Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Once Again Smiling

Once Again Smiling

When I was little, if ever I found myself in a pitiful mood, my father would pull funny faces to make me laugh, and it used to infuriate me. For no matter how defiantly I would attempt to hold fast to my sorrowful state, I knew that, eventually, he would win out and my lips would start to quiver, just a bit at first, but enough to relinquish my hold on blueness, and soon I would be laughing out loud.
I suppose, like Beatrice, I was born under a dancing star.
There are worse things.
After my disappointment, mentioned in the previous post, I did spend the weekend in a fine bout of wallowing, as one simply must from time to time. But now, I’m feeling better, as most of you knew I would be, and of course that means Edward is feeling better as well, as evidenced by the smile he is sporting, curled up in his favourite chair.
I thought you might like to see some of my weekend indulgences.
I highly recommend them if you find yourself in a pitiful mood.


1. Ice Cream
I told you this would be a part of my wallowing!
This is my new favourite ice cream.
I find it at Fresh Market, but it’s probably available everywhere.


2. Duck Soup
The best war movie ever made.
Hail Fredonia!


3. Bob and Ray
They are, perhaps, an acquired taste, but these two fellows never fail to make me laugh with their amazing ability to find grand humour in the pedestrian.


4. Downton Abbey
Like so many, I’m totally hooked on this new production, currently being shown on PBS here in the States.
Dame Maggie Smith guilelessly steals every single scene she is in.
Watching her character try to sit in a swivel chair for the first time was a brilliant experience.


5. The Friendship of Bloggers
Having previously written about my love of Horlicks on a winter’s night, I have been so astonished at the remarkable kindness of my British blogging friends.
I have received packages of this chocolate nectar from no less than four British bloggers!
Thank you, thank you to Bee, Rowan, Cait and Linda!
You have made these cold nights delicious!
And thank you to both My French Country Home and Picture of Elegance for recently giving me a Stylish Blogger Award!
I’m honoured!


6. Laugh
In much the same fashion as my father, who tried to make me laugh, The Songwriter sent me this.
And yes, it worked.


7. Charm
And finally, Little Augury posted this on her blog this week.
Ah, it charmed my socks off.
Life is good.

Thank you for all your ideas and happy thoughts, by the way. You are the best!
And to those of you kind enough to wonder about Edward whilst I am away from time to time... not to worry. Edward and Apple have a devoted sitter who moves into our cottage and takes very good care of them.
But yes, they would much rather go with us than stay behind.


  1. Dear Pamela, I am so sorry to read that you have been down but your remedies for pick me ups look absolutely excellent. Maggie Smith is indeed a National Treasure and 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie' will always be for me the pinnacle of her success.

    I always feel that your pstings are so positive and packed with the most life enhancing goodies that surely the blues cannot have lasted long!

  2. Well, there you go then...you've got your recovery from the doldrums down to a science!

    If you need any help whatsoever with all that Horlick's, do let me know. After all, that's what friends are for.

    Edward looks positively regal. I think he's secretly happy you won't be leaving after all.

  3. So glad things are a little better.
    Your cheerer-uppers are excellent.
    Bee raves about Downton Abbey so I'm sure I'll love it too.
    Went with her to her gig at the Jane Austen House in May -- now THAT was a good day.

    I listened to the PM song -- so charming and cheering.
    All best wishes.

  4. Hi Pamela,
    I wish I had cultivated the "writer, baker, knitter, designer" in my earlier years and be one of the versatile women I admire vicariously from my computer. But I am the dreamer and I relish your blog.

    I am curious about the references to emotions as 'ladies' and if that comes from a certain source in you or another? i.e. disappointment and regret, and might you have a list of more tucked away somewhere you might share? Thank you in advance if you do.

  5. Wow, I was looking for a new song to do on my uke...this might just be the treat. HOpe Sir Paul doesn’t mind. I agree on everything Pamela...Ice cream , chocolate, Pets, all cheer us on and make life seems like a joy again.

  6. I have been in the dreadful Las Vegas setting up a showroom for the upcoming furniture market at a hotel with sad, sad, sad internet access, if you can believe it, in this day and time.
    So I am just now catching up on the news of my friends, and I am gobsmacked in a bad way that Marakeesh has not come through... but am so happy to read of you, and hoping beyond hope, I can see you again very soon.

  7. Oh my dear , it makes me happy too to see you in such a sunny mood.
    With all the wonderful props you used to regain your cheerfulness and the lovely way your Songwriter and many friends sent you uplifting gifts, you have a great support system.

    Edward's smile says it all!

  8. So glad you are feeling better. I am sure the combination of things and the SongWriter helped to make you feel better. I'm glad.

  9. Yay! Sounds like just the thing to cheer one up! Loved the purse v car clip. You remind me I must send you one of my pretty summer hats when they arrive this spring.

  10. So glad to see Edward smiling again. Such a handsome boy! Love Duck Soup - just the thing to make you laugh and feel better about life. Hope you are "whole" again.

  11. So glad I came across this blog. I can see why Edward is king of everything in his (and your) realm. What a handsome boy.

    I agree that Downton Abbey is deliciously addictive.

    Thanks for the photographs, the Paul M. video, and your thoughts. I'll be back.

  12. Wallowing is good for the soul, one recovers stronger and ready to tackle anew! Enjoy your chocolate.

  13. Good to see you on the other side of "the wallow", Pamela, and nice to see Edward looking happy again as well.

    I am loving Downton Abbey and yes, oh yes, Dame Maggie Smith is a treasure. I adored the scene in the swivel rocker and the scenes at the flower show were delightful, weren't they? This series, and Maggie Smith, have been such a bright spot as winter wears on.

  14. Im so glad you are feeling better. I am feeling blue with a cold and your heartwarming tips are sure to help me feel better too. I'll have to try some of that yummy ice cream!
    I've always meant to say... from the few glimpses I've seen, your home decor looks soooo pretty. Would love to see more pics if you are ever so inclined to share. Maybe Edward could take us on a tour :)

  15. And the trip to London ? Edward is exuding that contentment that is peculiar to his breed !

  16. Oh Pamela,
    I'm so sorry to hear that you have been a little 'down in the dumps'. ...but, you have had the support of some lovely things by the looks of it so, I'm sure that you are feeling in a much better frame of mind now.
    I am so pleased to see that you now have Downton Abbey on your screens. Isn't it wonderful ? Maggie Smith is fantastic in it and I too love the swivel chair scene. I also loved it when someone said what they were doing for the weekend and she said 'What's a week-end' !!!! When it ended over here, a web site was set up for people who had got quite depressed that it had finished !! It's OK though.....there is another series in the Autumn.
    Re the lady hitting the man's car.....I actually was a bit upset for the man when his airbag went off !!
    I'm sure that all of the things that you listed really helped to cheer you up and all I know is, a cuddle from Edward, Apple or the Songwriter and I'm sure that you would feel on top of the world.
    Keep smiling Pamela. XXXX

  17. Hello Pamela

    Glad to know things are much better. I cannot stop laughing at # 6-thanks for the post!

    Tracy :)

  18. Duck Soup!

    Bob and Ray!

    And many more!!!


    Just thinking about your list this morning makes me happy.

  19. Dear Pamela and dear Edward - it all goes to show that you can't keep a good dog down. (or a good woman for that matter).

  20. Ice cream, Dame Maggie, great videos... what more could a fan of Pamela and Edward ask! So glad you're out of the doldrums. :-D

  21. So sorry for your disappointment...but you certainly have a fine way of cheering up! I must admit that I fell off my comfy chair watching Dame Maggie Smith deal with that new fangled revolving chair! I am entranced with that show!

    Love that Paul McCartney song too...Thanks! and Hugs!

  22. Pamela, just read some of your other posts. So sorry that this writers event was canceled.

    You've got some wonderful remedies here to help.

    I've been watching Downton Abbey as well..How addictive has that become. Leave it to the brilliance of Julian Fellowes and such wonderful performances by a fine cast of actors, Maggie Smith, most of all...

  23. Maggie Smith is a wonderful actress; I enjoy everything she is in. I'm so glad you, and Edward, are smiling again. :)

  24. I'm so sorry they cancelled your course! Ooh it's such a blow sometimes when you've been so looking forward to something! But I'm glad you're back up dancing!!! ;) I could do with some of that myself this morning, I wonder why January/February Blues strikes us all from time to time? Then I found your comment...what a surprise! I just have to bop along when I listen to that song!
    And now I've seen Edwards happy grin...well I'm feeling much better!! Ha ha he's such a lovely Soul!

    Much hugs to you Pamela

  25. Handsome Edward in red.......what a wonderful pic!

    Your cheerful list is such fun. Downton Abbey is magnificent, I'm enjoying it SO much and will be sad when it ends. Yes, our Maggie continues to be magic on the silver screen, definitely one of Britain's finest 'exports'. May she continue to reign just like our Queen - I can't even imagine GB without either one.

    Glad you are once again smiling - wallowing is only good for short spells, and too much ice cream, well we know what that does.

    Hugs -Mary

  26. Dear Pamela, I hope you feel better, I have hibernated for the whole of January.

    I loved Downton too. The most amazing thing on TV here last year was Any Human Heart. It was wonderful... you will love it. Have a gorgeous weekend xx

    Here's the UK version - it's due out there in a few months: Sorry about the long link!

  27. "OH GOOD...let's talk about MONEY!"
    "what IS a "week-end????"

    Love Maggie Smith and Downton Abbey!


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