Saturday, May 19, 2012

Farewell to Wilf

Farewell to Wilf

At three twenty-two this morning I was awakened by a slow rocking motion not unlike the swaying of a boat tied up to the dock in a placid river.  A pleasant dream and one I was in no hurry to vacate.  However, as the motion continued, growing increasingly more emphatic, I opened my eyes to find  myself staring, not at sun-dappled ripples of water, but straight into a pair of almond shaped eyes the colour of chestnuts, eyes that stared deeply into my own from barely three inches away.  It was Edward, his big furry paw placed on the side the bed just at my chin, pushing insistently, over and over, for my attention.  Most unusual for a dog known to be a sound and serious sleeper.  Raising myself up on one elbow, I reached over to scratch his head.  His fluffy tail, which had begun its jubilant rotations the moment I’d opened my eyes, now reached its full and usual speed.
“What is it?”, I asked.
No reply.

Slipping out of bed, I crept over to the windowseat and pulled back the lace curtain to gaze out at the garden.  Edward jumped up to sit beside me.  The mammoth moon of May was waning now, layers of honeyed light dripping down through the trees to settle on the white hydrangeas and white roses, making them glow.  White petunias spilled out over the old stone pots like milk and silver shadows were unfurled beneath the pines.  

I didn’t ask myself if Edward knew about Wilf.  Did he perhaps sense my heavy heart as I thought about that dear family deep in the heart of France, so many miles from our door?  Or does his knowledge of the unseen and unknowable far exceed my own?  These being questions I’ll never answer this side of the veil, I was content just to sit gazing out at the exquisite night with my big wise dog by my side.
In the morning when I learned of Wilf’s passing, I could not stop myself wondering.  In the bits of gleaming white that adorned my back garden this morning at three, could some of them have been, just perhaps, the shadow of a little polish sheepdog, his fur the colour of moonlight itself, on his way past the stars? 
 Did Edward wake me to say farewell?

For those of you unfamiliar with my favourite blog, do pay a visit to dear Angus today.  Wilf laughed at his dire diagnosis and lived, fully and delightfully, for an entire year and eight months longer than he was supposed to.  His long, happy journey now ended, I know his devoted Angus would appreciate a kind word or two from my sweet, generous readers.  You may find him HERE.


  1. Who knows? It's all a mystery, really, but at some level it seems perfectly possible.

  2. I am on my way to visit your friend, but wanted to send a hug to you & Edward as well. And in honor of Wilf, I will give an extra hug and perhaps a treat to the well-loved dog who adopted us.

  3. Thank you for your tribute to Wilf.I have only just stopped crying and I realsie some people may find that pretty ridiculous considering I have never even given Wilf a real life cuddle but he was such a lovely dog and Angus his blog was very special.I do hope in some way he will keep the blog going but how I am not sur.. here's to hoping.Yours in sadness ..

  4. Because of you telling us about Wilf when he first became sick, I started reading his blog each morning. This is a very sad for all of us who loved the polar bear. Thank you for writing about Wilf on your blog today.

    I love Edward and Apple also and wish you would share more about them. They are such beautiful fur boys.


  5. Pamela, a beautiful post, sharing Edward's mystic moment. I would not have met Wilf and Angus and "the font" if it weren't for you. I cried for Wilf this morning, and for all the other dear dogs and cats I have known (a couple of hamsters and parakeets, too). It's a sweet thing though, to think about Wilf and Digby together again. Thanks Pamela for pointing the way to Angus' wonderful blog those months ago, and for this lovely tribute today. Robin.

  6. Pamela,

    As always your words are so eloquent. I found Wilf from your blog roll, just as I found Angus the Westie.

    Wilf and Digby were incredibly special dogs. And their parents, Angus and the Font so obviously loving and caring.

    I loved to read Wilf's adventures through the wit and wisdom of Angus.

    I have shed more than one tear for him as I read first Angus's post and then saw yours. He will be sorely missed.

    Thank you PAmela for a little comfort on a sad day, Elizabeth

    I believe without a doubt that Wilf's spirit was in your garden today.

  7. Me too Pamela--I woke, logged on and saw. I've been waking regularly at that hour for awhile now because I've been checking in to the blog--I've been on watch for days, weeks, months at the WILF HOUR--or, that's what I've been calling it. That dear beast just captured my heart. Angus and the Font couldn't have been more wonderful shepherds and, Oh, how I will miss those posts. I can't comment there (for some reason it doesn't take my Google friend connect)--so I posted at my site, shed a fond tear and slept. I dreamed in French and English.

  8. Such a loving tribute to a friend across the vast sea, Teresa. Thank you for linking and for such a touching post.

  9. Goodbye Wilf. He will be missed.

  10. Remember only the stellar life that Wilf had with someone who loved him. He will not be forgotten.

  11. Angus and the Font waited for the right time, when Wilf told them he was ready and then, they helped him slip this earth to join Digby and leave us with wonderful stories and heartfelt love and encouragement to make the most of life every day. If I only read one blog in a day, it was Wilf's.
    I have no doubt Edward knew...Godspeed, Wilf - I will miss you.

  12. I found Wilf from your blog. So often this year my thoughts travel from Wilf to Edward. Maybe our dogs are connected in some way through our hearts.
    Angus's writing and musing on Wilf and life was healing to a weary soul. Thank you for sending so many on to his blog.

  13. I read Wilf because of you. I followed his journey this past 20 months. Each day hoping it was another good one and so so many were. I lost one of my own dogs during that time unexpectedly and wished that I could have had all the time that Angus had with Wilf. I know they are very sad they should be but what a gift they had that they could cherish every single moment. Not that I didn't cherish every moment with mine....oh...I did...I just wish there had been many more. Thanks so much for leading me to Wilf. Give Edward a great big hug and a kiss. I hope soon there will be posts about a new polish sheepdog in Angus's life.

  14. Pamela I am so sorry to hear this, knowing that Wilf was such a good friend to so many. I will go and leave a message. I truly believe Edward knew...

    Art by Karena

  15. i had a little pon. the identical match to wilfee and digby. my zeke.
    he died a year ago. also from cancer. i knew as i became more and more in love with wilf... i would suffer soon again with the heavy loss. but it was so worth it.
    loving them is the most precious gift we give ourselves. i wouldn't have missed it for the world.
    my beloved tiny polar bears.
    your memorial post is just beautiful.
    tammy j

  16. Hello Pamela

    I agree with Karena that Edward knew. It is a warm feeling. Wilf won the lottery in getting such a Master. Only goodness comes from the goodness bestowed on this kind dog.

    I shall go an visit too.


    Helen xx

  17. Just another reason why you are such an extraordinary being.

    I do believe our wonderful dogs are psychic. What would we ever do without them?

    Wonderful, wonderful post.


  18. My heart is hurting and I am going off to see Angus. We will never get used to this, although we may accept it. It is one of the most tragic things that happen to any dog owner.

  19. I like to believe he knew. A very wise pup he is. As always your words are beautifully written they tenderly touch the core of my heart.

  20. Amazing! I am convinced that Edward knew and wanted to share those precious moments with you. What a treasure! I cannot remember if I found Wilf and Digby and 29 Black Street through your blog or if I found you and the "boyz" through 29 Black Street. I only know I discovered them all at the same time and I try never to miss any of the 3.
    This has been such a bittersweet journey for all of us as we followed Wilf and Angus and the Font. I have shed many many tears today at the gravity of this loss.
    I pray for Wilf's international family right along with Angus and his wife as we come to terms with a new kind of reality going forward. Thank you for writing such a heartfelt tribute to the darling polar bear who means so much to so many. God bless you, Pamela, as well as the Songwriter, Edward and Apple.

  21. I too first began to read about Wilf from your blog. I have been know this day would come, but had hoped that we all could share Wilf's adventures a bit longer.
    I will hug my dogs a bit longer tonight and toast Wilf with some coconut ice cream.

    To a life well lived and much loved!



  22. Gobsmacked with sadness, Hammered, Dumfounded, Speechless..... It's been a day of sadness all around, adding Wilf to the mix is salt on the wound.

  23. Thank you Pamela for leading me to Wilf's blog all those months ago. And how wonderful that we have had all the months since. Such love and such eloquent writing from Angus. I will miss my morning ambles with Wilfee.

  24. So lovely and full of heart!
    Thanks and blessings,

  25. A lovely tribute to Wilf Pamela. There is another star in the heavens tonight!

  26. Oh, they know so much more than they get credit for. They care about our cares and feel our feelings, for sure.

  27. Oh, I totally believe that they know so much more than we do .. this has me weeping, I try to get through each day without crying from missing my Tate, this did me in :)

  28. Just learned about sweet Wilf... still have tears in my eyes and a very heavy, yet thankful heart...thankful for the joy of being able to share in his amazing journey these past two years.

    I'm also so thankful for being able to share in Edward's wonderufl journey, and I believe one hundred percent, that these beloved creatures know exactly what is going on in our hearts and souls...and beyond, they are more tuned in than we could ever imagine.
    Hugs to you both...
    xo J~

  29. All things are possible with God and Nature. Dogs are very special..........I see it daily when watching how they interact with their person(s). Although I don't have one I could perhaps enjoy joining you great 'dog people' who care so well for your pets......if I could stay home more!

    Wilf will be a star in 'doggy heaven'.

    Hugs - Mary

  30. I have been following Wilf since he and Digby lived in Italy (LifeinItalyandothermusings) long before I found your blog. I remember when I first found yours and how much Edward looked like Wilf and Digby. I’m not much of commenter, but I do remember almost sending a comment on how much those dogs looked like Edward. How small our world is today! And, what a beautiful and loving post about a dog that touched so many of us around the world.

  31. I wanted to show my husband that photos of Wilf and Edward, I was explaining what and where Wilf and Digby were and again cried.
    I just love their faces but I cannot read about dogs right now .. I am still a mess :)

    besos to you and your pup. C

  32. I have followed Wilf from your blog. I was in tears reading of his passing, and so was my 18 year old daughter. Brave heart, Wilf.

  33. I read the news via you in the wee hours of the morning several days ago. Losing a Dog, let alone a Wilf, is one of the most wrenching experiences ever; know that my heart truly goes out to all....dogs pack a lifetime of love and fun into a few short years....let us enjoy & remember each moment of their love~

  34. Hello - Picked up your Blog through Wilf and now the Rickety Old Farmhouse - have to say I felt exactly the same in Wilf's sad passing. Just wanted to say Hi (from the over sensitive artist and William the lurchers mum).

  35. I am so moved by this and am sitting here with tears streaming down my face having just read Wilf's last post, with my little rescue Pup Milo by my side. How wonderful to have shared those minutes with Edward - he knew and wanted to share. Love your blog - thank you - I look forward to reading all you posts this weekend! Franesca

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