Friday, May 21, 2010

The Dog Who Loves To Fly

Apple had a lot to learn when she first came to live with us.  Edward, whom she adored with a blazing devotion from the very first moment she saw him, taught her most of the basics, such as what time dinner was served and what would happen to her if she attempted to steal food from his bowl.
But some things a puppy just has to learn for herself.  For example... 

1. Even though one is in possession of four nimble paws, trees are, quite frustratingly, impossible to climb.  
 2. Bumblebees are best left to their own devices, no matter how slowly, and enticingly, they buzz along.  
3. There are vents conveniently located in the floor in various rooms of the cottage and during the hottest of weather, these send out waves of ice cold air. If one lays directly atop them, one’s tummy becomes cool and comfortable in no time at all.
4.  There is a panoramic view of the garden from the big bedroom windowseat, making it the best place to be on a rainy day.
5.  Squirrels are pure evil.

There are countless joys in Apple’s life, and she spends her days in the happy discovery of them all.  One particular joy became apparent to us all quite early on.  Apple loves to fly.  She is one of those dogs who, as soon as she hops in the car for a ride, longs to stick her head out the window as far as it will go, and feel the wind whip round her as she speeds along in the pure elation of canine flight.  Edward, on the other hand, hates to have his fur blown in such a raucous fashion and prefers to sit, dignified and calm, in the back seat, gazing out the window like Hercule Poirot on the Orient Express.

Apple has often been denied her love of flight however, due to the fact that neither The Songwriter nor myself were too keen on the idea, thinking it couldn’t possibly be good for her eyes.  Who knew what sort of unsavoury bug might fly into them at a high speed?  So we would often drive along with Apple sitting beside her closed car window, peeved and squirmy. 
Until one day when The Songwriter announced that he had ordered our girl a pair of goggles.

Me:  “Goggles?  You must be joking”.
Him:  “No, they’ll be great.  She’ll love them.  You’ll see”.
Me:  “There is no way on earth she will wear those things”.
Him:  “They’re ice blue.  They’ll look great with her black fur.”
Me:  “Ice blue?  Really?  Well, maybe.”

The goggles arrived within a week and, almost immediately,  I officially admitted to being totally wrong in my assertion that Apple would refuse to wear them. 
 She loves them. 
She flies everywhere now, ears flapping in the wind, oblivious to the snapping of car phone cameras everywhere we go, bringing smiles, and some outright hoots, to every passerby in the land. 

She doesn’t care.
Apple loves to fly.

You can read more about Apple HERE
And you can hear her on Track #5 of The Songwriter’s latest CD .  Really.

Painting above by Louis Icart


  1. Hello Pamela, What a delightful story about Apple...I also dug a little deeper into your life and that of your husbands and I’m very impressed with his work as well. As he says “it runs in the family” and what a wonderful, enchanting little family you have. Cheers and good will to all of you..

  2. Too Cool for school!!!!


  3. This is such a cute post!
    I really like the sentence about Apple spending her days in the happy discovery of all her joys..

  4. Apple what a doll! And here, all along, I thought you had some rare breed of alp white, one black. So much more endearing to know they were rescued...the both!

    But...just how much time do you spend brushing those delicious creatures? And...the name? There must be a great story attached to that!

  5. You have made Wilf insanely jealous. Not only sun glasses but vents on the floor that blow out cold air - Apple has it all. The view of squirrels is shared here as well.

  6. How amazing is she? She looks a real movie star in her 'sunnies'. She reminds me of the dog I had when I was young who was a first cross poodle. He too didn't seem to mind dressing for the occasion. Somewhere I've a photo of him wearing my brother's shoes!

  7. That's it! The perfect position to deflect a hot flash. Millions of women atop the grated vent, arms raised upward in appreciative poses, thanking Apple for the antidote to their midlife woes.

    How well you do it, Pamela. The perfect painting to accompany the most delightful tales. As soon as I saw the picture, I grabbed another cup of coffee, settled in, and am sitting here smiling a tender smile for Apple's adventures - the goggles are quite the statement.

    Love, love, love it!

  8. That is totally hillarious! Can't wait to send a link to friends.. !

  9. Apple is the cutest and those goggles...heaven Pamela. xv

  10. That is hilarious! I love the photo. I'm glad you were able to find a novel solution to the wind problem ;)

  11. Apple is such a beautiful black dog! A wonderful story!

  12. Oh. My. Goodness. Where did he order those goggles? So practical, so chic, so hilarious, and apparently comfortable to boot! I can't imagine Ed and Reub leaving them on their faces though, that's just amazing.

  13. Oh Pamela,
    What an enchanting story. I love the fact that Apple wears her own special goggles in the car.
    My brother-in -law bought my husband a pair at Christmas. They both go off to Le Mans every June in his Morgan sports car. I stay with my sister for the week and we just eat and drink in delightful restaurants and thoroughly enjoy ourselves, while they go off to France, both with their goggles on, flying in the Morgan. I think that I'll call my husband Apple from now on !! XXXX

  14. how fab!!!!.. the lodger is with apple on the subject of squirrels...but i don't think he would put up with the goggles...but maybe we could they come in red??!!!xx

  15. I have to show it to my dog, perhaps he will be happy to drive then as well...Oscar is so sqirmish about driving at all, he unfortunately does not like to fly...:(
    I am sure Apple raises attention everywhere!
    She surely must be the apple of your eye! Right next to Edward of course...(That's what you have two eyes for)


  16. Just absolutely superb! Love the photo with the sun glasses! Have a joyous weekend! Suzie xxx

  17. Pamela, I love to see dogs with their little heads hanging out the window on a drive!! They love an adventure.

    Art by Karena

  18. oh that is such a sweet story and Apple looks adorable in the goggles

  19. so so funny- I adore dogs and really *whispers* I am a dog person not a cat person when forced to choose BUT dogs do have a comedy lack of stealth and grace when compared to cats. The look on their little faces when they can't follow the squirrel or bird or cat up a tree is so funny- like they curse all of nature in that moment- then something else comes along to chase and it's all fine.

    Love the goggles! great look!

  20. Don't all the best dressed flying dogs wear those?!

  21. Dog love ... ain't nothing like it.

    Missy D (and her 3 cats) send lots of love to sweet flyin' Apple and the handsome Edward. xo s.

  22. I can just hear the conversation between you and The Songwriter in my head & it makes me smile.

    This post is priceless! Give Apple and Edward hugs from us!

  23. Hi Pamela, Apple must be having the time of her life with you and the gang! I just added you to my blogroll and my apologies cause I thought you were up a long time ago! xc

  24. This is one story that Archie and Dougal will definitely not be reading - I have enough trouble with them in the car! Miss Apple certainly is a beautiful girl and blue is her colour. Leigh

  25. You've got us worried. Your supermarket has a British section? What in heavens name - Jaffa Cakes excepted - can they put on the shelves ? Carr's water biscuits and melton mowbray pork pies. After that we run out of ideas.

  26. Hi Pamela,
    I enjoyed reading your doggy tale, it made me smile! ;D
    I love Apple. What a beautiful dog with a great character.
    Good to see you again. Have a wonderful week!:)

  27. What in heavens name is Orange Shandy ? Yorkshire Gold has also got us stumped - we will google it now. Why, oh why would you import Smarties into the States when M&M's are identical ? Here in France M&M's rule - as they presumably do in 99% of the globe. Perhaps if you're a dedicated chocoholic you can tell the two apart.

    The Caroline cake is a teaser. Slightly maudlin to buy and eat the cake from some poor girls cancelled party.

  28. Oh my, Oh my would I love to see you drive by! How adorable Apple is...How lucky to be loved by you:)

  29. GG & I say hi...Apple is adorable. Now I have to go find shades for the feline...she's feeling envious.

    ciao, to you & Edward.

  30. What a lovely story about Apple loving the wind in her fur whilst Edward likes to keep his fur tidy! Apple looks wonderful in her blue goggles - they have opened up a new window on the world for her:)

  31. I love it!! Apple is adorable and has spunk!
    Great Post Pamela :)


  32. Loved reading about Apple, she looks very Chic in her ice-blue doggles.


  33. Sweet.

    Muffin would cover her eyes with her paws whilst airborne.

  34. Apple is just too cool! And I can attest about squirrels being pure evil.

  35. What a beautiful post, Pamela! Your dogs are lovely - every time I see Edward I feel like rumbling with him in a big pile of Autumn leaves. I envy your cosy little household - particularly now that my cat, Seraphina Nightingale, who has turned evil after being housebound for a week due to constant rain, is padding about experimentally on the keyboard and biting my hand as I try to type this.

  36. Apple & Edward are very lucky dogs to have found you. Although as a person who shares their life with two dogs, I am sure you feel as I do, that it is me who is the lucky one!

    Love the the picture of Apple!

  37. The best yet! And #3 just happened here - I had to actually move Ben along because I realized I was all cramped up in the computer chair while he was on the cool register. Even though no air comes through, the metal must be appealing on this day which is more like your home than mine!

  38. An excellent story about Apple, and the photo with her goggles, perfect.


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