Friday, October 30, 2009


Shutter the windows tightly and bolt the heavy door. Wrap your shawl snug round you and watch the skies with a sharpened eye.
It is time for the danse macabre. The spirits are out on the wing.
Loosed for one night only, they shall flit through the dark like bats - green eyes aglow in the orange of the maple trees, waxy fingers tap-tapping upon the wavy glass.
Eyes wide open tonight my friends.
Circling round the cold stone chimney, or slipping beneath the wooden door - perhaps wafting through the keyhole like a icy vapour - they are searching, searching for a way inside. Hoping to hide in the wardrobe or under the innocent bed, longing to lie in wait for that one perfect moment at midnight, to appear in the mirror, just behind your left shoulder, silently smiling in the shadowy corner, close enough to touch. You may feel them brush past you in the quiet of the hallway as you make your way off to your bed - a faint cold laugh, a chilled breath on the back of your neck.
Hurry. Set your gargoyles at their posts - that happy bastion of grinning pumpkins, warm candlelight, and bowls of candy corn.
Don the ruby slippers and bring the dogs inside.
Open your door only to the little ones, those tiny ghosts and princesses, wee ghouls and little monsters, bravely out navigating the foggy streets tonight. For they know the secret already. The one that adults so often forget.....
Laughter is the only defense on this dark night of nights. So arm yourselves well, with plenty of giggles, plenty of smiles, and a light and happy heart.
And the best of luck to everyone!!
Edward and I wish you all a Happy Halloween!

Painting by Charles Altamont Doyle


  1. Happy Halloween Pamela and Edward.
    What a magical post, loved your writing and can picture the little trick or treaters out having fun.
    Many thanks for visiting me today and your kind words.


  2. A toast to you Edward, and your human tonight...We think the two of your are a marvelous pair...Sadie Mae Elder (affectionate Pom dog named after my humans granny)and the love of my life, my human...Jacqueline. Come see me smile at you at Once Upon a Fairyland...there I am, front and center! Cheers to Edward...I just might have a crush on you!
    (Dogs just have to have fun!)

  3. Only you and Edward could make Halloween so romantic and poetic!

    Will you do me a favor? I'm in this contest and I'm down by 40 votes with four hours left to vote tonight Wed. Oct. 28. Would you please take the time to vote?
    Thanks! xo xo
    Here's the link:

  4. Happy Halloween to you and Edward. Pamela!

    We will be busy with a steady stream of little visitors coming to our door on Saturday...always a welcome sight to see children so happy!

  5. Wonderful writing, as always - I'm ready for any little visitors we may have on Saturday - I hope you and Edward have a magical and mystical Halloween:)

  6. I love your Halloween description.
    Very spooky and magical.;)
    I just realised that Edward could be a ghost for Halloween with his white fur. A Ghost Dog...Hee hee!
    I bet you have already thought of that.;)
    Best Halloween wishes!

  7. Happy Halloween or Mischief Night as the locals here say.

    I immediately had Saint-Saen playing in my head to your magical description. :-)

  8. And a Happy (and safe from goblins) Halloween also unto you.

  9. Happy Halloween
    Love you

  10. Happy Halloween Edward,Apple, Pamela and The Songwriter!! :)

  11. Love the painting and of course your creepy advice.

  12. You have a taste for the macabre I hadn't expected :)

    I intend to snuggle under an enormous throw and take to bed early. No bone-cold friends for me I'm afraid, having passed Bram Stoker years ago. I'm fanged out.

    Is that a "Muahaha" I hear?

  13. Happy Halloween to you and Edward, too! This is one of my favorite nights of the year, so I'll be out haunting the village with all the other ghouls and goblins. Can't wait!

  14. Happy Halloween to you too, P&E. Let's all have a light and happy heart.

  15. Happy Halloween. You are set for a howling good time; the mood is right, the costumes are macabre, and Edward can provide the howling.

  16. Pamela, at the beginning of the month we had the most beautiful full moon, and while on our family after dinner walk, I was telling my husband that it was just the kind of moon that you'd enjoy and write about. I like a Halloween with a full moon. Something about that makes the night even more magical.
    P.S. Thanks for visiting my other blog, too. You made my day.

  17. Isn't it just grand...and this Halloween will not be easy to forget...we are all having the Flu in our stay warm and snug inside ..and watch scary movies..and laugh...:)
    Happy Halloween dear..

  18. Happy Halloween to you and Edward! We will be in full regalia for the frightening festivities.

  19. Loved your post Pamela! Are fireworks allowed in your town? Halloween was always a tough time for our dog, Plugger. He was petrified of the popping sound.
    Have a fun and spooky Halloween!

  20. A very Happy Halloween to you all. I hope mysterious and magical things happen for us all and the little persons get plenty of goodies with more treating than tricking.

  21. Happy halloween to you all! Love the painting again! suzie. x

  22. In general I do not like art about Halloween, but I have to say, this painting is an exeption!

  23. This Halloween will be a little more special with our little ones close by. I have book-marked many of your sweet stories to share with these two darling children. Thank you Pamela for adding to our 'library'.

  24. Oh is it halloween now? No, it's tomorrow night. Phew, I was worried there. mind you, in Ireland they don't celebrate it as far as I can see. Boo hoo. I loved that piece of writing and the illustration. Good to pop in again. Buster sends his love.

  25. Happy Halloween to you both! I love this spooky holiday and miss going house to house with the I will wait at home to see my grandchildren when they return with their bags of candy:)

  26. Oooooooooo! What a fun and chilling warning! I love the danse macabre, too! The piece of music by Camille Saint-Saëns. I actually played it while reading your poetic post... perfectly paired! Waxy tapping fingers really got to me, though. Eeeahhh...!

    Happy Haunting this All Hallows Eve! <]:>o


  27. Pop over and see if you recognize anyone on my blog!

  28. How deliciously macabre! :-)

    Many thanks and Happy Halloween to you, too.

    Greetings from London.

  29. I love that painting, Pamela.....and I love your writing.
    I will be sure to giggle and laugh my way through the dark hours and try to be a child again.....although that won't be difficult!!!!
    Have a great Halloween.
    P.S. Love Fifi's painting of you and Edward. XXXX

  30. I am amazed at how popular Hallowe'en has become in the past few years. It used to be for the kids when I was one, and now grownups dress up, employees dress up, people decorate their homes and yards. We live out of town and never have trick or treaters. It's been a long time since we drove the kids around.

  31. I think I jump in the bed and pull the covers up high!

  32. I love the happy conclusion to your night of Tricks and Treats.

    Happy Halloween!

  33. Perfect!!!

    Thank you for enriching Halloweeeeeeen.

    Your blog must be turned into a new type of original fabulous calendar.

    Whatever you come up with......I'll buy.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  34. What a fantastical full of wonder and delight..
    Happy Halloween to you and Edward too.

    I've always enjoyed your posts..and having signed on just today..I look forward to many more..

  35. Happy Halloween to you, Edward, Apple, and the Song Writer!

  36. What a wonderful Halloween story! Happy day to you and Edward!

  37. Thia event is getting bigger than any other! Love your poetic view!

  38. Happy Halloween to you too!!! I got swept a way there for a moment! Always love coming to your blog for a visit!

  39. Happy Halloween!


  40. Happy Halloween to you and Edward too!!!!!


  41. Happy Halloween Pamela
    This is Halloween Post Perfect!!

  42. Happy Halloween Pamela and Edward! What a beautiful spooky picture and wonderful story to go with it too! Your blog is always such a delight to see... it fills me with inspiration and fairy tale wonder! I also dream of the Scottish Highlands as that is where my ancestors came from long ago. Have you been there before? Have a beautiful weekend!

  43. "Open your door only to the little ones, those tiny ghosts and princesses, wee ghouls and little monsters, bravely out navigating the foggy streets tonight. For they know the secret already. The one that adults so often forget....."

    You captured the spirit of Halloween with your words, thank you!

    I miss Halloween in my home in DC. We put our dining room table and chairs out on the frontlawn and dressed up as witches and goblins. The wee ones were fascinated and their parents enthralled when they realized that we were really having dinner out there in the dark, only flickering candle light illuminating the scene. Since we lived in a cul-de-sac, our street was a favorite destination of the neighborhood and beyond, so many little trick and treaters, we enjoyed the show immensely.


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