Thursday, October 28, 2010

It Is Coming

It Is Coming

Turn up your tweed collar if it makes you feel safe.  
Draw tight the tapestry curtains and deny the moonlight passage into your sheltered room. 
 Kiss the golden amulet wound securely round your neck and pull up the warm quilt as far as you can, far up over your head if you wish.
 But remember, just remember, it shall make not a difference on the last day of the month.
 For you shall be found, oh yes.

Step out in the darkness and gaze up at the clouds. 
You can feel it already, in the depth of your bones - in the way your hands tremble, in the way your thumbs prick. 
Even now the pumpkins are smiling, even now the black cats are listening to voices unheard.
You know it is coming, yes.  
It is coming.

Riding in on the winds blowing sharp from the west, this most ancient of revenants is out traveling once more. 
 And it cannot be barred from your rooms with a bolt - it shall laugh at the sight of a latch. 
You shall never outrun it no matter your speed, it is useless to wish that you could. 
It will hide in your corners and peer through your glass, run a cold finger down the length of your spine. 
You shall hear its faint cackle upon the chilled breezes, circling round your dark window at midnight.
  Brave laughter will catch in your throat when you notice its green eyes are following you home.

The bats are now gathering in the glow of the streetlight, the rooks now are calling from high up in the trees.
Even now, it is coming.
It is coming.


Who’s in the next room ? - who?
I seemed to see
Somebody in the dawning passing through,
 Unknown to me.”
“Nay; you saw nought.  He passed invisibly.”

Thomas Hardy


  1. The hairs on the back of my neck are standing on end, oh well, they will settle again once I get on my broomstick.

  2. Delightful!!! I can just hear Vincent Price reciting it...
    xo J~

  3. Scary and nice in the same time !


  4. Yes..already strange things are flying around in my garden...Very suspisious Miss Moussie would say...

  5. I found your blog a few days ago what a delight.
    Last nights tv programme 'Hallow'en Party' the new Hercule Poirot starring our beloved David Suchet & Zoe Wanamaker...very atmospheric,brooding caught the feel of the time,stunning Autumn colours.
    Just wish it had been shown on the 31st.
    Best wishes to the House of Edward.

  6. Ooooh!!! *Shivers*

    C a n n o t w a i t !!!

  7. Pamela it is such a joy to read your blog. Thank you for giving us such beautiful readings.
    Eloise (Jack Russell Terrier) and I send our greetings to Edward.
    Moments in Time)

  8. Normally, I don't get frightened this time of the year, but after reading your post, well . . . perhaps just a bit.

    Halloween is my favorite holiday. I LOVE joining the children in trick-or-treating and shuffling through the leaves. Unfortunately, our town is celebrating the holiday tonight. It does not feel quite right. But I'll shuffle along though the leaves anyway.

  9. Hi Pamela,
    Well, Hallowe'en isn't the big celebration here as it is in the States but, it gets bigger every year.
    Wishing you a scary weekend and a fun time......BOO !!!! XXXX

  10. Wonderfully atmospheric Pamela, I love the Thomas Hardy quote.

    Have been meaning to tell you that I went to Lord Leighton's house in Holland Park, fell in love with the downstairs hall, that water feature, and the blue of the tiles, I have never seen blue like it....sublime.

  11. Wonderful wonderful painting!!! Magical and perfectly matching your wondrous writing!!

    Jane x

  12. Dear Pamela, Your posting serves to convince me [ if any further convincing was needed] that Hallowe'en is best enjoyed indoors by a roaring fire with a large gin and the radio at full volume. I shall venture out again in time for Christmas.

  13. Lovely magic Pamela.

    I am so ambivalent about Halloween - All Hallow's Eve. Another Christian religious ceremony scandalously commercialized. I liked it when it was a magical night for children, and still do enjoy their visits and all the scary images in your wonderful post.

  14. I was born on Hallowe'en so I am a witch and therefore I fear none of the tricks Hallowe'en plays on us. (Might even play a few myself and shall certainly have my pumpkin out smiling in the dark.)

  15. I think I'd still feel safer with the door bolted though!

  16. wonderful words from the word wizard!

  17. Ooh - I've got shivers down my spine, Pamela. Great post!!!

  18. Last night before bed I opened the window to the swirling wind and the smell of it rushed in. Oh how I love it. :)

  19. Great post!! We've got the chills! Have a Happy Halloween!


  20. Spook-tac-u-lar!!! Thanks, Pamela, for the heads up! :)


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