next "Me day". Wildly blessed feels carefree and joyful... barefoot on a summer lawn at dusk.

  28. Pamela I do believe we are all wildly blessed no matter what tribulations or health issues one might we going through.

    Yes, because we are alive in this most wondrous world.

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

  29. Here's a toast to those whose cups are half full and not half empty. I raise my half full glass!

  30. "Rather than pray for God’s blessings on me, I pray I can help to bless others."
    I think that's a lovely thought. I try each day to keep this sort of sentiment at the forefront of my actions/thoughts.

  31. Wonderful post! You said it so beautifully. I couldn't agree with you more!

  32. Oh Pamela,
    I know for sure that I am wildly blessed ...... everyday, I am thankful for the life that I was born into .... it's not a multi millionaires life but, we have a lovely Victorian home with a pretty garden, eat a delicious diet and enjoy trips into London and European holidays and long haul from time to time . We see our children on a regular basis and now have a gorgeous grandson. I can't think of anything else that I could want or need.
    .....sorry for m absence lately ..... my computer finally gave up on me and I am now getting to grips with my shiny new MacBook Pro. XXXX

  33. my life has been always wildly blessed. i just never knew it in that description. and like you,
    i just love that!
    i know it might look from the outside that my life is very boring. but not to me!
    my husband told me once...
    "you're the only person i know that lives life like you're starring in a musical."
    hope he didn't mean prima donna!
    but it's just a happiness quotient i think. some people's are high... others not so much.
    it really takes so little.
    and i think you are a great blessing. to many many many souls.
    an unusual spirit. for sure.
    thank you for sharing it with us!
    tammy j

  34. I just go through the article. It's really helpful and informative. i think people should go through it.Thank you for sharing.

  35. I've always believed in the richness, the blessing, the joy in small things. Perhaps it's because I'm married to a Dane who comes from a culture that values 'hygge' - nearly untranslatable, but something that takes in 'family, cosy, warm, small'.

  36. 'WIldly blessed'... I love that Pamela. I don't know if I am 'wildly' blessed but blessed I am... xv

  37. Happy Summer! Wonderful post! Your day sounds like a blessing to me! I loved keeping up with your blog! Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  38. Someone recently told me that some lives seem to be filled with an unfair share of disappointment and anguish, yet in a way, these lives can be more fortunate (blessed?) as suffering presents greater opportunity for growth, depth, compassion, and perspective...they are hard won virtues for which there are no shortcuts..we can be bitter or emboldened and enriched by them, she said. She also wrote that those capable of and who actively seek a meaningful passage through life, who love and care for others, can find transformation and peace (blessings) no matter what the circumstances...BTW, I adore how you described your day of planned blessings, especially the Hawaiian music after seeing The Descendants..xo

  39. Oh, what a WILDLY BEAUTIFUL angle from which to see BLESSED. The fact that I am ALIVE is a blessing. So I am not rich, so I don't have or did not have what others have, but I have breath. I have a SOUL. I am blessed.

    Thank you dearest for coming and leaving a comment. Give that BUSHY DOG a squeeze for me! teeeheee


  40. Thank you for this wonderful post!
    You say things so clearly. You say
    them as I think them but can't
    express. I enjoy your blog so very
    much. I hope you don't mind that I
    sometimes place some of your words
    in my quote book.
    My quote book is really my lift-up
    book which I read and re-read.
    Thank you. Joyce from Holland


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