Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bastille Day

"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man,
then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you,
for Paris is a moveable feast."
Ernest Hemingway

Happy Bastille Day to all my friends in France!


  1. I love this photo of CD. She is in my Bastille post too! great minds of course. pgt

  2. Are you certain you are not sisters?

  3. A perfect looking woman...Happy Bastille Day to you!

  4. Thank you Pamela! I'll raise my glass of champagne to you ce soir!

  5. Great picture and quote.

  6. I join you in sharing the wish for a Happy Bastille Day to all the French people and to those who have feasted in Paris.

  7. Oh Catherine, I have adored her for years. A Moveable Feast a favorite book of mine!

    Art by Karena

    Do come and enter my new Giveaway, a very special painting!

  8. Indeed, Paris is a moveable feast.

  9. She is such a beauty! Happy Bastille day to you! I love your quote from Hemingway. I am now immersed in "A Paris Wife," a novel about Hemingway's first wife. I am really enjoying "being" in Paris while I read this book. By the way, I was at Chez Panisse in Berkeley last night and they had a special Bastille Day menu for dinner. It was so special!

  10. What a wonderful blog Terry (and Edward). I found you on DB's Slow Love Life.

  11. Oh I hope you had a lovely day, Pamela. We have a French bakery/cafe down the street and they went all out for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  12. Much More than Oddly Enough (given that, basically, I'm just a boy from East Tennessee), Pamela?

    I'm friends with Catherine Deneuve (more accurately, with Catherine D'Orleac...I don't have anything to do with her career or public-personae).

    I just got a hydrangea (sent from a florist in LA, which was a bit weird) from her for my birthday.

    She's been friends with Herve since he was a young intern and the only doctor on the ward (back in those bad days)who would take adequate care of a mutual friend who was dying of AIDS.

    If asked how he got to know her so well (she's a busy lady, as you might guess), he answers "Well....people get to know each other very well when they spend three months sleeping in hospital-room chairs">

    I'd spoken to her three times on the telephone (having picked up, before passing it on to Herve, saying "It's your friend 'Catherine'?" before I discovered who it was.

    I find it quite cheering to consider that even very-famous people can, if they try (and Catherine always has), have "Normal Lives" and "normal" friends.

    similarly, I used to stay regularly at a friend's house....and retrieve phone calls/take messages from some perfectly pleasant guy named "Jay". It was only later I found out that this was Jay Leno....abnd my friend casually replied "Oh..we were college room-mates...he calls every'd like him...."

    Level Best as Ever,

    David Terry

    ---david terry


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