Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Dozen Springtime Smiles

Perhaps it’s because it  falls on the last day of the first week of April, but the accoutrements of Springtime have always seemed completely intertwined with my birthday.  My special day sometimes landed on Easter Sunday which meant that, along with the requisite birthday cake, my celebration included anthropormorphic bunnies and innocent lambs, polka dot dresses, milk chocolate eggs, flamboyant hats, pastel jelly beans, and a beribboned basket at the end of my bed, waiting patiently for me to awake on Easter morning.   It could sometimes be a wee bit confusing, but always fabulous.
During recent long walks with Edward, I have begun to see the signs of the new season to come - the birds are out house hunting, the hydrangeas are slowing waking up, the light is softening.
I still feel like this season rather belongs to me- everything about it makes me smile.  
In no particular order, here are a dozen special reasons why.

1.  First of all, I cannot think of a better representative of his kind that the Easter Bunny shown above.  His name is Beau Bunny and he is the whimsical creation of The Decorated House on Etsy.  You must visit and see him in all his delightful incarnations.  
He is the perfect ambassador for Spring!

2. The past week, I have been literally surrounded by bunnies and lambs, paper flowers and birds, glitter and paint and boxes.  I have been making Easter boxes for my Etsy shoppe, The House of Edward.  So much fun.  I also recently completed a custom birthday box for Isabelle, Angie Muresan’s winsome little daughter, who was turning four.  Angie had told me that Isabelle is a budding ballerina, and I was fortunate to find a vintage ballerina to pose atop her double tiered box.  What a thrill it was to get this photograph of the lovely Isabelle with her box!  Is that just the most adorable face ever? Be sure and visit Angie at her insightful blog and wish Isabelle a happy year.


3.    I can see this adorable radio by Cath Kidston sitting next to my beach chair, side by side with a sweaty glass of limeade, playing Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin at a soothing volume.


4.   In the kitchen of my imaginary beach house, these chairs from Anthropologie would encircle my dining table. 
 I love these.


5.   And without question, this wonderfully retro refrigerator would reside  in that same imaginary kitchen.  In seafoam green, naturally.  Big Chill Fridge has an entire line of state of the art kitchen appliances, all bearing the cheerful expressions of a bygone era.


6.  I am besotted with this vintage wallpaper from Secondhand Rose in New York City.  I can just see it covering the walls of a bathroom, with a view of the sea out the large oval window above the capacious tub, and one orange towel hanging from a shell-shaped hook.


7.  Before I became obsessed with knitting, I was a dedicated needlepointer.  I preferred to work in petitpoint, and loved to work with charts.  One of the best resources I found for beautiful, intricate charts was The Scarlet Quince.  I know the website says these are for cross-stitch, but most of them can easily be done in needlepoint, provided there is not too much backstitching in the pattern.  
Wouldn’t this one be amazing on the bed of an all white bedroom with watery blue-green walls?


8.  I am an enthusiastic fan of Stephen Fry.   I adored his latest PBS series, Stephen Fry in America, and he remains the quintessential Jeeves to me.   I had always wanted to listen to him read all the Harry Potter books on audio, but unfortunately, they have never been available in the US.  But joy of joys.... this past Christmas, a couple of our best and kindest friends gave us Mr. Fry’s version of the first two books, all the way from the UK.  I am now seriously addicted to these.  He reads them in such a way that I am completely captivated, his resonant, avuncular voice renders the words almost visible.  Highly recommended.


9.  One of the anticipated joys of Spring, is the totally different wardrobe one can now choose from.  Crisp linens, big straw bags, spectator oxfords... all waving at me from the back of the closet, ready for their time in the sun.  I just found this linen blazer and pair of yellow shoes from TOAST. 
 They make me swoon.


10.  I know I have showcased these handmade journals from Kreativlink  on an earlier occasion, but the new ones for Springtime are simply too beautiful not to share.  I can just imagine sitting under a flowering apple tree on a warm afternoon, writing a story about the wanderlust of hedgehogs in this enchanting handmade book. 
 It seems as though it would foster technicolour creativity.


11.  I have always been a bath person.  At some point every night, I can be found, up to my chin in a cloud of scented bubbles in my big, clawfoot tub - music playing, lights dimmed, with Edward dozing on the bathroom rug.  Consequently, I am a serious connoisseur of bubble baths and soaps.  I like to change them with the seasons - vanilla and pomegranate for winter, jasmine and seaside for spring.  This soap by Mistral is my favourite this time of year. 
 It smells divinely of the sea.


12.  And finally, this photograph just makes me happy. I will always have a big old crush on this man.  Daughter Mary is an accomplished photographer who is responsible for this gorgeous portrait.  
And the other daughter, Stella, designs clothes to die for.


  1. That was fun and there were some unexpected seasonal surprises. Happy almost Birthday!

  2. Pamela, Beau Bunny made me laugh so hard my husband thought I was "losing it"! lol Oh well... I may just have to buy a couple of those of prints. I may even add Beau Bunny to the family tree. Thanks for sharing him.
    Ladybug Creek

  3. such a lovely lot of things...i don't know what i want more! very springy, probably those anthropologie chairs are on top of the list followed by that lovely soap, i am a bather myself, with hardly a day going by without my salts and hot water.

    thanks for the lovely read.

  4. Wonderful post. I am heading to many of your links, can't wait for spring!

  5. What a delightful entree to spring. One of our daughters has a sometimes Easter birthday and is expecting a little bunny of her own very, very soon. Beau Bunny may just have to grace a wall at home-away-from-home nursery soon to be painted.

    You have such a wonderful way with words that I so appreciate, Pamela. Enjoy your springtime walks with Edward.

  6. Lovely post Pamela and I concur with all your choices. Enjoy your almost birthday and the days ahead....I hope all your wishes come true, xv.

  7. Dear Pamela, Your posting of today was wonderful - just like unwrapping a series of birthday gifts, each one completely unexpected and totally different from the one before. A most enjoyable experience.

    Beau Bunny is, as you say, great fun! But as for the gift box you had made [double gift box] complete with ballerina, this I thought to be absolutely enchanting. And how very, very clever of you. If I had a quarter of your creative talent I should think myself an artist and then...

  8. I am lucky enough to have been April-born too and know just what you mean. There is so much of joy and promise going on at this time.
    Your talk of bathing has made me want to have a bath now instead of a shower :-)
    What a gorgeous pic of Paul McCartney!

  9. HI Pamela
    Well I think it would be a wonderful time to celebrate your birthday... nature at it's brightest and sparkly best..[over your way]

    I love all your reasons to celebrate. and your whimsical creation is just as beautiful as Angie's dear Isabelle... Have a great week xx Julie

  10. Lovely dozen for Spring.

    I did find a linen blazer in TK Maz sale. It is almost something Ratty would wear on the riverbank in cream with a faint narrow charcoal stripe. I am longing to wear it over my cream linen dress but at %c it's still too cold.

  11. Hi Pamela

    Love your gorgeous list! The Cath Kidston radio is too cute. Leigh

  12. What an enjoyable post! I love the fridge, and that CK radio is lovely! You ballerina box is gorgeous! suzie. xxx

  13. A Cath Kidson Roberts radio ? What with Stephen Fry and French soap globalisation is rampant here. You must live in Buckhead ?

  14. So many fun links to investigate in the name of spring!...and now I am going to become obsessed with finding Harry Potter as read by Stephen Fry...whyever would they not sell these in the US?

  15. What a fabulous list, Pamela! That journal is so gorgeous that I believe I must make it mine.

  16. Hello P&E,

    What a wonderful way to ease oneself into Spring. Let's hope you get some of your wish list goodies when your birthday arrives!

  17. Dear Pamela,
    Such beautiful things you have shown us.
    I have bought lots, and lots of things from Toast...to wear and for the home. I adore Stephen Fry. He has another show over here in the U.K. It's called QI and is hilarious. I also LOVE the journal and, the photograph of Paul and his girls is one of the best I've seen. He was my favourite Beatle. XXXX

  18. Dear Pamela - I love all those things apart from Stephen Fry, whom I just find a little smug and irritating. Particularly loved that retro wallpaper and will have to check out that link. Thank you for bringing a shot of spring into our lives - I'm so longing for winter to be over.

  19. Oh that Rabbit is so beautiful(not as beautiful as Edward of course) but I do love him..Paul always was always will be my fave..I wrote Mrs. Paul McCartney 300 times on my tablet at school once and got caught by the nuns..they took it off me!! Enjoyed that so much..you are very cool..Cynthia..

  20. My first remembered birthday was awesome. The following year not so much.

    I learned about Easter. The previous year, I was sooooooo young, I thought Easter stuff/trimmings were for MY birthday.

    Tough being humbled so young.

    Adore your bunny pic.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  21. That little bun wabbit in the jacket and tie is just adorable!

  22. Hello Dear Pamela~
    Loved all the wonderful goodies you showcased.
    And of course you know I have a special love of anthropormorphic bunnies!!

    Thank you so much from
    Beau Bunny Rabbit & Me.
    Donna, The Decorated House

  23. the bunnie is one of the best things I've seen in awhile - loved your list - I covet many of the things you shared :)

  24. These are all so wonderful..Thank your for this glimpse:)..Ah, spring is near....

  25. So much i want to comment on so I'll make it brief rather than screeds of oohing and aahing..... which I tend to overdo. Wonderful post, Pamela!!

  26. Are you by any chance hoping that this lovely selection of gifts will give a certain someone an idea about your birthday gift?

    I love the box you made for the budding ballerina, it is any little girls dream and what a sweet photograph.

  27. I love Beau Bunny! Your blog is beautiful, glad to have found you.

  28. love,love beau bunny..he made me smile...all of your post is lovely..here although you can see the signs of spring it is still bitterly cold...bunny would definately have to go out with a hat on!!!!!

  29. Hi,
    So many lovely things ! I wanna do a list of my own. The Easter bunny is a sweetheart :)


  30. Your blog is just wonderful! I'm so glad I stumbled upon it. The bunny picture at Bunny Rose Cottage caught my eye, and as a bunny girl, and bunny mom, I had to see what wonderful person would use this fabulous picture. You and Edward did not disappoint! So nice to meet you!

  31. From beginning to end, all I could do was smile.

    I would love to have a Beau Bunny. What would Edward think if you had one?

    You do know how to tell magical stories.


  32. Wonderful post Pamela. You have given me lots to think about and more things to purchase. The jacket and shoes from Toast are fun and being a collector of soaps...I now have that one on my list as well. I wish I had more time for my needlepoint. I love the pillows I have made over the years. Off to see your Etsy items. IIearn something new about you every time I visit :)

  33. Recently found your delightful blog. As a person who is "owned" by 5 dogs, I'm in love with Edward!

  34. Hi There,
    Your blog site is so refreshing and I just love Edward. We have a Dakota (also a white dog.. ooops sorry peepdog=slang for he thinks he is a people).
    I like how you let him own this site.
    (I guess I am older than you as far as the month goes, mine is 3/16)
    God Bless- visit me at my site when you get a minute http://legacyofloveartisticcrafts.com/

  35. Oops forgot to tell you how lovely your boxes are, very unique.

    Also I have always like Paul M. He is such an interesting one!

    Legacy Crafter,

  36. I'm swooning over the needlepoint and the all white bedroom with watery blue-green walls.

  37. So lovely to read your list of Spring things. This time of year has a feeling to it that you can almost catch hold of. Almost. One of the Springiest things for me is the Parisian episode in Nancy Mitford's The Pursuit of Love. Paris in the Spring, flowers, Spring couture collections...a world away from the earthy signs of Spring I normally turn to, but it's so chic and lighthearted and uplifting.

  38. Ack! you remind me of how much I miss the scents of "home" ... living in another country on another continent, adjustment takes time. Some days I am blissful and others I just miss my favorite scented soap. Mine is Mistral "Melon " or " Jasmine" ...sighing ..
    Thank you for the memory.

    If only my Pup could meet your Pup, it would be the most fabulous thing to watch them play ..

  39. I may even add Beau Bunny to the family tree. Thanks for sharing him.
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